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+ Welcome to GNU Taler
+What is Taler?
+Taler is an electronic payment system providing the ability to pay
+anonymously using digital cash. Taler consists of a network protocol
+definition (using a RESTful API over HTTP), a Mint (which creates
+digital coins), a Wallet (which allows customers to manage, store and
+spend digital coins), and a Merchant website which allows customers to
+spend their digital coins. Naturally, each Merchant is different, but
+Taler includes code examples to help Merchants integrate Taler as a
+payment system.
+Taler is currently developed by a worldwide group of independent free
+software developers and the DECENTRALISE team at Inria Rennes. Taler
+is free software and a GNU package (
+This is not even a release yet, but some raw development prototype
+that does not work yet. This package also only includes the Taler
+mint, not the other components of the system.
+Documentation about Taler can be found at
+These are the direct dependencies for running a Taler mint:
+- GNUnet >= 0.10.2
+- GNU libmicrohttpd >= 0.9.38
+- Postgres >= 9.3
Project structure is currently as follows: