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+# Translations template for PROJECT.
+# Copyright (C) 2021 ORGANIZATION
+# This file is distributed under the same license as the PROJECT project.
+msgid ""
+msgstr ""
+"Project-Id-Version: PROJECT VERSION\n"
+"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: EMAIL@ADDRESS\n"
+"POT-Creation-Date: 2021-10-12 22:21+0200\n"
+"PO-Revision-Date: 2021-08-24 09:07+0000\n"
+"Last-Translator: Yiyuan Zhou <>\n"
+"Language-Team: Chinese (Simplified) <"
+"Language: zh_Hans\n"
+"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
+"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
+"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
+"Plural-Forms: nplurals=1; plural=0;\n"
+"X-Generator: Weblate 4.4.2\n"
+"Generated-By: Babel 2.9.1\n"
+#: common/base.j2:5 common/news.j2:5
+msgid "GNU Taler"
+msgstr "GNU Taler"
+#: common/base.j2:6 common/news.j2:6
+msgid "Taxable Anonymous Libre Electronic Reserves"
+msgstr "可征税的匿名自由电子储存"
+#: common/
+msgid "Contact"
+msgstr "联系我们"
+#: common/ common/
+msgid "Docs"
+msgstr "相关文件"
+#: common/
+msgid "FAQ"
+msgstr "常见问题"
+#: common/
+msgid "Bibliography"
+msgstr "参考书目"
+#: common/
+msgid ""
+"GNU Taler is developed as part of the <a href=''>GNU "
+"project</a> for the GNU operating system."
+msgstr ""
+"GNU Taler 是作为 <a href=''>GNU 项目</a>的一部分,为 GNU "
+#: common/ template/bibliography.html.j2:34
+msgid "and"
+msgstr "和"
+#: common/
+msgid ""
+"We are grateful for support and free hosting of this site by <a "
+msgstr ""
+"我们非常感谢 <a href=''>BFH</a> 对本网站的支持和无偿虚拟主"
+#: common/
+msgid ""
+"This page was created using <a href=''>Free Software</a> "
+msgstr "此页面仅使用<a href=''>免费软件</a>创建。"
+#: common/
+msgid "JavaScript license information"
+msgstr "JavaScript 许可信息"
+#: common/
+msgid "Features"
+msgstr "产品特点"
+#: common/
+msgid "Principles"
+msgstr "设计理念"
+#: common/ template/index.html.j2:56
+#: template/news/index.html.j2:8
+msgid "News"
+msgstr "最新消息"
+#: template/architecture.html.j2:6
+msgid "Taler System Architecture"
+msgstr "Taler 系统架构"
+#: template/bibliography.html.j2:5
+msgid "GNU Taler Bibliography"
+msgstr "GNU Taler 参考书目"
+#: template/bibliography.html.j2:27
+msgid "by"
+msgstr "由"
+#: template/cashier.html.j2:43
+msgid ""
+"This is the page for the Taler cashier App. It allows the cashier to grant "
+"Taler users the right to withdraw a certain amount of e-cash from the "
+"cashier's bank account. Thus, it offers an equivalent functionality to what "
+"you may find on the bank Web site when withdrawing from an account there."
+msgstr ""
+#: template/cashier.html.j2:61 template/pos.html.j2:61
+#: template/wallet.html.j2:239
+msgid "Install Android App from Google App Store, or"
+msgstr "从谷歌应用商店安装安卓应用程序,或"
+#: template/cashier.html.j2:68 template/pos.html.j2:68
+msgid "Download App from"
+msgstr "从F-Droid.org下载应用程序。"
+#: template/contact.html.j2:6
+msgid "Contact information"
+msgstr "联系信息"
+#: template/contact.html.j2:13
+msgid "The mailing list"
+msgstr "邮件列表"
+#: template/contact.html.j2:15
+msgid "An archived, public mailing list for GNU Taler is hosted at"
+msgstr "GNU Taler的一个存档的公共邮件列表位于"
+#: template/contact.html.j2:20
+msgid "archive"
+msgstr "存档"
+#: template/contact.html.j2:21
+msgid "You can send messages to the list at"
+msgstr "你可以通过以下方式向该列表发送信息"
+#: template/contact.html.j2:29
+msgid "Contacting individuals"
+msgstr "联系人"
+#: template/contact.html.j2:31
+msgid ""
+"Team members are generally reachable at <tt></tt>. All of "
+"us support receiving GnuPG encrypted e-mails."
+msgstr ""
+#: template/contact.html.j2:40
+msgid "Chat"
+msgstr "聊天"
+#: template/contact.html.j2:42
+msgid ""
+"We frequently discuss issues using <a href=\""
+"\">Mumble</a> on <tt></tt>. Feel free to join us in the lobby or "
+"developer rooms."
+msgstr ""
+"我们经常在 <tt></tt>上使用 <a href=\""
+#: template/contact.html.j2:50
+msgid "Reporting bugs"
+msgstr "报告错误"
+#: template/contact.html.j2:52
+msgid "We track open feature requests and bugs in our"
+msgstr "我们跟踪开放的功能请求和错误,在我们的"
+#: template/contact.html.j2:55
+msgid "Bug tracker"
+msgstr "错误跟踪器"
+#: template/contact.html.j2:56
+msgid ""
+"which is shared with the GNUnet project. You can also report bugs or feature "
+"requests to the mailing list."
+msgstr "这是与GNUnet项目共享的。您也可以向邮件列表报告错误或进行功能请求。"
+#: template/contact.html.j2:65
+msgid "General inquiries"
+msgstr "一般询问"
+#: template/contact.html.j2:67
+msgid ""
+"You can reach a group of team members handling general inquiries at "
+"<tt>contact AT</tt>."
+msgstr "你可以通过<tt>contact AT</tt>联系处理一般询问的团队成员。"
+#: template/contact.html.j2:75
+msgid "Executive team"
+msgstr "执行团队"
+#: template/contact.html.j2:77
+msgid ""
+"For non-technical commercial requests, please contact <tt>ceo AT taler-"
+msgstr "对于非技术性的商业请求,请联系<tt>ceo AT</tt>。"
+#: template/copyright.html.j2:6
+msgid "Copyright Assignment"
+msgstr "版权声明"
+#: template/copyright.html.j2:8
+msgid ""
+"Contributors to GNU Taler with Git access must sign the <a href=\"/pdf/"
+"copyright.pdf\">copyright assignment</a> to ensure that the <a href="
+"\">GNUnet e.V. --- Taler Systems SA agreement on licensing and collaborative "
+"development</a> of the GNUnet and GNU Taler projects is satisfied."
+msgstr ""
+"有Git权限的GNU Taler的贡献者必须签署<a href=\"/pdf/copyright.pdf\">版权转让</"
+"a>,以确保满足<a href=\""
+"gnunet_taler_agreement.tex\">GNUnet e.V. --- Taler Systems SA关于GNUnet和GNU "
+#: template/copyright.html.j2:19
+msgid ""
+"The agreements ensure that the code will continue to be made available under "
+"free software licenses, which gives developers the freedom to move code "
+"between GNUnet and GNU Taler without worrying about licenses and the company "
+"the ability to dual-license (for example, so that we can distribute via App-"
+"stores that are hostile to free software)."
