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@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: PROJECT VERSION\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: EMAIL@ADDRESS\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2021-06-21 20:49+0200\n"
-"PO-Revision-Date: 2021-07-28 20:00+0000\n"
+"PO-Revision-Date: 2021-07-29 21:30+0000\n"
"Last-Translator: Ting-Yi Fu <>\n"
"Language-Team: Chinese (Traditional) <"
@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ msgstr "GNU Taler"
#: common/base.j2:6 common/news.j2:6
msgid "Taxable Anonymous Libre Electronic Reserves"
-msgstr "應課稅匿名自由電子儲備(Taxable Anonymous Libre Electronic Reserves)"
+msgstr "應課稅匿名自由電子儲備 (Taxable Anonymous Libre Electronic Reserves)"
#: common/
msgid "Contact"
@@ -49,8 +49,7 @@ msgid ""
"GNU Taler is developed as part of the <a href=''>GNU "
"project</a> for the GNU operating system."
msgstr ""
-"GNU Taler是為了GNU作業系統所開發的 <a href=''>GNU 計畫</"
-"a> 的一部分。"
+"GNU Taler 為<a href=''>GNU 項目</a>的一部分、是為了 GNU 作業系統所開發的。"
#: common/ template/bibliography.html.j2:34
msgid "and"
@@ -60,27 +59,26 @@ msgstr "和"
msgid ""
"We are grateful for support and free hosting of this site by <a "
-msgstr ""
-"我們很感激 <a href=''>BFH</a>予此網站的支持與無償網頁寄"
+msgstr "我們非常感謝 <a href=''>BFH</a> 予此網站的支持與無償網頁寄存服務。"
#: common/
msgid ""
"This page was created using <a href=''>Free Software</a> "
-msgstr "此頁面僅使用<a href=''>免費軟體</a>來建立。"
+msgstr "此頁面僅使用 <a href=''>自由軟體</a> 來建立。"
#: common/
msgid "JavaScript license information"
-msgstr "JavaScript授權資訊"
+msgstr "JavaScript 授權資訊"
#: common/
msgid "Features"
msgstr "功能"
#: common/
+#, fuzzy
msgid "Principles"
-msgstr "準則"
+msgstr "設計理念"
#: common/ template/index.html.j2:56
#: template/news/index.html.j2:8
@@ -89,11 +87,11 @@ msgstr "最新消息"
#: template/architecture.html.j2:6
msgid "Taler System Architecture"
-msgstr "Taler系統架構"
+msgstr "Taler 系統架構"
#: template/bibliography.html.j2:5
msgid "GNU Taler Bibliography"
-msgstr "GNU Taler參考書目"
+msgstr "GNU Taler 參考書目"
#: template/bibliography.html.j2:27
msgid "by"
@@ -106,18 +104,17 @@ msgid ""
"cashier's bank account. Thus, it offers an equivalent functionality to what "
"you may find on the bank Web site when withdrawing from an account there."
msgstr ""
-"此為Taler cashier App的頁面。Taler cashier App允許收銀員授予Taler使用者從收銀"
-"員的銀行帳號取出特定金額電子貨幣的權利。因此,Taler cashier App提供了與從網路"
+"此為 Taler cashier App 的頁面。Taler cashier App 允許收銀員授予 Taler "
+"使用者從收銀員的銀行帳號取出特定金額電子貨幣的權利。因此,Taler cashier App 提供了與從網路銀行帳號中領錢相同的功能。"
#: template/cashier.html.j2:61 template/pos.html.j2:61
#: template/wallet.html.j2:239
msgid "Install Android App from Google App Store, or"
-msgstr "從Google App Store安裝Android App,或"
+msgstr "從 Google App Store 安裝 Android App,或"
#: template/cashier.html.j2:68 template/pos.html.j2:68
msgid "Download App from"
-msgstr "從F-Droid.org下載App。"
+msgstr "從 下載 App。"
#: template/contact.html.j2:6
msgid "Contact information"
@@ -125,31 +122,30 @@ msgstr "聯絡資訊"
#: template/contact.html.j2:13
msgid "The mailing list"
-msgstr "寄件名單"
+msgstr "郵件列表"
#: template/contact.html.j2:15
+#, fuzzy
msgid "An archived, public mailing list for GNU Taler is hosted at"
-msgstr "GNU Taler的存檔公共郵件清單託管在"
+msgstr "GNU Taler 的一個存檔的公共郵件列表位於"
#: template/contact.html.j2:20
msgid "archive"
-msgstr "檔案室"
+msgstr "存檔"
#: template/contact.html.j2:21
msgid "You can send messages to the list at"
-msgstr "您可以於此對名單傳送訊息"
+msgstr "您可以通過以下式式向該列表傳送訊息"
#: template/contact.html.j2:29
msgid "Contacting individuals"
-msgstr "聯繫個人"
+msgstr "聯絡人"
#: template/contact.html.j2:31
msgid ""
"Team members are generally reachable at <tt></tt>. All of "
"us support receiving GnuPG encrypted e-mails."
-msgstr ""
-"您可以從<tt></tt>聯繫到大致的團隊成員。我們都支援接收GnuPG "
+msgstr "您可以從 <tt></tt> 聯繫到大部分團隊成員。我們都支援接收 GnuPG 的加密電子郵件。"
#: template/contact.html.j2:40
msgid "Chat"
@@ -161,8 +157,8 @@ msgid ""
"\">Mumble</a> on <tt></tt>. Feel free to join us in the lobby or "
"developer rooms."
msgstr ""
-"我們經常使用<a href=\"\"> Mumble</a>在<tt>gnunet."
+"我們經常使用 <a href=\"\">Mumble</a> 在 <tt></tt> "
#: template/contact.html.j2:50
msgid "Reporting bugs"
@@ -170,7 +166,7 @@ msgstr "回報錯誤"
#: template/contact.html.j2:52
msgid "We track open feature requests and bugs in our"
-msgstr "我們於此追蹤公開的功能請求與錯誤"
+msgstr "我們追蹤開放的功能請求與錯誤,在我們的"
#: template/contact.html.j2:55
msgid "Bug tracker"
@@ -180,7 +176,7 @@ msgstr "偵錯工具"
msgid ""
"which is shared with the GNUnet project. You can also report bugs or feature "
"requests to the mailing list."
-msgstr "與GNUnet project共用。您也可以透過寄件名單舉報錯誤以及要求新功能。"
+msgstr "這是與 GNUnet project 共用的。您也可以透過郵件列表舉報錯誤或進行功能請求。"
#: template/contact.html.j2:65
msgid "General inquiries"
@@ -190,8 +186,7 @@ msgstr "一般詢問"
msgid ""
"You can reach a group of team members handling general inquiries at "
"<tt>contact AT</tt>."
