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@@ -49,6 +49,25 @@ For full ``make check`` support, install these programs:
The ``make check`` should be able to function without them, but
their presence permits some tests to run that would otherwise be skipped.
+Manual Testing Database Reset
+Sometimes ``make check`` will fail with some kind of database (SQL)
+error, perhaps with a message like ``OBJECT does not exist`` in the
+``test-suite.log`` file, where ``OBJECT`` is the name of a table or function.
+In that case, it may be necessary to reset the ``talercheck`` database
+with the commands:
+.. code-block:: console
+ $ dropdb talercheck
+ $ createdb talercheck
+This is because, at the moment, there is no support for
+doing these steps automatically in the ``make check`` flow.
+(If ``make check`` still fails after the reset, file a bug report as usual.)
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