+msgstr ""
+"GNUnet和GNU Taler之间移动代码而不必担心许可证问题,并且也使公司能够获得双重许"
+#: template/copyright.html.j2:29
+msgid ""
+"Minor contributions (basically, anyone without Git access) do not require "
+"copyright assignment. Pseudonymous contributions are accepted, in this case "
+"simply sign the agreement with your pseudonym. Scanned copies are "
+"sufficient, but snail mail is preferred."
+msgstr ""
+#: template/docs.html.j2:6
+msgid "GNU Taler: Documentation and Resources"
+msgstr "GNU Taler:文档和资源"
+#: template/docs.html.j2:12
+msgid ""
+"This is an overview of documentation and other resources for GNU Taler. The "
+"full documentation contents can be found <a href=\""
+msgstr ""
+"这是 GNU Taler 的文档和其他资源的概述。 可以在<a href=\"https://docs.taler."
+#: template/docs.html.j2:26
+msgid "Components"
+msgstr "组成部分"
+#: template/docs.html.j2:37
+msgid "Merchant Backend Administration"
+msgstr "商户后台管理"
+#: template/docs.html.j2:39
+#, python-format
+msgid ""
+"Tutorial and manual for operating a merchant. Also available as <a href="
+msgstr ""
+"经营商户的教程和手册。也可见 <a href=\"https://%(docshost)s/pdf/taler-"
+#: template/docs.html.j2:48
+msgid "Merchant API Tutorial"
+msgstr "商户API指南"
+#: template/docs.html.j2:50
+msgid "Tutorial for processing Taler payments using the merchant backend API."
+msgstr "使用商户后端 API 处理 Taler 付款的教程。"
+#: template/docs.html.j2:53 template/docs.html.j2:64 template/docs.html.j2:75
+#: template/docs.html.j2:98 template/docs.html.j2:109 template/docs.html.j2:156
+#, python-format
+msgid "Also available as <a href=\"%(link)s\">PDF</a>."
+msgstr "也可见 <a href=\"%(link)s\">PDF</a>。"
+#: template/docs.html.j2:59
+msgid "Exchange"
+msgstr "交易所"
+#: template/docs.html.j2:61
+msgid "Operator&#39;s manual for the GNU Taler exchange."
+msgstr "GNU Taler exchange的操作&#39;手册。"
+#: template/docs.html.j2:70
+msgid "Bank Integration"
+msgstr "银行整合"
+#: template/docs.html.j2:72
+msgid "Manual for tightly integrating Taler with banking applications."
+msgstr "将Taler与银行应用程序紧密结合的手册。"
+#: template/docs.html.j2:81
+msgid "Wallet"
+msgstr "钱包"
+#: template/docs.html.j2:83
+msgid ""
+"Manual about the Taler wallets (WebExtensions, Android, CLI). You can "
+"download pre-packaged binaries from <a href=\"wallet.html\">the Taler wallet "
+"Web site</a>."
+msgstr ""
+"Taler钱包(WebExtensions, Android, CLI)手册。你可以从<a href=\"wallet.html"
+#: template/docs.html.j2:93
+msgid "Back office"
+msgstr "后台"
+#: template/docs.html.j2:95
+msgid "Manual to run the back-office Web application."
+msgstr "运行后台 Web 应用程序手册。"
+#: template/docs.html.j2:104
+msgid "Merchant POS Terminal"
+msgstr "商户POS终端"
+#: template/docs.html.j2:106
+msgid "Manual for configuring and using the point of sale app."
+msgstr "配置和使用销售点(POS)应用程序的手册。"
+#: template/docs.html.j2:115
+msgid "Cashier"
+msgstr "收银员"
+#: template/docs.html.j2:117
+msgid "An app for taking in cash and handing out electronic cash."
+msgstr "一个用于接收货币和发放电子货币的应用程序。"
+#: template/docs.html.j2:130
+msgid "Internals"
+msgstr "内部构件"
+#: template/docs.html.j2:141
+msgid "HTTP API"
+msgstr "HTTP 应用程序接口(API)"
+#: template/docs.html.j2:143
+msgid "Reference for the HTTP-based API for Taler components."
+msgstr "Reference for the HTTP-based API for Taler components."
+#: template/docs.html.j2:151
+msgid "Onboarding"
+msgstr "新用户引导流程"
+#: template/docs.html.j2:153
+msgid "Description of our setup and how to contribute."
+msgstr "我们的taler.net设置说明和如何贡献。"
+#: template/docs.html.j2:165
+msgid "Community"
+msgstr "社区"
+#: template/docs.html.j2:176
+msgid "Mailing List"
+msgstr "邮件列表"
+#: template/docs.html.j2:178
+msgid "The official GNU Taler mailing list."
+msgstr "GNU Taler 官方邮件列表。"
+#: template/docs.html.j2:184
+msgid "IRC"
+msgstr "IRC"
+#: template/docs.html.j2:186
+#, fuzzy
+#| msgid "Our IRC channel is #taler on freenode."
+msgid "Our IRC channel is #taler on Libera."
+msgstr "我们的IRC频道是 #taler on freenode."
+#: template/docs.html.j2:192
+msgid "Bug Tracker"
+msgstr "错误跟踪器"
+#: template/docs.html.j2:194
+msgid "Our bug tracker for bugs and feature request."
+msgstr "我们用于故障的错误跟踪器和功能请求。"
+#: template/docs.html.j2:204
+msgid "Code"
+msgstr "Code"
+#: template/docs.html.j2:216
+msgid "Git repositories"
+msgstr "Git 存储库"
+#: template/docs.html.j2:218
+msgid "Git repositories for all of GNU Taler."
+msgstr "所有 GNU Taler 的 Git 存储库。"
+#: template/docs.html.j2:224
+msgid "lcov results"
+msgstr "lcov结果"
+#: template/docs.html.j2:226
+msgid "Shows results of the code coverage analysis for our test suite."
+msgstr "显示我们测试套件的代码覆盖率分析结果。"
+#: template/docs.html.j2:232
+msgid "Continuous integration"
+msgstr "持续集成"
+#: template/docs.html.j2:234
+msgid "Continuous integration and deployment is managed by our Buildbot."
+msgstr "由我们的 Buildbot 管理持续集成和部署。"
+#: template/faq.html.j2:5
+msgid "How is Taler related to Bitcoin or Blockchains?"
+msgstr "Taler 与比特币或区块链有什么关系?"
+#: template/faq.html.j2:8
+msgid ""
+"Taler does not require any Blockchain technology, and is also not based on "
+"proof-of-work or any other distributed consensus mechanism. Instead, Taler "
+"is based on blind signatures. However, it is theoretically possible to "
+"combine Taler with peer-to-peer crypto-currencies like Bitcoin."
+msgstr ""
+"Taler 不需要任何区块链技术,也不基于工作量证明(proof-of-work)或任何其他分布"
+"式共识机制。 相反,Taler 基于盲签名(blind signatures)。 但是,理论上可以将 "
+"Taler 与比特币等点对点加密货币相结合。"
+#: template/faq.html.j2:18
+msgid ""
+"It would be possible, however, to withdraw coins denominated in Bitcoin into "
+"a Taler wallet (with an appropriate exchange), which would give some "
+"benefits over plain Bitcoin, such as instant confirmation times."
