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@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: PROJECT VERSION\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: EMAIL@ADDRESS\n"
-"POT-Creation-Date: 2019-06-27 22:51+0200\n"
+"POT-Creation-Date: 2019-08-11 11:49+0200\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2017-08-10 06:24+0200\n"
"Last-Translator: \n"
"Language-Team: es <>\n"
@@ -23,16 +23,16 @@ msgid "GNU Taler Bibliography"
msgstr "Bibliografía de GNU Taler"
#: bibliography.html.j2:9 bibliography.html.j2:16 bibliography.html.j2:23
-#: bibliography.html.j2:29
+#: bibliography.html.j2:30 bibliography.html.j2:36
msgid "by"
msgstr "por"
-#: bibliography.html.j2:16 bibliography.html.j2:23 bibliography.html.j2:29
-#: common/
+#: bibliography.html.j2:16 bibliography.html.j2:23 bibliography.html.j2:30
+#: bibliography.html.j2:36 common/
msgid "and"
msgstr "y"
-#: bibliography.html.j2:30
+#: bibliography.html.j2:37
msgid "available upon request"
msgstr "disponible bajo petición"
@@ -70,10 +70,20 @@ msgstr ""
"electrónicos cifrados con GnuPG."
#: contact.html.j2:36
+msgid "General inquiries"
+msgstr ""
+#: contact.html.j2:38
+msgid ""
+"You can reach a group of team members handling general inquiries at "
+"<tt>contact AT</tt>."
+msgstr ""
+#: contact.html.j2:46
msgid "Reporting bugs"
msgstr "Reportar errores"
-#: contact.html.j2:38
+#: contact.html.j2:48
msgid ""
"We track open feature requests and bugs in our <a href=\""
"bugs/\">Bug tracker</a>, which is shared with the GNUnet project. You can "
@@ -84,11 +94,11 @@ msgstr ""
"a>, que se comparte con el proyecto GNUnet. También puede reportar bugs o "
"solicitudes a través de la lista de correo."
-#: contact.html.j2:49
+#: contact.html.j2:59
msgid "Executive team"
msgstr "Comité Ejecutivo"
-#: contact.html.j2:51
+#: contact.html.j2:61
msgid ""
"For non-technical commercial requests, please contact <tt>ceo AT</"
@@ -1065,27 +1075,44 @@ msgstr ""
#: glossary.html.j2:60
+msgid "expired"
+msgstr ""
+#: glossary.html.j2:62
+msgid ""
+"Various operations come with time limits. In particular, `denomination keys` "
+"come with strict time limits for the various operations involving the `coin` "
+"issued under the `denomination`. The most important limit is the `deposit` "
+"expiration, which specifies until when wallets are allowed to use the coin "
+"in `deposit` or `refreshing` operations. There is also a \"legal\" "
+"expiration, which specifies how long the exchange keeps records beyond the "
+"`deposit` expiration time. This latter expiration matters for legal disputes "
+"in courts and also creates an upper limit for `refreshing` operations on "
+"special `zombie coin`."
+msgstr ""
+#: glossary.html.j2:74
msgid "extension"
msgstr "Extensión"
-#: glossary.html.j2:62
+#: glossary.html.j2:76
msgid "implementation of a `wallet` for browsers"
msgstr "Implementación de una `billetera` para navegadores web"
-#: glossary.html.j2:66
+#: glossary.html.j2:80
msgid "fresh coin"
msgstr "Moneda fresca"
-#: glossary.html.j2:68
+#: glossary.html.j2:82
msgid "a `coin` is fresh if its public key is only known to the customer"
msgstr ""
"Una `moneda` es fresca si su clave pública sólo es conocida por el cliente"
-#: glossary.html.j2:72
+#: glossary.html.j2:86
msgid "master key"
msgstr "Clave maestra o 'master key'"
-#: glossary.html.j2:74
+#: glossary.html.j2:88
msgid ""
"offline key used by the exchange to certify denomination keys and message "
"signing keys"
@@ -1093,21 +1120,21 @@ msgstr ""
"La clave offline utilizada por la plataforma de intercambio para certificar "
"claves de denominación y claves de firma de mensajes"
-#: glossary.html.j2:78
+#: glossary.html.j2:92
msgid "message signing key"
msgstr "Clave de firma de mensajes"
-#: glossary.html.j2:80
+#: glossary.html.j2:94
msgid "key used by the exchange to sign online messages, other than coins"
msgstr ""
"Clave utilizada por la plataforma de intercambio para firmar mensajes en "
"línea, que no sean monedas"
-#: glossary.html.j2:84
+#: glossary.html.j2:98
msgid "offer"
msgstr "Oferta"
-#: glossary.html.j2:86
+#: glossary.html.j2:100
msgid ""
"specification of the details of a transaction, specifies the payment "
"obligations for the customer (i.e. the amount), the deliverables of the "
@@ -1123,41 +1150,52 @@ msgstr ""
"otras palabras, una vez que el backend agrega la información que falta a la "
"oferta y la firma, la convierte en una propuesta."