-msgstr ""
-"您可以透過 <tt>contact AT</tt> 聯繫我們的成員並提交一般詢問。"
+msgstr "您可以透過 <tt>contact AT</tt> 聯繫處理一般詢問的團隊成員。"
#: template/contact.html.j2:75
msgid "Executive team"
@@ -201,13 +196,15 @@ msgstr "執行團隊"
msgid ""
"For non-technical commercial requests, please contact <tt>ceo AT taler-"
-msgstr "對於非技術性的商業性詢問,請聯絡<tt>ceo AT</tt>。"
+msgstr "對於非技術性的商業性詢問,請聯絡 <tt>ceo AT</tt>。"
#: template/copyright.html.j2:6
+#, fuzzy
msgid "Copyright Assignment"
msgstr "版權轉讓"
#: template/copyright.html.j2:8
+#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Contributors to GNU Taler with Git access must sign the <a href=\"/pdf/"
"copyright.pdf\">copyright assignment</a> to ensure that the <a href="
@@ -215,10 +212,10 @@ msgid ""
"\">GNUnet e.V. --- Taler Systems SA agreement on licensing and collaborative "
"development</a> of the GNUnet and GNU Taler projects is satisfied."
msgstr ""
-"擁有Git存取權限的GNU Taler貢獻者必須簽署 <a href=\"/pdf/copyright.pdf\">版權"
-"轉讓</a> ,以確保GNUnet 與 GNU Taler 專案的<a href=\""
-"gnunet-ev.git/tree/gnunet_taler_agreement.tex\">GNUnet e.V. --- Taler 系統對"
+"擁有 Git 存取權限的 GNU Taler 貢獻者必須簽署 <a href=\"/pdf/copyright.pdf\">版權轉讓</a> ,"
+"以確保已滿足 GNUnet 與 GNU Taler 專案的<a href=\""
+"tree/gnunet_taler_agreement.tex\">GNUnet e.V. --- Taler 系統對於授權與協同開發的 SA "
#: template/copyright.html.j2:19
msgid ""
@@ -229,7 +226,7 @@ msgid ""
"stores that are hostile to free software)."
msgstr ""
"這些協定確保程式碼將持續地在自由軟體許可證之下被提供,這使開發人員可以自由地在 GNUnet 和 GNU Taler "
#: template/copyright.html.j2:29
msgid ""
@@ -238,13 +235,12 @@ msgid ""
"simply sign the agreement with your pseudonym. Scanned copies are "
"sufficient, but snail mail is preferred."
msgstr ""
+"較小的貢獻(基本上,任何沒有 Git "
#: template/docs.html.j2:6
msgid "GNU Taler: Documentation and Resources"
-msgstr "GNU Taler: 文件與資源"
+msgstr "GNU Taler:文件與資源"
#: template/docs.html.j2:12
msgid ""
@@ -252,16 +248,16 @@ msgid ""
"full documentation contents can be found <a href=\""
msgstr ""
-"這是GNU Taler相關文件與其他資源的概述。您可於 <a href=\"https://docs.taler."
+"這是 GNU Taler 相關文件與其他資源的概述。您可在<a href=\"\""
#: template/docs.html.j2:26
msgid "Components"
-msgstr "元件"
+msgstr "組成部分"
#: template/docs.html.j2:37
msgid "Merchant Backend Administration"
-msgstr "商家後端管理(Merchant Backend Administration)"
+msgstr "商家後端管理"
#: template/docs.html.j2:39
#, python-format
@@ -274,17 +270,17 @@ msgstr ""
#: template/docs.html.j2:48
msgid "Merchant API Tutorial"
-msgstr "商家API教學"
+msgstr "商家 API 教學"
#: template/docs.html.j2:50
msgid "Tutorial for processing Taler payments using the merchant backend API."
-msgstr "使用商家後端API處理Taler payments的教學。"
+msgstr "使用商家後端 API 處理 Taler payments 的教學。"
#: template/docs.html.j2:53 template/docs.html.j2:64 template/docs.html.j2:75
#: template/docs.html.j2:98 template/docs.html.j2:109 template/docs.html.j2:156
#, python-format
msgid "Also available as <a href=\"%(link)s\">PDF</a>."
-msgstr "也有 <a href=\"%(link)s\">PDF</a>可供參考。"
+msgstr "也有 <a href=\"%(link)s\">PDF</a> 可供參考。"
#: template/docs.html.j2:59
msgid "Exchange"
@@ -292,7 +288,7 @@ msgstr "交易所"
#: template/docs.html.j2:61
msgid "Operator&#39;s manual for the GNU Taler exchange."
-msgstr "操作員&#39;的GNU Taler exchange手冊。"
+msgstr "操作員的 GNU Taler exchange 手冊。"
#: template/docs.html.j2:70
msgid "Bank Integration"
@@ -300,7 +296,7 @@ msgstr "銀行整合"
#: template/docs.html.j2:72
msgid "Manual for tightly integrating Taler with banking applications."
-msgstr "緊密整合Taler與銀行應用的使用手冊。"
+msgstr "緊密整合 Taler 與銀行應用的使用手冊。"
#: template/docs.html.j2:81
msgid "Wallet"
@@ -312,8 +308,8 @@ msgid ""
"download pre-packaged binaries from <a href=\"wallet.html\">the Taler wallet "
"Web site</a>."
msgstr ""
-"關於Taler wallets的手冊(網路擴充、Android、CLI)。您可以從<a href=\"wallet."
-"html\">Taler wallet的網站</a>下載預包裝的二進制文件(pre-packaged binaries)。"
+"關於 Taler wallets 的手冊 (WebExtensions, Android, CLI)。您可以從 <a href=\"wallet."
+"html\">Taler wallet 的網站</a>下載預包裝的二進制文件 (pre-packaged binaries)。"
#: template/docs.html.j2:93
msgid "Back office"
@@ -325,11 +321,11 @@ msgstr "後台網頁應用程式的運作手冊。"
#: template/docs.html.j2:104
msgid "Merchant POS Terminal"
-msgstr "商家POS終端 (Merchant POS Terminal)"
+msgstr "商家 POS 終端"
#: template/docs.html.j2:106
msgid "Manual for configuring and using the point of sale app."
-msgstr "銷售時點情報系統應用程式(Point of Sale App)的配置與使用手冊"
+msgstr "銷售時點情報系統應用程式 (Point of Sale App) 的配置與使用手冊。"
#: template/docs.html.j2:115
msgid "Cashier"
@@ -337,7 +333,7 @@ msgstr "收銀員"
#: template/docs.html.j2:117
msgid "An app for taking in cash and handing out electronic cash."
-msgstr "一個接收現金與發放電子貨幣的應用程式"
+msgstr "一個用於接收現金與發放電子貨幣的應用程式。"
#: template/docs.html.j2:130
msgid "Internals"
@@ -349,7 +345,7 @@ msgstr "HTTP API"
#: template/docs.html.j2:143
msgid "Reference for the HTTP-based API for Taler components."
-msgstr "以 HTTP 為基礎的 API Taler元件的參考。"
+msgstr "關於以 HTTP 為基礎的 API Taler 元件的參考資料。"
#: template/docs.html.j2:151
msgid "Onboarding"
@@ -357,7 +353,7 @@ msgstr "上線"
#: template/docs.html.j2:153
msgid "Description of our setup and how to contribute."
