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;; This library currently provides one command: ‘TDM-convert-options’.
;; The intended workflow is simple:
;; - Create a new file from template.
-;; - Do the <FOO> subtitutions / deletions as necessary.
+;; - Do the <FOO> substitutions / deletions as necessary.
;; - Split the window, one half for Synopsis, one for Description.
;; - Do ‘COMMAND --help’ and copy the portion of its output that
;; describes the options into the buffer in the Synopsis section.
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@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@ The aggregator uses a special table to lock shards it is working on. If an aggre
Print version information.
**-y** \| **--kyc-off**
- Run without KYC checks. Talk with your regualtor before using this option.
+ Run without KYC checks. Talk with your regulator before using this option.
See Also
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@@ -218,7 +218,7 @@ enable-account
This subcommand
-informs an exchange that it should advertize a bank account as belonging to
+informs an exchange that it should advertise a bank account as belonging to
the exchange on its ``/wire`` endpoint. Note that this does *not* ensure that
the exchange will use this bank account for incoming or outgoing wire
transfers! For this, the **taler-exchange-transfer** and
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@@ -633,14 +633,14 @@ to perform database replication. This is done using:
$ echo "CREATE PUBLICATION $NAME FOR ALL TABLES;" | psql taler-exchange
The exchange must share the password of the publication with the auditor. A
-good ``$NAME`` relates to the auditor's buisness unit name. A secure tunnel
+good ``$NAME`` relates to the auditor's business unit name. A secure tunnel
must be setup between the exchange and the auditor, for example using SSH or
It is also necessary to edit ```` of the exchange and on the auditor
side to enable logical replication. If an exchange has multiple auditors, it
should setup multiple ``egress`` accounts. The exchange must ensure that
-the following lines are in the ```` Postgres configuaration (the port
+the following lines are in the ```` Postgres configuration (the port
may differ) to enable replication over the network:
.. code-block::
@@ -650,7 +650,7 @@ may differ) to enable replication over the network:
wal_level= logical
Equally, the auditor must configure logical replication in the ````
-Postgres configuaration:
+Postgres configuration:
.. code-block::
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@@ -366,7 +366,7 @@ a backup copy* of such keys.
At this point, Nexus needs to both communicate its keys to the bank, and
-download the bank's keys. This syncronization happens through the INI, HIA, and
+download the bank's keys. This synchronization happens through the INI, HIA, and
finally, HPB message types.
After the electronic synchronization, the subscriber must confirm their keys
@@ -386,7 +386,7 @@ such letter:
FIXME: Maybe is not 100% clear that 'connecting' means exchanging keys
- wiht the bank?
+ with the bank?
Once the connection is synchronized, Nexus needs to import locally the data
corresponding to the bank accounts offered by the bank connection just made.