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-<h1>2021-2: Helping the European Commission</h1>
-In December 2020 the European Parliament asked the European Commission
-about the suitability of GNU Taler to establish a digital Euro in a
-<a href="">small inquiry</a>.
-In the <a href="">official answer</a>,
-the commission mostly asserts that it is unable &quot;to assess the functioning of the GNU Taler payment system&quot;,
-and points to a maximum transaction limit of 150 EUR, without really answering
-the questions raised by the inquiry.
-To assist the European Union with regards to the inquiry, we point
-out that the operation of GNU Taler is completely and transparently
-made public at <a href=""></a>,
-so if the European Commission is, like anyone else, in position to assess the
-functioning of the GNU Taler payment system. We recently also described
-details of how the system would function for an E-Euro in a
-<a href="">working paper
-with the Swiss National Bank</a>. Based on our publicly available documentation,
-Prof. Birchler, a previous member of the directorate of the Swiss National Bank,
-<a href="">publicly
-commented</a> that our approach is the best published proposal for digital cash.
-<p> With respect to EU policy objectives, we would like to point out that the
-150 EUR limit postulated by the European Commission for private payments is
-very low, and in our view incompatible with the data protection objectives of
-the European Union. We want to stress that with GNU Taler, only the citizen
-making the payment can remain anonymous. Thus, Taler is not suitable for money
-laundering or illegal business activities as receivers of payments are easily
-identified. A recent <a
-consultation</a> by the European Central Bank showed that the European
-population demands privacy compareable to physical cash when it comes to the
-Digital Euro. With cash, the transaction limit is at 10,000 EUR. Thus, were
-the 150 EUR limit apply truly to all forms of privacy-friendly electronic
-cash, this would be a key point where the European Union should provide for more
-citizen-friendly regulation, especially for technical solutions that include
-security features that adequately minimize the risk of citizens suffering
-financial losses.
-Finally, we would like to stress that the GNU Taler project is open to
-a cooperation with the European Central Bank, and is happy to answer
-questions from specialists of the European Parliament or the European
-{% endblock body_content %}