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@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: PROJECT VERSION\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: EMAIL@ADDRESS\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2021-05-07 18:32+0200\n"
-"PO-Revision-Date: 2021-05-16 07:58+0000\n"
+"PO-Revision-Date: 2021-05-20 23:55+0000\n"
"Last-Translator: Ting-Yi Fu <>\n"
"Language-Team: Chinese (Traditional) <"
@@ -138,32 +138,25 @@ msgid "You can send messages to the list at"
msgstr "您可以於此對名單傳送訊息"
#: template/contact.html.j2:29
-#, fuzzy
msgid "Contacting individuals"
msgstr "聯繫個人"
#: template/contact.html.j2:31
-#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Team members are generally reachable at <tt></tt>. All of "
"us support receiving GnuPG encrypted e-mails."
-msgstr ""
-"所有的團隊成員大致上都可以在 <tt></tt>聯繫到。我們都支援接"
-"收GnuPG 的加密信件。"
+msgstr "您可以從<tt></tt>聯繫到大致的團隊成員。我們都支援接收GnuPG 的加密信件。"
#: template/contact.html.j2:40
-#, fuzzy
msgid "Chat"
msgstr "聊天"
#: template/contact.html.j2:42
-#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"You can find some team members in the IRC channel <tt>#taler</tt> on <tt>irc."
msgstr ""
-"您可以在 <tt></tt>上的IRC channel <tt>#taler</tt> 上找到我們"
+"您可以在 <tt></tt>上的IRC channel <tt>#taler</tt> 上找到我們的一些團隊成員。"
#: template/contact.html.j2:50
msgid "Reporting bugs"
@@ -172,29 +165,27 @@ msgstr "回報錯誤"
#: template/contact.html.j2:52
#, fuzzy
msgid "We track open feature requests and bugs in our"
-msgstr "我們追蹤公開的功能請求和錯誤於我們的"
+msgstr "我們於此追蹤公開的功能請求與錯誤"
#: template/contact.html.j2:55
msgid "Bug tracker"
msgstr "偵錯工具"
#: template/contact.html.j2:56
-#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"which is shared with the GNUnet project. You can also report bugs or feature "
"requests to the mailing list."
-msgstr "與GNUnet project共用。您也可以透過寄件名單舉報錯誤與功能要求。"
+msgstr "與GNUnet project共用。您也可以透過寄件名單舉報錯誤以及要求新功能。"
#: template/contact.html.j2:65
msgid "General inquiries"
msgstr "一般詢問"
#: template/contact.html.j2:67
-#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"You can reach a group of team members handling general inquiries at "
"<tt>contact AT</tt>."
-msgstr "您可以透過 <tt>contact AT</tt>聯繫我們的成員並提交一般詢問。"
+msgstr "您可以透過 <tt>contact AT</tt> 聯繫我們的成員並提交一般詢問。"
#: template/contact.html.j2:75
msgid "Executive team"
@@ -232,45 +223,39 @@ msgid ""
"the ability to dual-license (for example, so that we can distribute via App-"
"stores that are hostile to free software)."
msgstr ""
-"這些協定確保代碼將繼續在免費軟體許可證下提供,這使開發人員可以自由地在 "
-"GNUnet 和 GNU Taler 之間移動程式碼,而不必擔心許可證和公司能夠獲得雙重許可(例"
+"這些協定確保程式碼將持續地在免費軟體許可證之下提供,這使開發人員可以自由地在 GNUnet 和 GNU Taler "
#: template/copyright.html.j2:29
-#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Minor contributions (basically, anyone without Git access) do not require "
"copyright assignment. Pseudonymous contributions are accepted, in this case "
"simply sign the agreement with your pseudonym. Scanned copies are "
"sufficient, but snail mail is preferred."
msgstr ""
#: template/docs.html.j2:6
msgid "GNU Taler: Documentation and Resources"
msgstr "GNU Taler: 文件與資源"
#: template/docs.html.j2:12
-#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"This is an overview of documentation and other resources for GNU Taler. The "
"full documentation contents can be found <a href=\""
msgstr ""
-"這是GNU Taler相關文件與其他資源的概述。您可於 <a href=\"https://docs.taler."
