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-<h1>2020-04: Exchange ready for external security audit</h1>
- We received a grant from <a href="">NLnet
- foundation</a> to pay for an
- external security audit of the GNU Taler exchange cryptography,
- code and documentation. We spent the last four months preparing
- the code, closing almost all of the known issues, performing static analysis,
- fixing compiler warnings, improving test code coverage,
- fuzzing, benchmarking, and reading the code line-by-line.
- Now, we are now ready to start the external audit. This April,
- <a href="">CodeBlau</a> will review the
- code in the Master branch tagged <tt>CodeBlau-NGI-2019</tt>
- and we will of course make their report available in full
- once it is complete. Thanks to NLnet and the European
- Commission's Horizion 2020 <a href="">NGI initiative</a>
- for funding this work.
-{% endblock body_content %}