+msgstr ""
+"然而,(通过适当的交易所)将比特币计价的货币提取到 Taler 钱包是可能的,这与普"
+#: template/faq.html.j2:26
+msgid "Where is the balance in my wallet stored?"
+msgstr "我钱包里的余额储存在哪里?"
+#: template/faq.html.j2:28
+msgid ""
+"Your wallet stores digital coins and thus ultimately your computer holds "
+"your balance. The exchange keeps funds matching all unspent coins in an "
+"escrow bank account."
+msgstr ""
+"您的钱包会存储数字货币,因此最终您的计算机将持有您的余额。 交易所会将与未用完"
+#: template/faq.html.j2:35
+msgid "What if my wallet is lost?"
+msgstr "如果我的钱包丢失怎么办?"
+#: template/faq.html.j2:37
+msgid ""
+"Since the digital coins of value in your wallet are anonymized, the exchange "
+"can not assist you in recovering a lost or stolen wallet. Just like with a "
+"physical wallet for cash, you are responsible for keeping it safe."
+msgstr ""
+#: template/faq.html.j2:46
+msgid ""
+"The risk of losing a wallet can be mitigated by making backups or keeping "
+"the balance reasonably low."
+msgstr "您可以通过备份或保持较低水平的余额来降低丢失钱包的风险。"
+#: template/faq.html.j2:52
+msgid "What if my computer is hacked?"
+msgstr "如果我的电脑被黑客攻击了怎么办?"
+#: template/faq.html.j2:54
+msgid ""
+"In case of a compromise of one of your devices, an attacker can spend coins "
+"from your wallet. Checking your balance might reveal to you that your device "
+"has been compromised."
+msgstr ""
+"如果您的一台设备遭到入侵,攻击者可以从您的钱包中花费数字货币。 您可以通过检查"
+#: template/faq.html.j2:61
+msgid "Can I send money to my friend with Taler?"
+msgstr "我可以用 Taler 给我的朋友汇款吗?"
+#: template/faq.html.j2:63
+msgid ""
+"If your friend provides goods or services for you in exchange for a payment, "
+"they can easily set up a Taler merchant and receive the payment in their "
+"bank account."
+msgstr ""
+"如果您的朋友为您提供商品或服务以换取付款,他们可以轻松创建一个 Taler 商家,并"
+#: template/faq.html.j2:70
+msgid ""
+"Future versions of the Taler wallet may allow exchanging coins among friends "
+"directly as well."
+msgstr "未来版本的Taler钱包也可能允许直接在朋友之间交换电子货币。"
+#: template/faq.html.j2:76
+msgid "How does Taler handle payments in different currencies?"
+msgstr "Taler如何处理不同货币的支付?"
+#: template/faq.html.j2:78
+msgid ""
+"Taler wallets can store digital coins corresponding to multiple different "
+"currencies such as the Euro, US Dollars or Bitcoins."
+msgstr ""
+"Taler 钱包可以存储与多种不同货币相对应的数字货币,如欧元、美元或比特币。"
+#: template/faq.html.j2:84
+msgid "Taler currently does not offer conversion between currencies."
+msgstr "目前,Taler不支持不同货币之间的兑换。"
+#: template/faq.html.j2:89
+msgid "How does Taler protect my privacy?"
+msgstr "Taler 如何保护我的隐私?"
+#: template/faq.html.j2:91
+msgid ""
+"Your wallet stores digital coins that are <a href=\""
+"wiki/Blind_signature\">blindly signed</a> by an exchange. The use of a blind "
+"signature protects your privacy as it prevents the exchange from knowing "
+"which coin it signed for which customer."
+msgstr ""
+"您的钱包存储的是由交易所<a href=\""
+#: template/faq.html.j2:101
+msgid "How much does it cost?"
+msgstr "它的费用是多少?"
+#: template/faq.html.j2:103
+msgid ""
+"The Taler protocol allows any exchange to set its own fee structure, "
+"allowing operators to set fees for withdrawing, depositing, refreshing or "
+"refunding coins. Operators can also charge fees for closing reserves and for "
+"(aggregated) wire transfers to merchants. Merchants may choose to cover some "
+"of the fees customers incur. Actual transaction costs are estimated around "
+"0.001 cent/transaction (at high transaction rates, amortized over billions "
+"of transactions, excluding migration costs). Note that this is an early "
+"estimate, details may depend on hosting and backup requirements from the "
+"regulator and could thus easily be 10x higher."
+msgstr ""
+"Taler 协议允许任何交易所设置自己的收费结构,允许运营商设置提款、存入、刷新或"
+"退款的费用。 运营商还可以收取关闭储备金和向商家(汇总)电汇的费用。 商家可以"
+"选择承担客户产生的部分费用。 预计实际交易成本约为 0.001 美分/交易(在高交易率"
+"下,按数十亿交易分摊,不包括迁移成本)。 请注意,这只是一个早期估计,细节可能"
+"取决于监管机构的托管和备份要求。因此,最终可能很容易高出数10 倍。"
+#: template/faq.html.j2:117
+msgid "Does Taler work with international payments?"
+msgstr "Taler是否支持国际收支?"
+#: template/faq.html.j2:119
+msgid ""
+"Taler&#39;s wallet supports multiple currencies, but the system currently "
+"does not support conversion between currencies. However, in principle an "
+"entity that accepts deposits in one currency and allows withdrawals in "
+"another currency could be created. Still, the regulatory hurdles in this "
+"case tend to be particularly complex. The focus for Taler is on day-to-day "
+"payments, so we have no plans to support currency conversion in the near "
+msgstr ""
+"Taler&#39;钱包支持多种货币,但系统目前不支持不同货币之间的兑换。 虽然原则上可"
+"管障碍往往特别复杂。 Taler 的重心是日常支付,因此我们近期没有支持外汇兑换的计"
+#: template/faq.html.j2:130
+msgid "How does Taler relate to the (European) Electronic Money Directive?"
+msgstr "Taler与(欧盟)电子货币指令有什么关系?"
+#: template/faq.html.j2:132
+msgid ""
+"We believe the European Electronic Money Directive provides part of the "
+"regulatory framework a Taler exchange with coins denominated in Euros would "
+"have to follow."
+msgstr ""
+#: template/faq.html.j2:139
+msgid ""
+"What bank would guarantee the conversion between Taler coins and bank money "
+"in regular bank accounts?"
+msgstr "哪家银行会保证 Taler 货币和普通银行账户中的银行货币之间的转换?"
+#: template/faq.html.j2:141
+msgid ""
+"The exchange would be operated by a bank or in cooperation with a bank, and "
+"that bank would hold the funds in escrow. Note that this bank could be a "
+"regular bank or a central bank for a centrally banked electronic currency. "
+"Regardless, the bank would fall under the respective banking regulations "
+"establishing a reason why consumers would have faith in the conversion from "
+"Taler coins into regular bank money."
+msgstr ""
+#: template/faq.html.j2:150
+msgid ""
+"To whom would consumers complain to in case of non-conversion or non-"
+msgstr "如果出现无法兑换或不遵守规定的情况,消费者向谁投诉?"