+"這是GNU Taler相關文件與其他資源的概述。您可於 <a href=\"\""
#: template/docs.html.j2:26
-#, fuzzy
msgid "Components"
-msgstr "組成"
+msgstr "元件"
#: template/docs.html.j2:37
-#, fuzzy
msgid "Merchant Backend Administration"
-msgstr "商家後端管理"
+msgstr "商家後端管理(Merchant Backend Administration)"
#: template/docs.html.j2:39
#, python-format
@@ -286,23 +271,20 @@ msgid "Merchant API Tutorial"
msgstr "商家API教學"
#: template/docs.html.j2:50
-#, fuzzy
msgid "Tutorial for processing Taler payments using the merchant backend API."
msgstr "使用商家後端API處理Taler payments的教學。"
#: template/docs.html.j2:53 template/docs.html.j2:64 template/docs.html.j2:75
#: template/docs.html.j2:98 template/docs.html.j2:109 template/docs.html.j2:156
-#, fuzzy, python-format
+#, python-format
msgid "Also available as <a href=\"%(link)s\">PDF</a>."
msgstr "也有 <a href=\"%(link)s\">PDF</a>可供參考。"
#: template/docs.html.j2:59
-#, fuzzy
msgid "Exchange"
msgstr "交易所"
#: template/docs.html.j2:61
-#, fuzzy
msgid "Operator&#39;s manual for the GNU Taler exchange."
msgstr "操作員&#39;的GNU Taler exchange手冊。"
@@ -311,7 +293,6 @@ msgid "Bank Integration"
msgstr "銀行整合"
#: template/docs.html.j2:72
-#, fuzzy
msgid "Manual for tightly integrating Taler with banking applications."
msgstr "緊密整合Taler與銀行應用的使用手冊。"
@@ -320,17 +301,15 @@ msgid "Wallet"
msgstr "錢包"
#: template/docs.html.j2:83
-#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Manual about the Taler wallets (WebExtensions, Android, CLI). You can "
"download pre-packaged binaries from <a href=\"wallet.html\">the Taler wallet "
"Web site</a>."
msgstr ""
-"關於Taler wallets的手冊(網路擴充、Android、CLI)。您可以從<a href=\"wallet."
-"html\">Taler wallet的網站</a>下載預包裝的二進制文件(pre-packaged binaries)。"
+"關於Taler wallets的手冊(網路擴充、Android、CLI)。您可以從<a href=\"wallet.html\">Taler "
+"wallet的網站</a>下載預包裝的二進制文件(pre-packaged binaries)。"
#: template/docs.html.j2:93
-#, fuzzy
msgid "Back office"
msgstr "後台"
@@ -339,27 +318,22 @@ msgid "Manual to run the back-office Web application."
msgstr "後台網頁應用程式的運作手冊。"
#: template/docs.html.j2:104
-#, fuzzy
msgid "Merchant POS Terminal"
-msgstr "商家POS終端"
+msgstr "商家POS終端 (Merchant POS Terminal)"
#: template/docs.html.j2:106
-#, fuzzy
msgid "Manual for configuring and using the point of sale app."
-msgstr "銷售時點情報系統應用程式的配置與使用手冊"
+msgstr "銷售時點情報系統應用程式(Point of Sale App)的配置與使用手冊"
#: template/docs.html.j2:115
-#, fuzzy
msgid "Cashier"
msgstr "收銀員"
#: template/docs.html.j2:117
-#, fuzzy
msgid "An app for taking in cash and handing out electronic cash."
msgstr "一個接收現金與發放電子貨幣的應用程式"
#: template/docs.html.j2:130
-#, fuzzy
msgid "Internals"
msgstr "內部"
@@ -368,17 +342,14 @@ msgid "HTTP API"
msgstr "HTTP API"
#: template/docs.html.j2:143
-#, fuzzy
msgid "Reference for the HTTP-based API for Taler components."
