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-<h1>2020-09: GNU Taler operational at Bern University of Applied Sciences</h1>
- The GNU Taler payment system was launched at the
- <a href="">Bern University of Applied Sciences</a>
- in the presence of a representative
- of the <a href="">Swiss National Bank</a>. Students, staff, faculty and visitors
- can visit the cafeteria at Höheweg 80 to withdraw the electronic equivalent of Swiss Franks (CHF)
- onto <a href="">Taler Wallet App</a>
- running on their mobile phones and pay at a Taler-enabled
- snack machine. The system is expected to expand to allow payments
- at other places in the future. Various faculty members and
- students are involved various aspects of the project. Students
- interested in working on projects or theses related to the subject
- should contact Prof. Grothoff.
-{% endblock body_content %}