-msgstr "關於我們的taler.net的設置與如何捐助的描述。"
+msgstr "關於我們的 的設置說明與貢獻方式。"
#: template/docs.html.j2:165
msgid "Community"
@@ -365,11 +361,11 @@ msgstr "社群"
#: template/docs.html.j2:176
msgid "Mailing List"
-msgstr "寄件名單"
+msgstr "郵件列表"
#: template/docs.html.j2:178
msgid "The official GNU Taler mailing list."
-msgstr "GNU Taler的官方寄件名單。"
+msgstr "GNU Taler 的官方郵件列表。"
#: template/docs.html.j2:184
msgid "IRC"
@@ -377,7 +373,7 @@ msgstr "IRC"
#: template/docs.html.j2:186
msgid "Our IRC channel is #taler on freenode."
-msgstr "我們在freenode上的頻道為#taler。"
+msgstr "我們的 IRC 頻道為 #taler on freenode。"
#: template/docs.html.j2:192
msgid "Bug Tracker"
@@ -385,7 +381,7 @@ msgstr "Bug Tracker"
#: template/docs.html.j2:194
msgid "Our bug tracker for bugs and feature request."
-msgstr "我們對於bugs與功能要求的bug tracker。"
+msgstr "我們對於 bugs 與功能要求的 bug tracker。"
#: template/docs.html.j2:204
msgid "Code"
@@ -393,19 +389,19 @@ msgstr "程式碼"
#: template/docs.html.j2:216
msgid "Git repositories"
-msgstr "Git儲存庫"
+msgstr "Git 儲存庫"
#: template/docs.html.j2:218
msgid "Git repositories for all of GNU Taler."
-msgstr "予所有GNU Taler的Git儲存庫。"
+msgstr "所有 GNU Taler 的 Git 儲存庫。"
#: template/docs.html.j2:224
msgid "lcov results"
-msgstr "lcov結果"
+msgstr "lcov 結果"
#: template/docs.html.j2:226
msgid "Shows results of the code coverage analysis for our test suite."
-msgstr "顯示我們測試套件的代碼覆蓋分析結果。"
+msgstr "顯示我們測試套件的程式碼覆蓋分析結果。"
#: template/docs.html.j2:232
msgid "Continuous integration"
@@ -413,11 +409,11 @@ msgstr "持續整合"
#: template/docs.html.j2:234
msgid "Continuous integration and deployment is managed by our Buildbot."
-msgstr "持續整合與配置是由我們的 Buildbot 進行管理。"
+msgstr "由我們的 Buildbot 管理持續整合與配置。"
#: template/faq.html.j2:5
msgid "How is Taler related to Bitcoin or Blockchains?"
-msgstr "Taler是如何與比特幣和區塊鍊相關聯?"
+msgstr "Taler 是如何與比特幣和區塊鍊相關聯?"
#: template/faq.html.j2:8
msgid ""
@@ -426,18 +422,15 @@ msgid ""
"is based on blind signatures. However, it is theoretically possible to "
"combine Taler with peer-to-peer crypto-currencies like Bitcoin."
msgstr ""
-"Taler 不需要任何區塊鏈技術,也不基於工作證明或任何其他分散式共識機制。取而代"
-"之,Taler的基礎為盲簽名(blind signature)。然而,在理論上,結合Taler與對等網路"
-"(peer-to-peer )加密貨幣(crypto-currencies)如比特幣(Bitcoin)是可行的。"
+"Taler 不需要任何區塊鏈技術,也不基於工作證明或任何其他分散式共識機制。取而代之,Taler 的基礎為盲簽名 (blind "
+"signature)。然而,在理論上,結合 Taler 與對等網路加密貨幣(如比特幣)是可行的。"
#: template/faq.html.j2:18
msgid ""
"It would be possible, however, to withdraw coins denominated in Bitcoin into "
"a Taler wallet (with an appropriate exchange), which would give some "
"benefits over plain Bitcoin, such as instant confirmation times."
-msgstr ""
-"然而,(通過適當的交換)有可能將以比特幣計價的貨幣提取到 Taler 錢包中,這帶來比"
+msgstr "然而,(通過適當的交換)將以比特幣計價的貨幣提取到 Taler 錢包中是有可能的,這與普通比特幣相比有更多的優勢,如即時確認。"
#: template/faq.html.j2:26
msgid "Where is the balance in my wallet stored?"
@@ -448,22 +441,18 @@ msgid ""
"Your wallet stores digital coins and thus ultimately your computer holds "
"your balance. The exchange keeps funds matching all unspent coins in an "
"escrow bank account."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "您的錢包會存儲數位貨幣,因此最終您的電腦將持有您的餘額。交易所會將未使用的貨幣相對應的資金保存在一個託管銀行帳戶中。"
#: template/faq.html.j2:35
msgid "What if my wallet is lost?"
-msgstr "如果我遺失了我的錢包怎麼辦?"
+msgstr "如果我遺失了我的錢包怎麼辦?"
#: template/faq.html.j2:37
msgid ""
"Since the digital coins of value in your wallet are anonymized, the exchange "
"can not assist you in recovering a lost or stolen wallet. Just like with a "
"physical wallet for cash, you are responsible for keeping it safe."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "由於您錢包中的有價電子貨幣是匿名的,交易所無法幫助您找回丟失或被盜竊的錢包。就如同裝有現金的實體錢包,您需要負起錢包的保管責任。"
#: template/faq.html.j2:46
msgid ""
@@ -473,54 +462,49 @@ msgstr "您可以通過備份或保持較低的餘額來減輕丟失錢包的風
#: template/faq.html.j2:52
msgid "What if my computer is hacked?"
-msgstr "如果我的電腦被駭了怎麼辦?"
+msgstr "如果我的電腦被駭了怎麼辦?"
#: template/faq.html.j2:54
msgid ""
"In case of a compromise of one of your devices, an attacker can spend coins "
"from your wallet. Checking your balance might reveal to you that your device "
"has been compromised."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "如果您的一台設備遭到破壞,攻擊者可以從您的錢包中花費電子貨幣。您可以透過檢查您的餘額來判斷您的設備是否遭到破壞。"
#: template/faq.html.j2:61
msgid "Can I send money to my friend with Taler?"
-msgstr "我可以透過Taler轉帳給我的朋友嗎?"
+msgstr "我可以透過 Taler 轉帳給我的朋友嗎?"
#: template/faq.html.j2:63
msgid ""
"If your friend provides goods or services for you in exchange for a payment, "
"they can easily set up a Taler merchant and receive the payment in their "
"bank account."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "如果您的朋友為您提供商品或服務以換取付款,他們可以輕鬆地建立 Taler merchant 並通過其銀行帳戶接收付款。"
#: template/faq.html.j2:70
msgid ""
"Future versions of the Taler wallet may allow exchanging coins among friends "
"directly as well."
