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+# We prevent a few questions from being asked
+# upon installation by specifying defaults. Namely,
+# we want the database to be accessed via Unix domain
+# sockets and password-less.
+set -e
+# When purging this package after the selections in the preinst have been made,
+# the debconf database is left in an inconsistent state and the package cannot
+# be installed again. This happens because dbconf-common will create a
+# template for these questions with a shared owner. Purging will only delete
+# one of the two templates, leading to a DB state where debconf-set-selections
+# fails. We work around this by manually fixing up the debconf database.
+# Unfortunately we can't do this in "postrm", because during "postrm"
+# the configuration database is locked (even after db_stop).
+if [ -x /usr/share/debconf/ ]; then
+ /usr/share/debconf/ || true
+echo anastasis-httpd anastasis-httpd/pgsql/method select Unix socket | debconf-set-selections
+echo anastasis-httpd anastasis-httpd/pgsql/authmethod-user select ident | debconf-set-selections
+echo anastasis-httpd anastasis-httpd/pgsql/app-pass password | debconf-set-selections
+exit 0