+#: template/faq.html.j2:152
+msgid ""
+"Any exchange should be audited by one or more independent auditors. "
+"Merchants and consumer wallets will report certain issues automatically to "
+"the auditors, but auditors may also provide a method for manual submission "
+"of issues. The auditors are expected to make their reports available to the "
+"respective regulatory authorities, or even the general public."
+msgstr ""
+"任何交易所都应由一名或多名独立审计师进行审计。 商家和消费者钱包会自动向审计师"
+"报告某些问题,但审计师也可提供手动提交问题的方法。 审计师应将其报告提供给各自"
+#: template/faq.html.j2:161
+msgid "Are there any projects already using Taler?"
+msgstr "是否有项目已经在使用Taler?"
+#: template/faq.html.j2:163
+msgid ""
+"We are aware of several businesses running exploratory projects or having "
+"developed working prototypes. We are also in discussions with several "
+"regular banks as well as several central banks about the project. That said, "
+"there are currently no products in the market yet, and we believe this would "
+"be premature given the state of the project (see also <a href=\"https://"
+"\">our bugtracker</a> for a list of open issues)."
+msgstr ""
+"我们知道有几家企业正在运行探索性项目或已经开发了工作原型。 我们正在与几家常规"
+"银行以及几家中央银行就该项目进行讨论。 也就是说,目前市场上还没有产品。考虑到"
+"项目的状态,我们认为目前还为时过早(另请参阅我们的<a href=\"https://gnunet."
+"org/bugs/\">错误跟踪器</a> 获取未决问题清单)。"
+#: template/faq.html.j2:174
+msgid "Does Taler support recurring payments?"
+msgstr "Taler支持定期付款吗?"
+#: template/faq.html.j2:176
+msgid ""
+"Today, our wallet implementation does not support recurring payments. "
+"Recurring payments, where some fixed amount is paid on a regular basis are "
+"in theory possible with Taler, but they come with a few caveats. "
+"Specifically, recurring payments can only work if the Taler wallet is "
+"running and online around the desired time. Furthermore, given their "
+"repetitive nature they are linkable, and could thus be used to deanonymize "
+"the user making the recurring payment, for example by forcing the user "
+"offline at the time of the payment and observing that it does then not "
+"happen on time. Finally, the Taler wallet does not work with credit and thus "
+"the user would have to make sure to carry a sufficient balance for the "
+"recurring payment to be made. Still, they can be useful, and a future "
+"version of the Taler wallet will likely support them. But this is not a "
+"feature that we are targeting for Taler 1.0. at this time."
+msgstr ""
+"能会支持该功能。但目前我们针对Taler 1.0未设计这一功能。"
+#: template/features.html.j2:7
+msgid "GNU Taler: Features"
+msgstr "GNU Taler:特点"
+#: template/features.html.j2:13
+msgid ""
+"GNU Taler is a <span class=\"tlr\">privacy-preserving</span> payment system. "
+"Customers can stay anonymous, but merchants can not hide their income "
+"through payments with GNU Taler. This helps to <span class=\"tlr\">avoid tax "
+"evasion and money laundering</span>."
+msgstr ""
+"GNU Taler 是一个<span class=\"tlr\">保护隐私的</span>支付系统。顾客可以保持匿"
+"名,但商家不能通过使用GNU Taler付款来隐藏他们的收入。这有助于<span class="
+#: template/features.html.j2:23
+msgid ""
+"The primary use case of GNU Taler is <span class=\"tlr\">payments</span>; it "
+"is <span class=\"tlr\">not meant as a store</span> of value. Payments are "
+"always backed by an existing currency."
+msgstr ""
+"GNU Taler 的主要用途是<span class=\"tlr\">支付</span>;而非<span class=\"tlr"
+#: template/features.html.j2:32
+msgid ""
+"Payments are made after <span class=\"tlr\">exchanging existing money</span> "
+"into <em>electronic money</em> with the help of an Exchange service, that "
+"is, a payment service provider for Taler."
+msgstr ""
+"在Exchange服务(即Taler 的支付服务提供商)的帮助下,将<span class=\"tlr\">现"
+#: template/features.html.j2:41
+msgid ""
+"When making a payment, customers only need a charged wallet. A merchant can "
+"accept payments <span class=\"tlr\">without making their customers register</"
+"span> on the merchant&#39;s Website."
+msgstr ""
+"付款时,客户只需要一个已充值的钱包。 商家可以直接接收付款<span class=\"tlr"
+#: template/features.html.j2:50
+msgid ""
+"GNU Taler is <span class=\"tlr\">immune against many types of fraud</span>, "
+"such as phishing of credit card information or chargeback fraud. In case of "
+"loss or theft, only the limited amount of money left in the wallet might be "
+msgstr ""
+"GNU Taler 可以<span class=\"tlr\">抵御多种类型的欺诈</span>,例如信用卡信息网"
+"络钓鱼或退款欺诈。 在丢失或被盗的情况下,只有留在钱包里的有限的余额可能会消"
+#: template/features.html.j2:69
+msgid "Paying with Taler"
+msgstr "使用Taler 支付"
+#: template/features.html.j2:71
+msgid ""
+"To pay with Taler, customers install an electronic wallet on their device. "
+"Before the first payment, the desired currency must be added to the "
+"wallet&#39;s balance by some other means of payment."
+msgstr ""
+#: template/features.html.j2:79
+msgid ""
+"Once the wallet is charged, payments on websites take only one click, are "
+"never falsely rejected by fraud detection and do not pose any risk of "
+"phishing or identity theft."
+msgstr ""
+#: template/features.html.j2:87
+msgid "Try it yourself with the interactive demo!"
+msgstr "通过交互式演示,你可以自己尝试一下!"
+#: template/features.html.j2:94
+msgid "Receiving payments with Taler"
+msgstr "使用Taler接收付款"
+#: template/features.html.j2:96
+msgid ""
+"To receive Taler payments, a merchant needs a bank account in the desired "
+"currency. We provide supporting software in various programming languages to "
+"make the integration painless. The merchant&#39;s backend for Taler "
+"transaction processing can run on the merchant&#39;s premises or be hosted "
+"by a third party."
+msgstr ""
+"要接收 Taler 付款,商家需要所需货币对应的银行账户。我们提供多种编程语言的支持"
+#: template/features.html.j2:105
+msgid ""
+"Merchant integration is simple, and customers can pay for products without "
+"even having to register an account."
+msgstr "商家整合很简单,顾客甚至无需注册账户即可为产品付款。"
+#: template/features.html.j2:112
+msgid "See how merchant integration works in our developer documentation!"
+msgstr "请在我们的开发者文档中查看商家整合是如何进行的!"
+#: template/features.html.j2:127
+msgid "Practical"
+msgstr "实用的"
+#: template/features.html.j2:130
+msgid ""
+"Taler is easy to integrate with existing Web applications. Payments are "
+"cryptographically secured and are confirmed within milliseconds with "
+"extremely low transaction costs."