-msgstr "未來版本的Taler錢包也可能允許朋友之間直接交換貨幣。"
+msgstr "未來版本的 Taler 錢包也可能允許朋友之間直接交換貨幣。"
#: template/faq.html.j2:76
msgid "How does Taler handle payments in different currencies?"
-msgstr "Taler 如何處理不同幣值的款項?"
+msgstr "Taler 如何處理不同幣值的款項?"
#: template/faq.html.j2:78
msgid ""
"Taler wallets can store digital coins corresponding to multiple different "
"currencies such as the Euro, US Dollars or Bitcoins."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Taler 錢包可以存儲與多種不同相對應貨幣(例如,歐元,美元或比特幣)的數位貨幣。"
#: template/faq.html.j2:84
msgid "Taler currently does not offer conversion between currencies."
-msgstr "Taler目前不提供貨幣之間的轉換。"
+msgstr "Taler 目前不提供貨幣之間的轉換。"
#: template/faq.html.j2:89
msgid "How does Taler protect my privacy?"
-msgstr "Taler如何保護我的隱私?"
+msgstr "Taler 如何保護我的隱私?"
#: template/faq.html.j2:91
msgid ""
@@ -529,13 +513,12 @@ msgid ""
"signature protects your privacy as it prevents the exchange from knowing "
"which coin it signed for which customer."
msgstr ""
-"您的錢包中存儲了由交易所<a href=\""
+"您的錢包中存儲了由交易所<a href=\"\""
#: template/faq.html.j2:101
msgid "How much does it cost?"
-msgstr "這需要花費多少錢?"
+msgstr "這需要花費多少錢?"
#: template/faq.html.j2:103
msgid ""
@@ -549,16 +532,13 @@ msgid ""
"estimate, details may depend on hosting and backup requirements from the "
"regulator and could thus easily be 10x higher."
msgstr ""
-"商家可能會選擇支付一些顧客造成的費用。實際的交易成本估計約為0.001 分/交易(當"
+"Taler 協議允許任何交易所設置自己的費用結構,從而允許運營商設置用於提款、存款、刷新或退款硬幣的費用。運營商也可以索取關閉儲備以及(匯總的)電匯給商家"
+"的費用。商家可能會選擇支付一些顧客造成的費用。實際的交易成本估計約為 0.001 分/交易(當交易成本較高時,攤銷數十億筆交易,除去遷移費用)。請注意,這"
+"是一個早期的估計數字,更多細節可能會取決於管理機關對於託管以及備份的相關要求,因此,這個數字可能會很容易地比預期的高出 10 倍以上。"
#: template/faq.html.j2:117
msgid "Does Taler work with international payments?"
-msgstr "Taler支持跨國轉帳嗎?"
+msgstr "Taler 支持跨國轉帳嗎?"
#: template/faq.html.j2:119
msgid ""
@@ -570,29 +550,25 @@ msgid ""
"payments, so we have no plans to support currency conversion in the near "
msgstr ""
-"對於這方面的監管障礙通常十分複雜。Taler 所著重的是日常的付款,所以我們近期並"
+"Taler 的錢包支持多種貨幣,但系統當前不支持貨幣之間的轉換。雖然原則上可以創建一個實體,接受一種貨幣的存款並允許以另一種貨幣提款,但是這種情況下的監管"
+"障礙往往十分複雜。Taler 所著重的是日常的付款,所以我們近期並沒有計畫支持貨幣轉換的功能。"
#: template/faq.html.j2:130
msgid "How does Taler relate to the (European) Electronic Money Directive?"
-msgstr "Taler與(歐洲)電子貨幣指令有何關係?"
+msgstr "Taler 與(歐洲)電子貨幣指令有甚麼關係?"
#: template/faq.html.j2:132
msgid ""
"We believe the European Electronic Money Directive provides part of the "
"regulatory framework a Taler exchange with coins denominated in Euros would "
"have to follow."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "我們認為,《歐洲電子貨幣指令》是以歐元計價的 Taler 交易所必須遵循的監管框架的一部分。"
#: template/faq.html.j2:139
msgid ""
"What bank would guarantee the conversion between Taler coins and bank money "
"in regular bank accounts?"
-msgstr "哪家銀行可以保證Taler貨幣與常規銀行帳戶中的銀行貨幣之間的轉換?"
+msgstr "哪家銀行可以保證 Taler 貨幣與常規銀行帳戶中的銀行貨幣之間的轉換?"
#: template/faq.html.j2:141
msgid ""
@@ -603,16 +579,14 @@ msgid ""
"establishing a reason why consumers would have faith in the conversion from "
"Taler coins into regular bank money."
msgstr ""
+"循其所屬的銀行法規,這也是消費者可以信任 Taler 貨幣兌換成普通銀行貨幣的原因。"
#: template/faq.html.j2:150
msgid ""
"To whom would consumers complain to in case of non-conversion or non-"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "如果出現無法兌換或是不遵守規定的情況,消費者該向誰投訴?"
#: template/faq.html.j2:152
msgid ""
@@ -622,13 +596,12 @@ msgid ""
"of issues. The auditors are expected to make their reports available to the "
"respective regulatory authorities, or even the general public."
msgstr ""
#: template/faq.html.j2:161
msgid "Are there any projects already using Taler?"
-msgstr "有任何已經使用Taler的專案嗎?"
+msgstr "有任何項目已經在使用 Taler 了嗎?"
#: template/faq.html.j2:163
msgid ""
@@ -639,14 +612,13 @@ msgid ""
"be premature given the state of the project (see also <a href=\"https://"
"\">our bugtracker</a> for a list of open issues)."
msgstr ""
-"目前的狀態也言之過早(請一併查看 <a href=\"\">我們的"
-"bugtracker</a> 以檢視公開問題名單)。"
+"這對於此計畫目前的狀態來說言之過早(請一併查看<a href=\"\">我們的 bugtracker</"
+"a> 以檢視未解決問題清單)。"
#: template/faq.html.j2:174
msgid "Does Taler support recurring payments?"
-msgstr "Taler支援定期付款嗎?"
+msgstr "Taler 支援定期付款嗎?"
