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2014-11-20licenseChristian Grothoff
2014-11-20capsChristian Grothoff
2014-11-20syncChristian Grothoff
2014-11-19robotsChristian Grothoff
2014-11-19unalign blue buttonsJulian Kirsch
2014-11-19Rename main to index. Airing now :)Julian Kirsch
2014-11-19Translate about.html to germanJulian Kirsch
2014-11-19Incorporate Cecile's BugfixesJulian Kirsch
2014-11-19Resize to 100% againJulian Kirsch
2014-11-19Shrink taler logo to 90%Julian Kirsch
2014-11-19Translate about.html to frenchJulian Kirsch
2014-11-19Fix missing passage in french merchants.htmlJulian Kirsch
2014-11-19Translate main.html to frenchJulian Kirsch
2014-11-19Translate merchants.html to frenchJulian Kirsch
2014-11-19TypoJulian Kirsch
2014-11-19typoJulian Kirsch
2014-11-19TypoJulian Kirsch
2014-11-19Forced scroll bar - nicer hackJulian Kirsch
2014-11-19Make jumbotron h1 smallerJulian Kirsch
2014-11-19translate main.htmlJulian Kirsch
2014-11-18Fix blue button alignment 2Julian Kirsch
2014-11-18Fix blue button alignment 1Julian Kirsch
2014-11-18Fix merchants.Julian Kirsch
2014-11-18Translate merchants.htmlJulian Kirsch
2014-11-18Translate investors.htmlJulian Kirsch
2014-11-18force scrollbarsJulian Kirsch
2014-11-18fixJulian Kirsch
2014-11-18revert navigationJulian Kirsch
2014-11-18blaJulian Kirsch
2014-11-18Did I say that I hate JS?Julian Kirsch
2014-11-18fixJulian Kirsch
2014-11-18FixJulian Kirsch
2014-11-18Make buttons change state againJulian Kirsch
2014-11-18Translate navigationJulian Kirsch
2014-11-18Translate developers.htmlJulian Kirsch
2014-11-18bugJulian Kirsch
2014-11-18bugJulian Kirsch
2014-11-18bugJulian Kirsch
2014-11-18stupid menuJulian Kirsch
2014-11-18navbarJulian Kirsch
2014-11-18add 100% to menuJulian Kirsch
2014-11-18Fix menuJulian Kirsch
2014-11-18Menu always on top2?Julian Kirsch
2014-11-18Menu always on top?Julian Kirsch
2014-11-18Translate to english as wellJulian Kirsch
2014-11-18Translate title also when changing languagesJulian Kirsch
2014-11-18Translate title according to language preferenceJulian Kirsch
2014-11-18fix2Julian Kirsch
2014-11-18fixJulian Kirsch
2014-11-18Add switching button functionJulian Kirsch