+msgstr ""
+"Taler 能够轻松与现有的网络应用程序整合。 支付是加密的,并在几毫秒内得到确认,"
+#: template/features.html.j2:140
+msgid "Stable"
+msgstr "稳定的"
+#: template/features.html.j2:143
+msgid ""
+"Taler does not introduce a new currency. Taler uses a digital wallet storing "
+"coins and payment service providers with escrow accounts in existing "
+"currencies. Thus, Taler&#39;s cryptographic coins correspond to existing "
+"currencies, such as US Dollars, Euros or even Bitcoins."
+msgstr ""
+"供商到托管账户。因此,Taler &#39;的加密货币对应于现有货币,例如美元、欧元甚至"
+#: template/features.html.j2:154 template/governments.html.j2:55
+msgid "Secure"
+msgstr "安全的"
+#: template/features.html.j2:157
+msgid ""
+"By design Taler does not suffer from many classes of security problems such "
+"as phishing or counterfeit. Thanks to its security features, Taler never "
+"rejects a legitimate customer due to a fraud-detection false positive."
+msgstr ""
+#: template/features.html.j2:169 template/governments.html.j2:25
+msgid "Taxable"
+msgstr "可征税的"
+#: template/features.html.j2:172
+msgid ""
+"When using Taler, merchant&#39;s revenue is transparent for tax collection "
+"authorities. Unlike cash and most digital currencies, Taler helps prevent "
+"black markets. Taler is not suitable for illegal activities."
+msgstr ""
+"使用Taler时,商家&#39;的收入对税务机关来说是透明的。 与现金和大多数数字货币不"
+"同,Taler 有助于防止黑市。 Taler 不适合用于非法活动。"
+#: template/features.html.j2:182
+msgid "Private"
+msgstr "隐私的"
+#: template/features.html.j2:184
+msgid ""
+"When you pay with Taler, your identity does not have to be revealed. Just "
+"like payments in cash, nobody else can track how you spent your electronic "
+"money. However, you obtain a legally valid proof of payment."
+msgstr ""
+"当您使用 Taler 付款时,无需透露您的身份。 就像现金支付一样,没有其他人可以追"
+"踪您如何使用电子货币。 但是,您会收到一个合法有效的付款证明。"
+#: template/features.html.j2:195 template/governments.html.j2:85
+msgid "Libre"
+msgstr "自由的"
+#: template/features.html.j2:198
+msgid ""
+"Taler provides protocols and reference implementations that in principle "
+"enables anybody to run their own payment infrastructure, be it individuals, "
+"organizations or whole countries. Since the reference implementation is a"
+msgstr ""
+#: template/features.html.j2:205
+msgid "package, it will always remain free software."
+msgstr "套件,它将永远是免费软件。"
+#: template/financial-news.html.j2:6
+msgid "Financial News"
+msgstr "财经新闻"
+#: template/financial-news.html.j2:9
+msgid ""
+"This page explains (only in English) how Taler can change ongoing "
+"developments in the financial industry."
+msgstr "本页面(只有英文)解释了Taler如何改变金融业的持续发展。"
+#: template/funding.html.j2:6
+msgid "Support for GNU Taler"
+msgstr "支持 GNU Taler"
+#: template/funding.html.j2:9
+msgid "Current funding"
+msgstr "当前资金"
+#: template/funding.html.j2:13
+msgid ""
+"This project will be about integrating GNU Taler with offerings of media "
+"partners to improve monetization in the media industry. (Launching in Q3 "
+msgstr ""
+"该项目将整合 GNU Taler 与媒体合作伙伴的产品,以提高媒体行业的盈利能力。 (于 "
+"2021 年第三季度推出。)"
+#: template/funding.html.j2:23
+msgid ""
+"This project is about making GNU Taler more programmable. (Launching in "
+msgstr "该项目是致力于使GNU Taler更具可编程性。(2021年启动。)"
+#: template/funding.html.j2:32
+msgid ""
+"This project is about improving the security of the GNU Taler exchange via "
+"an external code audit, and creating a competent external security auditor "
+"to help with safely operating the Taler payment system."
+msgstr ""
+"该项目旨在通过外部代码审计来提高 GNU Taler 交易所的安全性,并创建一个有能力的"
+"的外部安全审计员来帮助安全操作 Taler 支付系统。"
+#: template/funding.html.j2:43
+msgid ""
+"We are grateful for free hosting offered by the following organizations:"
+msgstr "我们感谢以下组织提供的虚拟主机:"
+#: template/funding.html.j2:52
+msgid ""
+"We are grateful for translation support offered by the following "
+"organizations (and <a href=\"\">all the "
+"volunteers</a> that are helping with the translation effort):"
+msgstr ""
+"我们感谢以下组织(以及帮助翻译工作的<a href=\""
+#: template/funding.html.j2:62
+msgid "Past funding"
+msgstr "往期资金"
+#: template/funding.html.j2:64
+msgid "We are grateful for past funding from the following organizations:"
+msgstr "我们感谢以下组织往期的资助:"
+#: template/funding.html.j2:70
+msgid ""
+"This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 "
+"research and innovation programme under the NGI_TRUST grant agreement no "
+"825618. The project aims to integrate re:claimID with the GNU Taler payment "
+"system in a pilot in order to demonstrate the practical feasibility and "
+"benefits of privacy enhancing technologies for users and commercial service "
+"providers. The project is called \"Decentralized Identities for Self-"
+"Sovereign End-users\" (DISSENS)."
+msgstr ""
+"该项目得到了欧盟地平线2020研究和创新计划的资助,其资助协议编号为NGI_TRUST "
+"825618。该项目旨在将re:claimID与GNU Taler支付系统进行试点整合,以证明隐私增强"
+"技术对用户和商业服务提供商的实际可行性和好处。该项目被称为 \"自主终端用户的分"
+#: template/governments.html.j2:6
+msgid "Advantages for Governments"
+msgstr "对政府的好处"
+#: template/governments.html.j2:8
+msgid ""
+"Taler provides accountability to ensure business operate legally, while also "
+"respecting civil liberties of citizens. Taler is a payment system based on "
+"open standards and free software. Taler needs governments as they set a "
+"financial framework and act as trusted regulators. Taler contributes to "
+"digital sovereignty in the critical financial infrastructure."
+msgstr ""
+"Taler 为关键金融基础设施的数字主权做出了贡献。"
+#: template/governments.html.j2:27
+msgid ""
+"Taler was built with the goal of fighting corruption and supporting "
+"taxation. With Taler, the receiver of any form of payment is easily "
+"identified by the government, and the merchant can be compelled to provide "
+"the contract that was accepted by the customer. Governments can use this "
+"data to tax businesses and individuals based on their income, making tax "
+"evasion and black markets less viable."
+msgstr ""
+"Taler 旨在打击腐败和支持税收。 使用 Taler,政府可以轻松识别任何形式付款的接收"
+"方,并且可以要求商家提供被客户接受的合同。 政府可以利用这些数据根据企业和个人"
+#: template/governments.html.j2:40
+msgid ""
+"Thus, despite offering anonymity for citizens spending digital cash to buy "
+"goods and services, Taler also ensures that the state can observe incoming "
+"funds. This can be used to ensure businesses engage only in legal "
+"activities, and do not evade income tax, sales tax or value-added tax. "
+"However, this observational capability does not extend to the immediate "
+"personal domain. In particular, monitoring does not cover shared access to "
+"funds with trusted friends and family, or synchronizing wallets across "
+"multiple devices."