-#: glossary.html.j2:95
+#: glossary.html.j2:109
msgid "owner"
msgstr "Propiedad"
-#: glossary.html.j2:97
+#: glossary.html.j2:111
msgid "a `coin` is owned by the entity that knows the private key of the coin"
msgstr ""
"Una `moneda` es propiedad de la entidad que conoce la clave privada de la "
-#: glossary.html.j2:101
+#: glossary.html.j2:115
+msgid "payback"
+msgstr ""
+#: glossary.html.j2:117
+msgid ""
+"operation by which an exchange returns the value of coins affected by a "
+"`revocation` to their `owner`, either by allowing the owner to withdraw new "
+"coins or wiring funds back to the bank account of the `owner`"
+msgstr ""
+#: glossary.html.j2:123
msgid "proof"
msgstr "Prueba"
-#: glossary.html.j2:103
+#: glossary.html.j2:125
msgid ""
"message that cryptographically demonstrates that a particular claim is "
msgstr ""
"Mensaje que demuestra criptográficamente que una afirmación es correcta"
-#: glossary.html.j2:107
+#: glossary.html.j2:129
msgid "proposal"
msgstr "Propuesta"
-#: glossary.html.j2:109
+#: glossary.html.j2:131
msgid "a sketch that has been completed and signed by the merchant backend."
msgstr ""
"Una oferta que ha sido completada y firmado por el backend del comerciante."
-#: glossary.html.j2:113
+#: glossary.html.j2:135
msgid "reserve"
msgstr "Reserva"
-#: glossary.html.j2:115
+#: glossary.html.j2:137
msgid ""
"funds set aside for future use; either the balance of a customer at the "
"exchange ready for `withdrawal`, or the funds kept in the exchange's bank "
@@ -1167,11 +1205,11 @@ msgstr ""
"plataforma de intercambio listo para un «retiro», o los fondos previstos en "
"la cuenta bancaria para cubrir las obligaciones de las monedas en circulación"
-#: glossary.html.j2:119
+#: glossary.html.j2:141
msgid "refreshing"
msgstr "Renovación de moneda"
-#: glossary.html.j2:121
+#: glossary.html.j2:143
msgid ""
"operation by which a `dirty` `coin` is converted into one or more `fresh` "
@@ -1179,11 +1217,11 @@ msgstr ""
"Operación mediante la cual se convierte una `moneda` `sucia` en una o más "
"monedas `frescas`"
-#: glossary.html.j2:125
+#: glossary.html.j2:147
msgid "refund"
msgstr "Reembolso"
-#: glossary.html.j2:127
+#: glossary.html.j2:149
msgid ""
"operation by which a merchant steps back from the right to funds that he "
"obtained from a `deposit` operation, giving the right to the funds back to "
@@ -1193,11 +1231,25 @@ msgstr ""
"obtuvo de una operación de `depósito', dando nuevamente al cliente el "
"derecho a estos fondos"
-#: glossary.html.j2:131
+#: glossary.html.j2:153
+#, fuzzy
+#| msgid "denomination"
+msgid "revocation"
+msgstr "Denominación"
+#: glossary.html.j2:155
+msgid ""
+"exceptional operation by which an exchange withdraws a denomination from "
+"circulation, either because the signing key was compromised or because the "
+"exchange is going out of operation; unspent coins of a revoked denomination "
+"are subjected to payback."
+msgstr ""
+#: glossary.html.j2:159
msgid "sharing"
msgstr "Compartir"
-#: glossary.html.j2:133
+#: glossary.html.j2:161
msgid ""
"users can share ownership of a `coin` by sharing access to the coin's "
"private key, thereby allowing all co-owners to spend the coin at any time."
