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@@ -377,7 +377,7 @@ are recognized in the JSON request object:
- amount: Amount that should be given to the visitor as a tip.
- instance: Merchant instance that grants the tip (each instance may
- have its own independend tipping funds configured).
+ have its own independent tipping funds configured).
- justification: Description of why the tip was granted. Human-readable
text not exposed to the customer, but used by the Back Office.
@@ -533,14 +533,14 @@ signature (``session_sig``). This signature certifies that the wallet
showed a payment receipt for the respective order in the current
session. cookie
-Session-bound payments are triggerd by passing the ``session_id``
+Session-bound payments are triggered by passing the ``session_id``
parameter to the ``/check-payment`` endpoint. The wallet will then
redirect to the fulfillment page, but include an additional
``session_sig`` parameter. The frontend can query ``/check-payment``
with both the ``session_id`` and the ``session_sig`` to verify that the
signature is correct.
-The last session ID that was successfuly used to prove that the payment
+The last session ID that was successfully used to prove that the payment
receipt is in the user’s wallet is also available as ``last_session_id``
in the response to ``/check-payment``.