+msgstr ""
+"因此,尽管Taler为使用数字货币购买商品和服务的公民提供匿名服务,但Taler 也确保"
+"国家可以观察到资金的流入。 这可用于确保企业只从事合法活动,不逃避所得税、销售"
+"税或增值税。 然而,这种观察能力并没有扩展到直接的个人领域。 特别是,监控不包"
+#: template/governments.html.j2:58
+msgid ""
+"Taler&#39;s payments are cryptographically secured. Thus, customers, "
+"merchants and the Taler payment service provider (the exchange) can "
+"mathematically demonstrate their lawful behavior in court in case of "
+"disputes. Financial damages are strictly limited, improving economic "
+"security for individuals, merchants, the exchange and the state."
+msgstr ""
+"Taler &#39;的付款是加密保护的。 因此,客户、商家和 Taler 支付服务提供商(交易"
+"所)可以在发生争议时在法庭上以数学方式证明他们的合法行为。 经济损失受到严格限"
+#: template/governments.html.j2:70
+msgid ""
+"As a payment service provider, the Taler exchange is subject to financial "
+"regulation. Financial regulation and regular audits are critical to "
+"establish trust. In particular, the Taler design mandates the existence of "
+"an independent auditor who checks cryptographic proofs that accumulate at "
+"the exchange to ensure that the escrow account is managed honestly. This "
+"ensures that the exchange does not threaten the economy due to fraud."
+msgstr ""
+"作为支付服务提供商,Taler 交易所要接受金融监管。 金融监管和定期审计对建立信任"
+"至关重要。 特别是,Taler 设计要求存在独立审计师,该审计师检查在交易所积累的加"
+"密证明,以确保托管账户得到诚信的管理。 这确保了交易所不会因欺诈而威胁到经济。"
+#: template/governments.html.j2:88
+msgid ""
+"Taler is free software implementing an open protocol standard. Thus, Taler "
+"will enable competition and avoid the monopolization of payment systems that "
+"threatens global political and financial stability today."
+msgstr ""
+#: template/governments.html.j2:98
+msgid "Efficient"
+msgstr "高效的"
+#: template/governments.html.j2:101
+msgid ""
+"Taler has an efficient design. Unlike Blockchain-based payment systems, such "
+"as Bitcoin, Taler will not threaten the availability of national electric "
+"grids or (significantly) contribute to environmental pollution."
+msgstr ""
+#: template/governments.html.j2:117
+msgid "Taler and regulation"
+msgstr "Taler和相关法规"
+#: template/governments.html.j2:119
+msgid "Anti money laundering (AML)"
+msgstr "反洗钱 (AML)"
+#: template/governments.html.j2:120
+msgid ""
+"With Taler, income is visible and can be tied to the contract signed by both "
+msgstr "使用Taler,收入是可见的,并且可以与双方签署的合同挂钩。"
+#: template/governments.html.j2:121
+msgid "Know your customer (KYC)"
+msgstr "了解您的客户 (KYC)"
+#: template/governments.html.j2:122
+msgid ""
+"In Taler, payer and payee are known by their bank accounts when withdrawing "
+"or depositing coins respectively"
+msgstr "在Taler,付款人和收款人在提取或存入货币时,分别以其银行账户为名。"
+#: template/governments.html.j2:123
+msgid "General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)"
+msgstr "通用数据保护条例(GDPR)"
+#: template/governments.html.j2:124
+msgid ""
+"Taler cryptographically protects citizen's privacy, and by design implements "
+"data minimization and privacy by default."
+msgstr ""
+#: template/governments.html.j2:125
+msgid "Payment Services Directive (PSD2)"
+msgstr "支付服务指令 (PSD2)"
+#: template/governments.html.j2:126
+msgid ""
+"Taler provides an open standard with public APIs contributing to a "
+"competitive banking sector."
+msgstr "Taler提供了一个具有公共API的开放标准,为银行部门的竞争做出了贡献。"
+#: template/governments.html.j2:134
+msgid "Taler provides privacy and accountability"
+msgstr "Taler提供隐私和问责制"
+#: template/governments.html.j2:137
+msgid ""
+"Taler assumes governments can observe traditional wire transfers entering "
+"and leaving the Taler payment system. Starting with the wire transfers, "
+"governments can obtain:"
+msgstr ""
+"Taler 假设政府可以观察进入和离开 Taler 支付系统的传统电汇。 从电汇开始,政府"
+#: template/governments.html.j2:145
+msgid ""
+"The total amount of digital currency withdrawn by a customer. The government "
+"can impose limits on how much digital cash a customer can withdraw within a "
+"given time frame."
+msgstr ""
+#: template/governments.html.j2:154
+msgid "The income received by any merchant via the Taler system."
+msgstr "任何商家通过 Taler 系统获得的收入。"
+#: template/governments.html.j2:161
+msgid ""
+"The exact details of the underlying contract that was signed between "
+"customer and merchant. However, this information would typically not include "
+"the identity of the customer."
+msgstr ""
+"客户与商家之间签署的基础合同的确切详细信息。 但是,该信息通常不包括客户的身"
+#: template/governments.html.j2:170
+msgid ""
+"The amounts of digital coins legitimately withdrawn by customers from the "
+"exchange, the value of non-redeemed digital coins in customer&#39;s wallets, "
+"the value and corresponding wire details of deposit operations performed by "
+"merchants with the exchange, and the income of the exchange from transaction "
+msgstr ""
+#: template/index.html.j2:7
+msgid "Taler logo"
+msgstr "Taler标志"
+#: template/index.html.j2:16
+msgid ""
+"We provide a payment system that makes <span class='tlr'>privacy-friendly</"
+"span> online transactions <span class='tlr'>fast and easy</span>."
+msgstr ""
+"我们提供了一种支付系统,使<span class='tlr'>隐私友好的</span>在线交易<span "
+#: template/index.html.j2:21
+msgid "Payments without registration"
+msgstr "无需注册的支付"
+#: template/index.html.j2:25
+msgid "Data protection by default"
+msgstr "默认的数据保护"
+#: template/index.html.j2:29
+msgid "Fraud eliminated by design"
+msgstr "通过设计消除欺诈行为"
+#: template/index.html.j2:33
+msgid "Not a new currency!"
+msgstr "不是一种新的货币!"
+#: template/index.html.j2:37
+msgid "Empowers communities to run their own payment infrastructure"
+msgstr "使社区有能力运行自己的支付基础设施"
+#: template/index.html.j2:41
+msgid "Free Software"
+msgstr "免费软件"
+#: template/index.html.j2:44
+msgid "Try Demo!"
+msgstr "试用演示!"
+#: template/index.html.j2:44
+msgid "Read Docs"
+msgstr "阅读文档"
+#: template/pos.html.j2:43
+msgid ""
+"This is the page for the Taler PoS App. It allows a vendor to maintain a "
+"list of products and to quickly build up Taler contracts and process Taler "
+"payments for these contracts. Its main use-case is for a mensa, cafeteria or "
+"restaurant when vending food from a menu."