@@ -1206,19 +1258,19 @@ msgstr ""
"acceso a la clave privada de la moneda, lo que permite a todos los "
"copropietarios gastar la moneda en cualquier momento."
-#: glossary.html.j2:137
+#: glossary.html.j2:165
msgid "signing key"
msgstr "Clave de firmado"
-#: glossary.html.j2:139
+#: glossary.html.j2:167
msgid "see message signing key."
msgstr "Ver clave de firma de mensajes"
-#: glossary.html.j2:143
+#: glossary.html.j2:171
msgid "spending"
msgstr "Gasto"
-#: glossary.html.j2:145
+#: glossary.html.j2:173
msgid ""
"operation by which a customer gives a merchant the right to `deposit` coins "
"in return for merchandise"
@@ -1226,19 +1278,19 @@ msgstr ""
"Operación mediante la cual un cliente concede a un comerciante el derecho de "
"`depositar` monedas a cambio de mercancía"
-#: glossary.html.j2:149
+#: glossary.html.j2:177
msgid "transfer"
msgstr "Transferencia"
-#: glossary.html.j2:151
+#: glossary.html.j2:179
msgid "method of sending funds between `bank` accounts"
msgstr "Método de envío de fondos entre cuentas `bancarias`"
-#: glossary.html.j2:155
+#: glossary.html.j2:183
msgid "transaction"
msgstr "Transacción"
-#: glossary.html.j2:157
+#: glossary.html.j2:185
msgid ""
"method by which ownership is exclusively transferred from one entity to "
@@ -1246,38 +1298,38 @@ msgstr ""
"Método mediante el cual la propiedad se transfiere exclusivamente de una "
"entidad a otra"
-#: glossary.html.j2:161
+#: glossary.html.j2:189
msgid "transaction id"
msgstr "Identificador de la transacción o `transaction id`"
-#: glossary.html.j2:163
+#: glossary.html.j2:191
msgid "unique number by which a merchant identifies a `transaction`"
msgstr "Número único por el cual un comerciante identifica una `transacción`"
-#: glossary.html.j2:167
+#: glossary.html.j2:195
msgid "wallet"
msgstr "Billetera "
-#: glossary.html.j2:169
+#: glossary.html.j2:197
msgid ""
"software running on a customer's computer; withdraws, stores and spends coins"
msgstr ""
"Software que opera en la computadora de un cliente; que retira, almacena y "
"gasta monedas"
-#: glossary.html.j2:173
+#: glossary.html.j2:201
msgid "wire transfer"
msgstr "Transferencia bancaria"
-#: glossary.html.j2:175
+#: glossary.html.j2:203
msgid "see `transfer`"
msgstr "Ver 'transferencia'"
-#: glossary.html.j2:179
+#: glossary.html.j2:207
msgid "wire transfer identifier"
msgstr "Identificador de transferencias bancarias"
-#: glossary.html.j2:181
+#: glossary.html.j2:209
msgid ""
"subject of a wire `transfer`; usually a random string to uniquely identify "
"the `transfer`"
@@ -1285,17 +1337,32 @@ msgstr ""
"Asunto de una `transferencia` bancaria; generalmente una serie aleatoria "
"para identificar de forma única la `transferencia`"
-#: glossary.html.j2:185
+#: glossary.html.j2:213
msgid "withdrawal"
msgstr "Retiro"
-#: glossary.html.j2:187
+#: glossary.html.j2:215
msgid ""
"operation by which a `wallet` can convert funds from a reserve to fresh coins"
msgstr ""
"Operación mediante la cual una `billetera` puede convertir fondos de una "
"reserva en monedas nuevas"
+#: glossary.html.j2:219
+msgid "zombie coin"
+msgstr ""
+#: glossary.html.j2:221
+msgid ""
+"a `coin` is a zombie coin if the coin was (1) used as the `dirty` coin in "
+"`refreshing`, (2) the `denomination` of the `fresh` coins created during the "
+"`refreshing` was subject to `revocation`, resulting in the `fresh` coin from "
+"the refresh operation being subjected to `payback`; as a result, the "
+"formerly `dirty` coin is eligible for `refreshing`, even if the dirty coin's "
+"denomination is `expired` for `deposit` operations (but not if it is expired "
+"past the legal data retention requirement)."