#: template/faq.html.j2:176
msgid ""
@@ -664,17 +636,15 @@ msgid ""
"version of the Taler wallet will likely support them. But this is not a "
"feature that we are targeting for Taler 1.0. at this time."
msgstr ""
-"能會支援這些功能。但這不是我們此時針對Taler 1.0的功能。"
+"我們的錢包應用程式日前不支援定期付款。理論上,Taler 有可能進行定期付款(即定期支付固定金額的付款),但需要注意一些事項。具體來說,只有在 "
+"Taler 錢包在所需時間內運行並且在線時,方可使用定期付款。此外,定期付款的重複性質使其為可鏈接的,因此可以被用來對進行定期付款的使用者進行去匿名化處理"
+",例如,通過使得用戶在付款時離線,此使用者在特定時間的付款就不會被按時觀察到。最後,Taler "
+"錢包無法使用信用卡付款,因此用戶必須確保持有足夠的餘額以進行定期付款。儘管如此,這還是有用的,而且 Taler 錢包的未來版本可能會支援這些功能。"
+"但這不是我們此時針對 Taler 1.0 的功能。"
#: template/features.html.j2:7
msgid "GNU Taler: Features"
-msgstr "GNU Taler:功能"
+msgstr "GNU Taler:功能"
#: template/features.html.j2:13
msgid ""
@@ -683,9 +653,8 @@ msgid ""
"through payments with GNU Taler. This helps to <span class=\"tlr\">avoid tax "
"evasion and money laundering</span>."
msgstr ""
-"GNU Taler是一個<span class=\"tlr\">保護隱私</span>的支付系統。顧客可以保持他"
-"們的匿名性,但商家不能透過GNU Taler支付隱匿他們的收入。這能夠幫助<span class="
+"GNU Taler是一個<span class=\"tlr\">保護隱私</span>的支付系統。顧客可以保持他們的匿名性,但商家不能透過 GNU "
+"Taler 付款來隱匿他們的收入。這有助於<span class=\"tlr\">防治逃稅與洗錢</span>。"
#: template/features.html.j2:23
msgid ""
@@ -693,8 +662,8 @@ msgid ""
"is <span class=\"tlr\">not meant as a store</span> of value. Payments are "
"always backed by an existing currency."
msgstr ""
-"GNU Taler的主要用途是<span class=\"tlr\">付款</span>;而非<span class=\"tlr"
+"GNU Taler 的主要用途是<span class=\"tlr\">付款</span>;而非<span class=\"tlr\""
#: template/features.html.j2:32
msgid ""
@@ -702,8 +671,8 @@ msgid ""
"into <em>electronic money</em> with the help of an Exchange service, that "
"is, a payment service provider for Taler."
msgstr ""
-"在通過Exchange服務(即Taler的付款服務提供商)的幫助下,將<span class=\"tlr\">現"
+"在通過 Exchange 服務(即 Taler 的付款服務提供商)的幫助下,將<span class=\"tlr\""
#: template/features.html.j2:41
msgid ""
@@ -711,8 +680,7 @@ msgid ""
"accept payments <span class=\"tlr\">without making their customers register</"
"span> on the merchant&#39;s Website."
msgstr ""
-"付款時,客戶只需要一個已充值的錢包。商家可以在 <span class=\"tlr\">顧客並無註"
+"付款時,客戶只需要一個已充值的錢包。商家可以在 <span class=\"tlr\">顧客並無註冊</span>於商家的網頁之形況下接受付款。"
#: template/features.html.j2:50
msgid ""
@@ -721,21 +689,19 @@ msgid ""
"loss or theft, only the limited amount of money left in the wallet might be "
msgstr ""
-"GNU Taler可以<span class=\"tlr\">抵抗類型的詐欺免疫</span>,例如信用卡信息的"
+"GNU Taler 可以<span class=\"tlr\""
#: template/features.html.j2:69
msgid "Paying with Taler"
-msgstr "使用Taler付款"
+msgstr "使用 Taler 付款"
#: template/features.html.j2:71
msgid ""
"To pay with Taler, customers install an electronic wallet on their device. "
"Before the first payment, the desired currency must be added to the "
"wallet&#39;s balance by some other means of payment."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "若要通過 Taler 付款,客戶需要在設備上安裝電子錢包。在第一次付款之前,顧客需透過其他的支付方式將希望的金額加入到錢包的餘額之中。"
#: template/features.html.j2:79
msgid ""
@@ -748,11 +714,11 @@ msgstr ""
#: template/features.html.j2:87
msgid "Try it yourself with the interactive demo!"
-msgstr "您也來試用看看互動式的demo吧!"
+msgstr "您也來試用看看互動式的 demo 吧!"
#: template/features.html.j2:94
msgid "Receiving payments with Taler"
-msgstr "使用Taler接收款項"
+msgstr "使用 Taler 接收款項"
#: template/features.html.j2:96
msgid ""
@@ -762,9 +728,8 @@ msgid ""
"transaction processing can run on the merchant&#39;s premises or be hosted "
"by a third party."
msgstr ""
+"要接收 Taler 付款,商家需要使用所需貨幣的銀行帳戶。我們提供各種程式語言的支援軟體來協助無痛整合。商家處理 Taler "
#: template/features.html.j2:105
msgid ""
@@ -785,9 +750,7 @@ msgid ""
"Taler is easy to integrate with existing Web applications. Payments are "
"cryptographically secured and are confirmed within milliseconds with "
"extremely low transaction costs."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Taler 能夠很輕鬆地與現有的網頁應用程式進行整合。付款被密碼保護並只需幾毫秒即可確認,交易成本極低。"
#: template/features.html.j2:140
msgid "Stable"
@@ -800,9 +763,8 @@ msgid ""
"currencies. Thus, Taler&#39;s cryptographic coins correspond to existing "
"currencies, such as US Dollars, Euros or even Bitcoins."
msgstr ""
+"Taler 並沒有引入新的貨幣。Taler 使用一種電子錢包來儲存貨幣以及付款服務提供商來從已存在的貨幣中提供託管帳戶。因此,Taler "
#: template/features.html.j2:154 template/governments.html.j2:55
msgid "Secure"
@@ -814,8 +776,8 @@ msgid ""
"as phishing or counterfeit. Thanks to its security features, Taler never "
"rejects a legitimate customer due to a fraud-detection false positive."
msgstr ""
+"Taler 經過設計,並不會遭受到許多種類的安全問題,例如網絡釣魚或假冒。虧得 Taler 的安全特性,Taler "
#: template/features.html.j2:169 template/governments.html.j2:25
msgid "Taxable"
@@ -827,8 +789,7 @@ msgid ""
"authorities. Unlike cash and most digital currencies, Taler helps prevent "
"black markets. Taler is not suitable for illegal activities."
msgstr ""
+"使用 Taler 時,商家的收入對於稅收徵管機構而言是透明的。不同於現金或是大部分的數位貨幣,Taler 幫助預防黑市。Taler 不適用於非法活動。"
#: template/features.html.j2:182
msgid "Private"
@@ -839,9 +800,7 @@ msgid ""
"When you pay with Taler, your identity does not have to be revealed. Just "
"like payments in cash, nobody else can track how you spent your electronic "
"money. However, you obtain a legally valid proof of payment."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "使用 Taler 付款時,您不必透露您的身份。就如同以現金支付,沒有人可以追蹤您如何花費您的電子貨幣。然而,您仍獲得一個合法有效的付款證明。"
#: template/features.html.j2:195 template/governments.html.j2:85
msgid "Libre"
@@ -852,9 +811,10 @@ msgid ""
"Taler provides protocols and reference implementations that in principle "
"enables anybody to run their own payment infrastructure, be it individuals, "
"organizations or whole countries. Since the reference implementation is a"
-msgstr "Taler提供協議和實作參考,原則上這使任何人(無論是個人,組織還是整個國家)都可以運行自行的支付基礎架構。由於實作參考是一個"
+msgstr "Taler 提供協議和實作參考,原則上這使任何人(無論是個人,組織還是整個國家)都可以運行自行的支付基礎架構。由於實作參考是一個"
#: template/features.html.j2:205
+#, fuzzy
msgid "package, it will always remain free software."
msgstr "套裝軟體,它將永遠是免費的軟體。"
@@ -866,11 +826,11 @@ msgstr "財經新聞"
msgid ""
"This page explains (only in English) how Taler can change ongoing "
"developments in the financial industry."