+msgstr ""
+"这是Taler PoS应用程序的页面。它允许供应商建立一个产品清单,并快速建立Taler合"
+#: template/press.html.j2:4
+msgid "GNU Taler in the Press"
+msgstr "GNU Taler在媒体上的报道"
+#: template/press.html.j2:6
+msgid "2021"
+msgstr "2021"
+#: template/press.html.j2:37
+msgid "2020"
+msgstr "2020"
+#: template/press.html.j2:51
+msgid "2019"
+msgstr "2019"
+#: template/press.html.j2:57
+msgid "2018"
+msgstr "2018"
+#: template/press.html.j2:67
+msgid "2017"
+msgstr "2017"
+#: template/press.html.j2:77
+msgid "2016"
+msgstr "2016"
+#: template/press.html.j2:95
+msgid "2015"
+msgstr "2015"
+#: template/principles.html.j2:21
+msgid "GNU Taler: Design Principles"
+msgstr "GNU Taler:设计原则"
+#: template/principles.html.j2:25
+msgid ""
+"When designing GNU Taler, we had the following design principles in mind:"
+msgstr "在设计 GNU Taler 时,我们考虑到了以下设计原则:"
+#: template/principles.html.j2:31
+msgid "1. Free/Libre Software"
+msgstr "1. 免费/自由软件"
+#: template/principles.html.j2:33
+msgid ""
+"... in the area of computing, freedom means not using proprietary software"
+msgstr "...在计算机领域,自由意味着不使用专利软件"
+#: template/principles.html.j2:36
+msgid ""
+"GNU Taler must be <a href=\""
+"\">Free/Libre Software</a>. For merchants, Free/Libre Software prevents "
+"vendor lock-in meaning merchants can easily choose another service provider "
+"to process their payments. For countries, Free/Libre software means GNU "
+"Taler can not compromise sovereignty by imposing restrictions or "
+"requirements. And for exchange operators, transparency is crucial to satisfy "
+"<a href=\"'s_principle\">Kerckhoff's "
+"principle</a> and to establish public confidence."
+msgstr ""
+"GNU Taler 必须是<a href=\"\">免费/"
+"GNU Taler不能通过施加限制或要求来损害主权。而对于交易所运营商来说,透明度对于"
+"满足<a href=\"'s_principle\">柯克霍夫"
+#: template/principles.html.j2:49
+msgid ""
+"Customers benefit from Free/Libre Software because anyone is free to modify "
+"the wallet software support additional platforms. The source code must be "
+"available and make it easy to verify that user-hostile features such as "
+"tracking or telemetry are absent."
+msgstr ""
+#: template/principles.html.j2:60
+msgid "2. Protect the privacy of buyers"
+msgstr "2.保护买家隐私"
+#: template/principles.html.j2:62
+msgid "You deserve some privacy"
+msgstr "你应该拥有一些隐私"
+#: template/principles.html.j2:64
+msgid ""
+"Privacy is most meaningful when it is guaranteed via technical measures, as "
+"opposed to mere policies. Without a technical layer providing privacy-by-"
+"default, financial transactions reveal unnecessary levels of personal or "
+"private data. This would be especially true when making micropayments for "
+"online publications. Thus, GNU Taler must protect the privacy of buyers to "
+"avoid facilitating totalitarian control over the population."
+msgstr ""
+"当通过技术措施保证隐私,而不是通过单纯政策保障时,隐私才是最有意义的。 如果没"
+"进行小额支付时尤其如此。 因此,GNU Taler 必须保护买家的隐私,以避免促进对人口"
+#: template/principles.html.j2:72
+msgid ""
+"Limited private data, such as the shipping address for a physical delivery, "
+"may need to be collected according to business needs and protected according "
+"to local laws. In this case, GNU Taler must enable deletion of such data as "
+"soon as it is no longer required."
+msgstr ""
+"地法律进行保护。在这种情况下,GNU Taler必须在不再需要这些数据时尽快使其删除。"
+#: template/principles.html.j2:83
+msgid ""
+"3. Auditability - enable the state to tax income and crack down on illegal "
+"business activities"
+msgstr "3. 可审计性——使国家能够对收入征税并打击非法经营活动"
+#: template/principles.html.j2:85
+msgid "Money laundering"
+msgstr "洗钱"
+#: template/principles.html.j2:87
+msgid ""
+"As a payment system must comply with local laws in order to operate legally, "
+"GNU Taler must be designed to comply with these requirements. GNU Taler must "
+"provide an audit trail for investigators operating under the law. "
+"Furthermore, we consider levying of taxes as beneficial to society, and fair "
+"taxation requires income transparency. Thus, GNU Taler must enable "
+"authorities to track income."
+msgstr ""
+"由于支付系统必须遵守当地法律才能合法运行,GNU Taler 的设计必须符合这些要求。 "
+"GNU Taler 必须为依法运作的调查人员提供审计线索。 此外,我们认为征税对社会有"
+"益,而公平的征税要求收入透明。因此,GNU Taler必须使当局能够追踪收入。"
+#: template/principles.html.j2:102
+msgid "4. Prevent payment fraud"
+msgstr "4. 防止支付欺诈"
+#: template/principles.html.j2:104
+msgid "Phishing attack"
+msgstr "网络钓鱼攻击"
+#: template/principles.html.j2:106
+msgid ""
+"GNU Taler must mitigate the most common sources of payment fraud. We must "
+"follow best practices in software design, 3rd party design guidelines that "
+"prevent confusion and misleading user interfaces, and must have others "
+"inspect our publicly available code. Furthermore, GNU Taler must provide "
+"extensive cryptographic evidence for all key processes to enable all parties "
+"to precisely attribute bad behavior."
+msgstr ""
+"GNU Taler 必须减少最常见的支付欺诈来源。 我们必须遵循软件设计的最佳实践、防止"
+"混淆和误导用户界面的第三方设计准则,并且必须让其他人检查我们公开可用的代码。 "
+"此外,GNU Taler 必须为所有关键流程提供广泛的加密证据,以使各方能够准确地定性"
+#: template/principles.html.j2:120
+msgid "5. Collect the minimum information necessary"
+msgstr "5. 收集必要的最少信息"
+#: template/principles.html.j2:121
+msgid ""
+"Privacy by design, privacy by default, General Data Protection Regulation "
+"(GDPR) compliant"
+msgstr "设计中的隐私,默认的隐私,符合《通用数据保护条例》(GDPR)的规定"
+#: template/principles.html.j2:123
+msgid ""
+"The privacy of buyers is given particular priority as part of principle (2). "
+"However, other parties - such as merchants - also must have data protection. "
+"Generally, GNU Taler must collect the minimum information necessary: data "
+"that is not collected or is no longer stored can not be compromised."
+msgstr ""
+"作为原则 (2) 的一部分,买方的隐私被给予特别优先考虑。 但是,其他方(例如商"
+"家)也必须有数据保护。 通常,GNU Taler 必须收集最少的必要信息:未收集或不再需"
+#: template/principles.html.j2:137
+msgid "6. Be usable"
+msgstr "6. 实用的"
+#: template/principles.html.j2:138
+msgid "Buy with one click. Easy for children."
