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+<h1>2021-8: Code Blau GmbH deploys first external Taler auditor</h1>
+ We received a grant from <a href="">NLnet
+ foundation</a> with the goal to qualify <a href="">Code Blau</a> GmbH
+ to act as an external auditor for GNU Taler.
+ To do this, we created a <a href="">guide</a>
+ that describes how to deploy a Taler auditor and then practiced the
+ steps using the existing Taler exchange deployment at <a href="">BFH</a>.
+ Code Blau wrote a <a href="">report</a>
+ detailing all the steps taken. Finally, we have created a
+ <a href="">draft</a> of
+ the kind of business agreement that Code Blau would enter with banks
+ operating the Taler payment system.
+ We thank CodeBlau for their work, and NLnet and the European
+ Commission's Horizion 2020 <a href="">NGI initiative</a>
+ for funding this work.
+{% endblock body_content %}