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+This package includes the Anastasis core logic. The code is released
+under the GNU Affero General Public License (v3 or later). See
+COPYING for details.
+GNU Anastasis is a key backup and recovery tool from the GNU project.
+This package includes the backend run by the Anastasis providers as
+well as libraries for clients and a command-line interface.
+libjansson : MIT License
+libgcrypt : LGPL
+postgresql : PostgreSQL License
+libgnunet* : GPLv3+,
+libtaler* : GPLv3+
+GNU recutils: GPLv3+ (when building from Git)
+Directory structure
+src/include/ includes installed (public) headers
+src/util/ implements helper and crypto routines
+src/backend/ contains the REST service
+src/stasis/ implements the database logic for the backend
+src/authorization/ contains various authorization plugins
+src/restclient/ implements a REST client for the backend
+src/lib/ implements the main client-side backup and recovery logic
+src/testing/ contains test cases for 'src/restclient/' and 'src/lib/'
+src/reducer/ implements a reducer API on top of 'src/lib/'
+src/cli/ includes a reducer-based command-line interface
+contrib/ contains resource files, like what identity attributes to ask for
+doc/ contains documentation files, like TeXinfo
+po/ internationalization via GNU gettext