-msgstr "該頁面(僅英語)解釋了Taler如何改變金融業的持續發展。"
+msgstr "該頁面(僅英語)解釋了 Taler 如何改變金融業的持續發展。"
#: template/funding.html.j2:6
msgid "Support for GNU Taler"
-msgstr "GNU Taler的支援"
+msgstr "GNU Taler 的支援"
#: template/funding.html.j2:9
msgid "Current funding"
@@ -899,7 +859,7 @@ msgstr "該項目旨在通過外部程式碼審計來提高 GNU Taler 交易所
#: template/funding.html.j2:43
msgid ""
"We are grateful for free hosting offered by the following organizations:"
-msgstr "我們感謝以下組織提供的免費託管:"
+msgstr "我們感謝以下組織提供的免費託管服務:"
#: template/funding.html.j2:52
msgid ""
@@ -944,10 +904,8 @@ msgid ""
"financial framework and act as trusted regulators. Taler contributes to "
"digital sovereignty in the critical financial infrastructure."
msgstr ""
+"Taler 提供問責制,以確保企業合法經營,同時也尊重公民的公民自由。Taler 是一個基於開放標準以及自由軟體的支付系統。Taler "
+"於建立財務框架以及充當可信賴的監管機構時需要政府。Taler 在關鍵的金融基礎設施中為數位主權做出了貢獻。"
#: template/governments.html.j2:27
msgid ""
@@ -958,9 +916,8 @@ msgid ""
"data to tax businesses and individuals based on their income, making tax "
"evasion and black markets less viable."
msgstr ""
+"Taler 的建立主旨為打擊腐敗和支持稅收。有了 Taler,任何款項的接收者能夠被政府輕易地辨識,也能夠強制商家提供顧客接受的合約。政府可以使用這些數據"
#: template/governments.html.j2:40
msgid ""
@@ -973,10 +930,9 @@ msgid ""
"funds with trusted friends and family, or synchronizing wallets across "
"multiple devices."
msgstr ""
+"因此,儘管 Taler 提供了匿名服務予使用數位現金購買商品與服務的民眾,Taler 也確保了國家能夠觀察資金的流入。這可用於確保企業僅從事合法活動,而不"
#: template/governments.html.j2:58
msgid ""
@@ -986,9 +942,8 @@ msgid ""
"disputes. Financial damages are strictly limited, improving economic "
"security for individuals, merchants, the exchange and the state."
msgstr ""
+"Taler 的付款採用密碼保護。因此,發生糾紛時,客戶、商人和 Taler 付款服務提供商(交易所)可以在法庭上以數學方式證明其合法行為。Taler "
#: template/governments.html.j2:70
msgid ""
@@ -999,19 +954,15 @@ msgid ""
"the exchange to ensure that the escrow account is managed honestly. This "
"ensures that the exchange does not threaten the economy due to fraud."
msgstr ""
+"作為付款服務提供商,Taler 交易所必須遵守金融法規。財務監管和定期審核對於建立信任至關重要。特別來說,Taler "
#: template/governments.html.j2:88
msgid ""
"Taler is free software implementing an open protocol standard. Thus, Taler "
"will enable competition and avoid the monopolization of payment systems that "
"threatens global political and financial stability today."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Taler 是基於公開協議標準的自由軟體。因此,Taler 將促進競爭,避免壟斷系統威脅當今全球政治和金融穩定。"
#: template/governments.html.j2:98
msgid "Efficient"
@@ -1022,69 +973,62 @@ msgid ""
"Taler has an efficient design. Unlike Blockchain-based payment systems, such "
"as Bitcoin, Taler will not threaten the availability of national electric "
"grids or (significantly) contribute to environmental pollution."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Taler 的設計十分有效率。不同於基於區塊鍊的支付系統(如比特幣),Taler 不會威脅到國家電網的可用性,也不會(顯著地)造成環境污染。"
#: template/governments.html.j2:117
msgid "Taler and regulation"
-msgstr "Taler與法規"
+msgstr "Taler 與法規"
#: template/governments.html.j2:119
msgid "Anti money laundering (AML)"
-msgstr "反洗錢(AML)"
+msgstr "反洗錢 (AML)"
#: template/governments.html.j2:120
msgid ""
"With Taler, income is visible and can be tied to the contract signed by both "
-msgstr "使用Taler,收入為可見的,且可以與雙方簽訂的合同綁定在一起。"
+msgstr "使用 Taler,收入為可見的,且可以與雙方簽訂的合同綁定在一起。"
#: template/governments.html.j2:121
msgid "Know your customer (KYC)"
-msgstr "了解您的顧客(KYC)"
+msgstr "了解您的顧客 (KYC)"
#: template/governments.html.j2:122
msgid ""
"In Taler, payer and payee are known by their bank accounts when withdrawing "
"or depositing coins respectively"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "使用 Taler 時,付款人和收款人各自的銀行帳戶都知道顧客何時提取或存放貨幣。"
#: template/governments.html.j2:123
msgid "General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)"
-msgstr "一般資料保護規範(GDPR)"
+msgstr "一般資料保護規範 (GDPR)"
#: template/governments.html.j2:124
msgid ""
"Taler cryptographically protects citizen's privacy, and by design implements "
"data minimization and privacy by default."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Taler 通過密碼保護公民的隱私,並且默認情況下通過設計實施數據最小化以及隱私保護。"
#: template/governments.html.j2:125
msgid "Payment Services Directive (PSD2)"
-msgstr "支付服務指令(PSD2)"
+msgstr "支付服務指令 (PSD2)"
#: template/governments.html.j2:126
msgid ""
"Taler provides an open standard with public APIs contributing to a "
"competitive banking sector."
-msgstr "Taler通過公共APIs提供了開放標準,並為競爭激烈的銀行業做出貢獻。"
+msgstr "Taler 通過公共 APIs 提供了開放標準,並為競爭激烈的銀行業做出貢獻。"
#: template/governments.html.j2:134
msgid "Taler provides privacy and accountability"
-msgstr "Taler提供隱私與責任"
+msgstr "Taler 提供隱私與責任"
#: template/governments.html.j2:137
msgid ""
"Taler assumes governments can observe traditional wire transfers entering "
"and leaving the Taler payment system. Starting with the wire transfers, "
"governments can obtain:"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Taler 假設政府可以觀察進入和離開 Taler 付款系統的傳統電匯。自從電匯開始,政府可以獲得:"
#: template/governments.html.j2:145
msgid ""
@@ -1096,7 +1040,7 @@ msgstr ""
#: template/governments.html.j2:154
msgid "The income received by any merchant via the Taler system."