+msgstr "一键购买。 对儿童来说也很容易。"
+#: template/principles.html.j2:140
+msgid ""
+"GNU Taler must be usable for non-expert customers including end-users of a "
+"GNU Taler wallet, merchants who wish to accept payments using GNU Taler, and "
+"3rd party application developers for e-commerce and other platforms. GNU "
+"Taler must follow best-practices usability guidelines and incorporate "
+"feedback from experts and users. Free/Libre software also requires Free/"
+"Libre documentation to allow for informed choices. GNU Taler must provide "
+"well-documented Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to allow "
+"frictionless integrations between GNU Taler and other projects."
+msgstr ""
+"GNU Taler必须能够为非专业客户使用,包括GNU Taler钱包的最终用户、希望使用GNU "
+"Taler接受付款的商家以及电子商务和其他平台的第三方应用开发商。GNU Taler 必须遵"
+"由的文档,以便作出明智的选择。GNU Taler 必须提供记录完善的应用编程接口"
+"(API),以允许 GNU Taler 和其他项目之间的无缝集成。"
+#: template/principles.html.j2:157
+msgid "7. Be efficient"
+msgstr "7. 高效的"
+#: template/principles.html.j2:158
+msgid "Energy efficiency"
+msgstr "能源效率"
+#: template/principles.html.j2:160
+msgid ""
+"GNU Taler must be designed to be efficient. Quite simply, efficiency means "
+"fewer things to break, and it means more transactions per second and lowers "
+"our environmental impact. Efficiency is also critical for GNU Taler to be "
+"used for micropayments. Therefore certain expensive primitives, such as "
+"proof-of-work, must not be used by GNU Taler."
+msgstr ""
+"GNU Taler 必须被设计成高效的。很简单,效率意味着更少的故障,意味着每秒钟更多"
+"的交易,并降低对环境的影响。效率对于GNU Taler用于小额支付也是至关重要的。因"
+"此,GNU Taler不能使用某些昂贵的原语,如工作量证明。"
+#: template/principles.html.j2:173
+msgid "8. Fault-tolerant design"
+msgstr "8. 容错设计"
+#: template/principles.html.j2:174
+msgid "Life Safers"
+msgstr "生命保障器"
+#: template/principles.html.j2:176
+msgid ""
+"Malicious operators, fat fingers, computer glitches, gremlins. Things go "
+"wrong. GNU Taler must be designed to tolerate failure of individual "
+"components and systems. Where the system can continue running safely, it "
+"will continue running safely. Where it must halt an operation, other "
+"operations must not be needlessly pulled offline. Where systems fail, they "
+"must fail gracefully. GNU Taler must have a plan to recover from malicious "
+"operators compromising core secrets."
+msgstr ""
+"恶意操作员、胖手指、计算机故障、捣蛋鬼。 事情会出错。 GNU Taler 的设计必须能"
+"够容忍单个组件和系统的故障。 在系统可以继续安全运行的地方,它将继续安全运"
+"行。 当它必须停止一个操作时,其他操作不得不必要地脱机。 当系统出现故障时,它"
+"们必须优雅地出现故障。 GNU Taler 必须有一个计划来恢复恶意操作者对核心机密的破"
+#: template/principles.html.j2:194
+msgid "9. Foster competition"
+msgstr "9. 促进竞争"
+#: template/principles.html.j2:195
+msgid "A competitive market"
+msgstr "竞争激烈的市场"
+#: template/principles.html.j2:197
+msgid ""
+"It must be relatively easy for competitors to deploy interoperable "
+"alternatives. The barriers for this in traditional financial systems are "
+"rather high and outside of our control. However, GNU Taler must minimize the "
+"technical burden for new competitors to enter the market. GNU Taler must "
+"enable a diverse set of operators, breaking up the current system where only "
+"a few global companies dominate the market. An example for a design choice "
+"that supports this is to split the whole system into smaller components that "
+"can be operated, developed and improved upon independently, instead of "
+"having one completely monolithic system."
+msgstr ""
+"竞争对手必须可以相对容易地部署可互操作的替代方案。 在传统的金融系统中,这种障"
+"碍是相当高的,超出了我们的控制范围。 但是,GNU Taler 必须尽量减少新竞争对手进"
+"入市场的技术负担。 GNU Taler 必须支持多样化的运营商,打破目前只有少数全球公司"
+"主导市场的系统。 支持这一点的设计选择的一个例子是将整个系统拆分为更小的组件,"
+#: template/schemafuzz.html.j2:6
+msgid "SchemaFuzz"
+msgstr "模式模糊(SchemaFuzz)"
+#: template/wallet.html.j2:106
+msgid "Congratulations, you have installed the Taler wallet. Check out the"
+msgstr "恭喜你,你已经安装了Taler钱包。查看"
+#: template/wallet.html.j2:111
+msgid "demo"
+msgstr "演示"
+#: template/wallet.html.j2:117
+msgid "You don&#39;t have a wallet installed yet."
+msgstr "您还&#39;没有安装钱包。"
+#: template/wallet.html.j2:126
+msgid "Install the wallet for your browser below, then check out the"
+msgstr "在下方为您的浏览器安装钱包,然后查看"
+#: template/wallet.html.j2:130
+msgid "demonstration"
+msgstr "示范"
+#: template/wallet.html.j2:143 template/wallet.html.j2:153
+msgid "or"
+msgstr "或者"
+#: template/wallet.html.j2:147
+msgid "is required, but it appears you don&#39;t have it installed."
+msgstr "是必需的,但您似乎没有安装它。"
+#: template/wallet.html.j2:157
+msgid "version"
+msgstr "版本"
+#: template/wallet.html.j2:161
+msgid "or newer is required, but it appears you have an older version."
+msgstr "或更新是必需的,但似乎您在使用旧版本。"
+#: template/wallet.html.j2:168
+msgid "Install wallet"
+msgstr "安装钱包"
+#: template/wallet.html.j2:175
+msgid "JavaScript is disabled, installation won&#39;t work."
+msgstr "JavaScript被禁用,安装将无法&#39;进行。"
+#: template/wallet.html.j2:214
+msgid "Install Download Chrome Extension"
+msgstr "安装下载 Chrome 扩展"
+#: template/wallet.html.j2:221
+msgid "Install GNU Taler"
+msgstr "安装 GNU Taler"
+#: template/wallet.html.j2:225
+msgid "from the Chrome Web Store"
+msgstr "来自 Chrome 网上应用商店"
+#: template/wallet.html.j2:246
+msgid "Download Android App from F-Droid (bypassing Google registration)."
+msgstr "从 F-Droid 下载 Android 应用程序(绕过 Google 注册)。"
+#: template/wallet.html.j2:259
+msgid "Other browsers"
+msgstr "其它浏览器"
+#: template/wallet.html.j2:261
+msgid "Wallets for other browsers will be provided in the near future."
+msgstr "其他浏览器的钱包将在不久的将来提供。"
+#: template/news/index.html.j2:11
+msgid "News posts about changes related to GNUnet such as releases and events"
+msgstr "有关 GNUnet 相关变更的新闻帖子,例如发布和活动"
+#: template/news/index.html.j2:16
+msgid "subscribe to our RSS feed"
+msgstr "订阅我们的 RSS 提要"
+#: template/news/index.html.j2:36
+msgid "read more"
+msgstr "阅读更多"