-msgstr "以 HTTP 為基礎的 API 的Taler元件的參考。"
+msgstr "以 HTTP 為基礎的 API Taler元件的參考。"
#: template/docs.html.j2:151
-#, fuzzy
msgid "Onboarding"
msgstr "上線"
#: template/docs.html.j2:153
-#, fuzzy
msgid "Description of our setup and how to contribute."
msgstr "關於我們的taler.net的設置與如何捐助的描述。"
@@ -403,12 +374,10 @@ msgid "Our IRC channel is #taler on freenode."
msgstr "我們在freenode上的頻道為#taler。"
#: template/docs.html.j2:192
-#, fuzzy
msgid "Bug Tracker"
msgstr "Bug Tracker"
#: template/docs.html.j2:194
-#, fuzzy
msgid "Our bug tracker for bugs and feature request."
msgstr "我們對於bugs與功能要求的bug tracker。"
@@ -417,12 +386,10 @@ msgid "Code"
msgstr "程式碼"
#: template/docs.html.j2:216
-#, fuzzy
msgid "Git repositories"
msgstr "Git儲存庫"
#: template/docs.html.j2:218
-#, fuzzy
msgid "Git repositories for all of GNU Taler."
msgstr "予所有GNU Taler的Git儲存庫。"
@@ -431,7 +398,6 @@ msgid "lcov results"
msgstr "lcov結果"
#: template/docs.html.j2:226
-#, fuzzy
msgid "Shows results of the code coverage analysis for our test suite."
msgstr "顯示我們測試套件的代碼覆蓋分析結果。"
@@ -440,65 +406,52 @@ msgid "Continuous integration"
msgstr "持續整合"
#: template/docs.html.j2:234
-#, fuzzy
msgid "Continuous integration and deployment is managed by our Buildbot."
msgstr "持續整合與配置是由我們的 Buildbot 進行管理。"
#: template/faq.html.j2:5
-#, fuzzy
msgid "How is Taler related to Bitcoin or Blockchains?"
msgstr "Taler是如何與比特幣和區塊鍊相關聯?"
#: template/faq.html.j2:8
-#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Taler does not require any Blockchain technology, and is also not based on "
"proof-of-work or any other distributed consensus mechanism. Instead, Taler "
"is based on blind signatures. However, it is theoretically possible to "
"combine Taler with peer-to-peer crypto-currencies like Bitcoin."
msgstr ""
-"Taler 不需要任何區塊鏈技術,也不基於工作證明或任何其他分散式共識機制。取而代"
-"之,Taler的基礎為盲簽名(blind signature)。然而,在理論上,結合Taler與對等網路"
-"(peer-to-peer )加密貨幣(crypto-currencies)如比特幣(Bitcoin)是可行的。"
+"Taler 不需要任何區塊鏈技術,也不基於工作證明或任何其他分散式共識機制。取而代之,Taler的基礎為盲簽名(blind "
+"signature)。然而,在理論上,結合Taler與對等網路(peer-to-peer )加密貨幣(crypto-"
#: template/faq.html.j2:18
-#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"It would be possible, however, to withdraw coins denominated in Bitcoin into "
"a Taler wallet (with an appropriate exchange), which would give some "
"benefits over plain Bitcoin, such as instant confirmation times."
-msgstr ""
-"然而,有可能將以比特幣計價的貨幣提取到 Taler 錢包中(通過適當的交換),這帶來"
+msgstr "然而,(通過適當的交換)有可能將以比特幣計價的貨幣提取到 Taler 錢包中,這帶來比普通比特幣更多的好處,如即時確認。"
#: template/faq.html.j2:26
msgid "Where is the balance in my wallet stored?"
msgstr "我錢包裡的餘額存放在哪裡?"
#: template/faq.html.j2:28
-#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Your wallet stores digital coins and thus ultimately your computer holds "
"your balance. The exchange keeps funds matching all unspent coins in an "
"escrow bank account."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "您的錢包存儲數位貨幣,從而最終您的電腦持有您的餘額。交易所將資金與託管銀行帳戶中未使用的貨幣進行匹配。"
#: template/faq.html.j2:35
-#, fuzzy
msgid "What if my wallet is lost?"
msgstr "如果我遺失了我的錢包怎麼辦?"