-msgstr "任何商家通過Taler系統獲得的收入。"
+msgstr "任何商家通過 Taler 系統獲得的收入。"
#: template/governments.html.j2:161
msgid ""
@@ -1114,9 +1058,7 @@ msgid ""
"merchants with the exchange, and the income of the exchange from transaction "
msgstr ""
#: template/index.html.j2:7
msgid "Taler logo"
@@ -1132,7 +1074,7 @@ msgstr ""
#: template/index.html.j2:21
msgid "Payments without registration"
-msgstr "無需註冊即可付款"
+msgstr "未經註冊的付款"
#: template/index.html.j2:25
msgid "Data protection by default"
@@ -1144,7 +1086,7 @@ msgstr "通過設計消除欺詐"
#: template/index.html.j2:33
msgid "Not a new currency!"
-msgstr "不是一個新的貨幣!"
+msgstr "不是一個新的貨幣!"
#: template/index.html.j2:37
msgid "Empowers communities to run their own payment infrastructure"
@@ -1152,11 +1094,11 @@ msgstr "授予權力於社區以運行自身的支付基礎設施"
#: template/index.html.j2:41
msgid "Free Software"
-msgstr "免費軟體"
+msgstr "自由軟體"
#: template/index.html.j2:44
msgid "Try Demo!"
-msgstr "嘗試Demo!"
+msgstr "嘗試Demo!"
#: template/index.html.j2:44
msgid "Read Docs"
@@ -1169,13 +1111,12 @@ msgid ""
"payments for these contracts. Its main use-case is for a mensa, cafeteria or "
"restaurant when vending food from a menu."
msgstr ""
-"這是Taler PoS App的頁面。Taler PoS App使得供應商可以維護其產品清單、快速建立"
+"這是 Taler PoS App 的頁面。Taler PoS App 使得供應商可以維護其產品清單、快速建立 Taler 合約並處理這些合約的 "
+"Taler 付款。它的主要用例在於使用菜單販售食物的 mensa,自助餐廳或餐廳。"
#: template/press.html.j2:4
msgid "GNU Taler in the Press"
-msgstr "報導中的GNU Taler"
+msgstr "報導中的 GNU Taler"
#: template/press.html.j2:6
msgid "2021"
@@ -1207,16 +1148,17 @@ msgstr "2015"
#: template/principles.html.j2:21
msgid "GNU Taler: Design Principles"
-msgstr "GNU Taler: 設計原則"
+msgstr "GNU Taler:設計原則"
#: template/principles.html.j2:25
msgid ""
"When designing GNU Taler, we had the following design principles in mind:"
-msgstr "在設計GNU Taler時,在我們的腦海中有以下的設計原則:"
+msgstr "在設計 GNU Taler 時,在我們的腦海中有以下的設計原則:"
#: template/principles.html.j2:31
+#, fuzzy
msgid "1. Free/Libre Software"
-msgstr "1. 免費/自由 軟體"
+msgstr "1. 自由軟體"
#: template/principles.html.j2:33
msgid ""
@@ -1224,6 +1166,7 @@ msgid ""
msgstr "... 在電腦學的領域,自由代表不使用專有軟體"
#: template/principles.html.j2:36
+#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"GNU Taler must be <a href=\""
"\">Free/Libre Software</a>. For merchants, Free/Libre Software prevents "
@@ -1234,13 +1177,11 @@ msgid ""
"<a href=\"'s_principle\">Kerckhoff's "
"principle</a> and to establish public confidence."
msgstr ""
-"GNU Taler必須是<a href=\"\">免費/"
-"著GNU Taler無法通過施加限制或要求來損害其主權。\n"
-"對於交易所運營商而言,透明度對於滿足<a href=\""
-"Kerckhoffs's_principle\">Kerckhoff's principle</a>尤其重要,這也能建立公眾的"
+"GNU Taler 必須是<a href=\"\""
+"自由軟體意味著 GNU Taler 無法通過施加限制或要求來損害其主權。對於交易所運營商而言,透明度對於滿足<a href=\"https://en."
+"'s_principle\">Kerckhoff's "
#: template/principles.html.j2:49
msgid ""
@@ -1249,9 +1190,8 @@ msgid ""
"available and make it easy to verify that user-hostile features such as "
"tracking or telemetry are absent."
msgstr ""
#: template/principles.html.j2:60
msgid "2. Protect the privacy of buyers"
@@ -1270,10 +1210,8 @@ msgid ""
"online publications. Thus, GNU Taler must protect the privacy of buyers to "
"avoid facilitating totalitarian control over the population."
msgstr ""
-"出版物進行小額付款時更是如此。因此,GNU Taler必須保護購買者的隱私,以避免促進"
+"版物進行小額付款時更是如此。因此,GNU Taler 必須保護購買者的隱私,以避免促進對人口的極權控制。"
#: template/principles.html.j2:72
msgid ""
@@ -1282,9 +1220,8 @@ msgid ""
"to local laws. In this case, GNU Taler must enable deletion of such data as "
"soon as it is no longer required."
msgstr ""
-"當地法律進行保護。在這種情況下,GNU Taler必須在不再需要此類資料時立即將其刪"
+"有限的私人資料可能需要根據業務需求而被收集(例如,實際交付的送貨地址),並根據當地法律進行保護。在這種情況下,GNU Taler "
#: template/principles.html.j2:83
msgid ""
@@ -1305,10 +1242,9 @@ msgid ""
"taxation requires income transparency. Thus, GNU Taler must enable "
"authorities to track income."
msgstr ""
-"由於付款系統必須符合當地法律才能合法運作,GNU Taler的設計必須符合這些要求。"
-"GNU Taler必須為依法展開調查地的調查人員提供審計追踪。此外,我們認為開徵稅收對"
-"社會有益,而收入透明為公平稅收的必要條件。因此,GNU Taler必須使當局能夠追踪收"
+"由於付款系統必須符合當地法律才能合法運作,GNU Taler 的設計必須符合這些要求。GNU Taler "
+"必須為依法展開調查地的調查人員提供審計追踪。此外,我們認為開徵稅收對社會有益,而收入透明為公平稅收的必要條件。因此,GNU Taler "
#: template/principles.html.j2:102
msgid "4. Prevent payment fraud"
@@ -1327,10 +1263,9 @@ msgid ""
"extensive cryptographic evidence for all key processes to enable all parties "
"to precisely attribute bad behavior."
