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+{% extends "common/base.j2" %}
+{% block body_content %}
+<div class="container">
+<h1>GNU Taler Android Wallet Privacy Policy</h1>
+<p>The GNU Taler Android Wallet allows its users to interact with third-party
+service providers (such as exchanges, banks and merchants) through the GNU
+Taler protocol. When using the GNU Taler Android Wallet to interact with such
+service providers, these interactions are subject to the Privacy Policy of the
+respective service provider.</p>
+<p>The GNU Taler Android Wallet does not automatically collect and send data to
+the developers of the app or any third party.</p>
+<h2>Why are camera permissions required?</h2>
+<p>The camera permissions are required to scan QR codes. The images taken are
+processed locally on your devices and never sent to a third party.</p>
+{% endblock body_content %}