#: template/faq.html.j2:37
-#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Since the digital coins of value in your wallet are anonymized, the exchange "
"can not assist you in recovering a lost or stolen wallet. Just like with a "
"physical wallet for cash, you are responsible for keeping it safe."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "由於您錢包中的有價電子貨幣是匿名的,交易所無法幫助您找回丟失或被盜竊的錢包。就如同裝有現金的實體錢包,您需要負對錢包的保管責任。"
#: template/faq.html.j2:46
msgid ""
@@ -533,14 +486,12 @@ msgstr ""
#: template/faq.html.j2:70
-#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Future versions of the Taler wallet may allow exchanging coins among friends "
"directly as well."
msgstr "未來版本的Taler錢包也可能允許朋友之間直接交換貨幣。"
#: template/faq.html.j2:76
-#, fuzzy
msgid "How does Taler handle payments in different currencies?"
msgstr "Taler 如何處理不同幣值的款項?"
@@ -560,21 +511,18 @@ msgid "How does Taler protect my privacy?"
msgstr "Taler如何保護我的隱私?"
#: template/faq.html.j2:91
-#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Your wallet stores digital coins that are <a href=\""
"wiki/Blind_signature\">blindly signed</a> by an exchange. The use of a blind "
"signature protects your privacy as it prevents the exchange from knowing "
"which coin it signed for which customer."
msgstr ""
-"您的錢包中存儲了由交易所<a href=\""
+"您的錢包中存儲了由交易所<a href=\"\""
#: template/faq.html.j2:101
-#, fuzzy
msgid "How much does it cost?"
-msgstr "花費多少錢?"
+msgstr "這需要花費多少錢?"
#: template/faq.html.j2:103
msgid ""
@@ -600,7 +548,6 @@ msgid "Does Taler work with international payments?"
msgstr "Taler支持跨國轉帳嗎?"
#: template/faq.html.j2:119
-#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Taler&#39;s wallet supports multiple currencies, but the system currently "
"does not support conversion between currencies. However, in principle an "
@@ -610,35 +557,27 @@ msgid ""
"payments, so we have no plans to support currency conversion in the near "
msgstr ""
-"對於這方面的監管障礙通常十分複雜。Taler 所著重的是日常的付款,所以我們近期並"
+"。然而,對於這方面的監管障礙通常十分複雜。Taler 所著重的是日常的付款,所以我們近期並沒有計畫支持貨幣轉換的功能。"
#: template/faq.html.j2:130
-#, fuzzy
msgid "How does Taler relate to the (European) Electronic Money Directive?"
-msgstr "Taler與(歐洲)電子貨幣指令有何關係?"
+msgstr "Taler與(歐洲)電子貨幣指令有何關係?"
#: template/faq.html.j2:132
-#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"We believe the European Electronic Money Directive provides part of the "
"regulatory framework a Taler exchange with coins denominated in Euros would "
"have to follow."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "我們認為,《歐洲電子貨幣指令》將為Taler交易提供以歐元為單位的硬幣交易之監管框架的一部分。"
#: template/faq.html.j2:139
-#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"What bank would guarantee the conversion between Taler coins and bank money "
"in regular bank accounts?"
-msgstr "哪家銀行可以保證Taler硬幣與常規銀行帳戶中的銀行貨幣之間的轉換?"
+msgstr "哪家銀行可以保證Taler貨幣與常規銀行帳戶中的銀行貨幣之間的轉換?"
#: template/faq.html.j2:141
-#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"The exchange would be operated by a bank or in cooperation with a bank, and "
"that bank would hold the funds in escrow. Note that this bank could be a "
@@ -647,16 +586,14 @@ msgid ""
"establishing a reason why consumers would have faith in the conversion from "
"Taler coins into regular bank money."
msgstr ""
#: template/faq.html.j2:150
-#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"To whom would consumers complain to in case of non-conversion or non-"
-msgstr "如果不轉換或不遵守規定,消費者會向誰投訴?"
+msgstr "如果不轉換(non-conversion)或不遵守規定(non-compliance),消費者會向誰投訴?"
#: template/faq.html.j2:152
#, fuzzy