+msgstr ""
#: governments.html.j2:6
msgid "Advantages for Governments"
msgstr "Ventajas para los gobiernos"
@@ -2041,65 +2108,72 @@ msgstr ""
"Emprendedor, inversor, CIO seleccionado por la revista Fortune 100, Director "
"de TI en diferentes industrias."
-#: team.html.j2:28
-msgid "Applied cryptography. Contact to W3c &amp; Tor."
-msgstr "Criptografía aplicada. Contacto para W3C &amp; Tor."
+#: team.html.j2:26
+msgid "Lawyer and banker."
+msgstr ""
#: team.html.j2:33
-msgid "Theoretical foundations."
-msgstr "Fundamentos teóricos."
+msgid "GNU mainatiner, lead developer."
+msgstr ""
#: team.html.j2:38
+msgid "Applied cryptography. Contact to W3c &amp; Tor."
+msgstr "Criptografía aplicada. Contacto para W3C &amp; Tor."
+#: team.html.j2:43
msgid "Founder of the GNU project. Ethical guidance and licensing."
msgstr "Fundador del proyecto GNU. Orientación ética y licencias."
-#: team.html.j2:45
-msgid "PhD Student, TU Munich. Currently teaching."
-msgstr "Estudiante de doctorado, TU Múnich. Actualmente es profesor."
#: team.html.j2:50
-msgid "PhD Student, Inria.."
-msgstr "Estudiante de doctorado, INRIA."
-#: team.html.j2:55
msgid "Software engineer."
msgstr "Ingeniero de Software."
-#: team.html.j2:62
+#: team.html.j2:55
msgid "Sustainable business development."
msgstr "Desarrollo de negocios sostenibles."
+#: team.html.j2:60
+msgid "Theoretical foundations."
+msgstr "Fundamentos teóricos."
#: team.html.j2:66
-msgid "Software engineer. Works on libebics."
-msgstr "Ingeniero de Software. Trabaja en libebics."
+msgid "System administration, Taler Systems SA."
+msgstr ""
-#: team.html.j2:72 team.html.j2:76 team.html.j2:80
+#: team.html.j2:73 team.html.j2:77 team.html.j2:81
msgid "Translator (Spanish)"
msgstr "Traductor (español)"
-#: team.html.j2:86 team.html.j2:90 team.html.j2:94
+#: team.html.j2:87 team.html.j2:91 team.html.j2:95
msgid "Translator (Italian)"
msgstr "Traductora (italiano)"
-#: team.html.j2:98
+#: team.html.j2:99
msgid "Translator (German)"
msgstr "Traductor (alemán)"
-#: team.html.j2:104
+#: team.html.j2:106
msgid "Hardware security module"
msgstr "Módulo de seguridad de hardware"
-#: team.html.j2:108
+#: team.html.j2:110
msgid "Risk management"
msgstr "Gestión de riesgos"
-#: team.html.j2:112
+#: team.html.j2:118
+msgid "PhD Student, TU Munich. Currently teaching."
+msgstr "Estudiante de doctorado, TU Múnich. Actualmente es profesor."
+#: team.html.j2:122
msgid "PhD student, TU Munich. Currently teaching."
msgstr "Estudiante de doctorado, TU Múnich. Actualmente es profesor."
-#: team.html.j2:118
-msgid "Software engineer. Works on Android wallet."
-msgstr "Ingeniero de Software. Trabaja en la Android Wallet."
+#: team.html.j2:128 team.html.j2:132 team.html.j2:136 team.html.j2:142
+#: team.html.j2:146
+#, fuzzy
+#| msgid "Taler for developers"
+msgid "Free software developer."
+msgstr "Taler para programadores"
#: common/base.j2:5
msgid "GNU Taler"
@@ -2153,6 +2227,15 @@ msgstr ""
msgid "Docs"
msgstr ""
+#~ msgid "PhD Student, Inria.."
+#~ msgstr "Estudiante de doctorado, INRIA."
+#~ msgid "Software engineer. Works on libebics."
+#~ msgstr "Ingeniero de Software. Trabaja en libebics."
+#~ msgid "Software engineer. Works on Android wallet."
+#~ msgstr "Ingeniero de Software. Trabaja en la Android Wallet."
#~ msgid "Developer Resources"
#~ msgstr "Recursos de desarrollo"