msgstr ""
-"GNU Taler必須減輕最常見的付款欺詐來源。我們必須遵循軟件設計中的最佳實踐和第三"
-"外,GNU Taler必須為所有關鍵過程提供廣泛的加密證據,以使各方都能準確地將不良行"
+"GNU Taler "
+"GNU Taler 必須為所有關鍵過程提供廣泛的加密證據,以使各方都能準確地將不良行為歸責。"
#: template/principles.html.j2:120
msgid "5. Collect the minimum information necessary"
@@ -1340,7 +1275,7 @@ msgstr "5. 蒐集最少的必要資訊"
msgid ""
"Privacy by design, privacy by default, General Data Protection Regulation "
"(GDPR) compliant"
-msgstr "基於隱私來設計,以隱私為默認值,符合通用數據保護法規(GDPR)"
+msgstr "基於隱私來設計,以隱私為默認值,符合通用數據保護法規 (GDPR)"
#: template/principles.html.j2:123
msgid ""
@@ -1349,9 +1284,8 @@ msgid ""
"Generally, GNU Taler must collect the minimum information necessary: data "
"that is not collected or is no longer stored can not be compromised."
msgstr ""
-"也必受到保護。通常,GNU Taler會收集必要的最少信息:不會破壞未收集或不再被存儲"
+"作為原則(2)的一部分,買方的隱私受到特別重視。然而,其他各方(例如商家)的資料也必受到保護。通常,GNU Taler "
#: template/principles.html.j2:137
msgid "6. Be usable"
@@ -1372,12 +1306,11 @@ msgid ""
"well-documented Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to allow "
"frictionless integrations between GNU Taler and other projects."
msgstr ""
-"GNU Taler必須適用於非專家客戶,包括GNU Taler錢包的終端使用者、希望使用GNU "
-"Taler接受付款的商家以及電子商務和其他平台的第三方應用程序開發人員。GNU Taler"
-"GNU Taler必須提供文件齊全的應用程序編程接口 (APIs) ,以實現GNU Taler與其他"
-"項目之間的無障礙整合(frictionless integrations)。"
+"GNU Taler 必須適用於非專家客戶,包括 GNU Taler 錢包的終端使用者、希望使用 GNU Taler "
+"接受付款的商家以及電子商務和其他平台的第三方應用程序開發人員。GNU Taler "
+"GNU Taler 必須提供文件齊全的應用程序編程接口 (APIs) ,以實現 GNU Taler 與其他項目之間的無障礙整合 ("
+"frictionless integrations)。"
#: template/principles.html.j2:157
msgid "7. Be efficient"
@@ -1395,9 +1328,8 @@ msgid ""
"used for micropayments. Therefore certain expensive primitives, such as "
"proof-of-work, must not be used by GNU Taler."
msgstr ""
-"GNU Taler必須設計成高效率地。簡而言之,效率代表更少工作量、每秒從事更多的交"
-"易、更低的環境影響。效率對於將GNU Taler用於小額付款也至關重要。因此,GNU "
+"GNU Taler 必須設計成高效率地。簡而言之,效率代表更少工作量、每秒從事更多的交易、更低的環境影響。效率對於將 GNU Taler "
+"用於小額付款也至關重要。因此,GNU Taler 不得使用某些昂貴的原語 (primitives),例如工作量證明 (proof-of-work)。"
#: template/principles.html.j2:173
msgid "8. Fault-tolerant design"
@@ -1417,11 +1349,9 @@ msgid ""
"must fail gracefully. GNU Taler must have a plan to recover from malicious "
"operators compromising core secrets."
msgstr ""
-"惡意操作員、手滑(fat fingers)、電腦故障、gremlins。差錯會發生。GNU Taler的"
-"故障時,它們必須正常運行。GNU Taler必須制定一個計劃,以從危害核心秘密的惡意運"
+"惡意操作員、手滑 (fat fingers)、電腦故障、gremlins。差錯會發生。GNU Taler 的設計必須有容忍單個組件和系統的故障的能力。在系"
+"統可以繼續安全運行的地方,它將繼續安全運行。在它必須暫停運作的時,其他操作在非必要情況下不能離線。系統發生故障時,它們必須正常運行。GNU Taler "
#: template/principles.html.j2:194
msgid "9. Foster competition"
@@ -1443,11 +1373,9 @@ msgid ""
"can be operated, developed and improved upon independently, instead of "
"having one completely monolithic system."
msgstr ""
-"相當高並超出了我們的控制範圍。然而,GNU Taler必須最大程度地減少新競爭對手進入"
-"市場的技術負擔。GNU Taler必須使各種運營商能夠打破目前只有少數幾家全球公司主導"
+"競爭對手必須相對容易地部署可互操作的替代方案。在傳統金融系統中,這方面的障礙相當高並超出了我們的控制範圍。然而,GNU Taler "
+"必須最大程度地減少新競爭對手進入市場的技術負擔。GNU Taler 必須使各種運營商能夠打破目前只有少數幾家全球公司主導市場的系統。支持此目的的設計範例為"
#: template/schemafuzz.html.j2:6
msgid "SchemaFuzz"
@@ -1455,7 +1383,7 @@ msgstr "SchemaFuzz"
#: template/wallet.html.j2:106
msgid "Congratulations, you have installed the Taler wallet. Check out the"
-msgstr "恭喜您,您已經安裝了Taler wallet。請查看"
+msgstr "恭喜您,您已經安裝了 Taler wallet。請查看"
#: template/wallet.html.j2:111
msgid "demo"
@@ -1463,7 +1391,7 @@ msgstr "demo"
#: template/wallet.html.j2:117
msgid "You don&#39;t have a wallet installed yet."
-msgstr "您還沒有&#39;安裝錢包。"
+msgstr "您還沒有安裝錢包。"
#: template/wallet.html.j2:126
msgid "Install the wallet for your browser below, then check out the"
@@ -1495,23 +1423,23 @@ msgstr "安裝錢包"
#: template/wallet.html.j2:175
msgid "JavaScript is disabled, installation won&#39;t work."
-msgstr "JavaScript已被關閉,安裝無&#39;法運作。"
+msgstr "JavaScript 已被關閉,安裝無法運作。"
#: template/wallet.html.j2:214
msgid "Install Download Chrome Extension"
-msgstr "安裝下載Chrome擴充功能"
+msgstr "安裝下載 Chrome 擴充功能"
#: template/wallet.html.j2:221
msgid "Install GNU Taler"
-msgstr "安裝GNU Taler"
+msgstr "安裝 GNU Taler"
#: template/wallet.html.j2:225
msgid "from the Chrome Web Store"
-msgstr "從Chrome網路商店"
+msgstr "從 Chrome 網路商店"
#: template/wallet.html.j2:246
msgid "Download Android App from F-Droid (bypassing Google registration)."
-msgstr "從F-Droid下載Android App (跳過Google註冊)。"
+msgstr "從 F-Droid 下載 Android App (跳過 Google 註冊)。"
#: template/wallet.html.j2:259
msgid "Other browsers"
@@ -1523,11 +1451,11 @@ msgstr "其他瀏覽器的錢包會於近期提供。"
#: template/news/index.html.j2:11
msgid "News posts about changes related to GNUnet such as releases and events"
-msgstr "與GNU Taler更改、發布、活動等相關的最新消息"
+msgstr "與 GNU Taler 更改、發布、活動等相關的最新消息"
#: template/news/index.html.j2:16
msgid "subscribe to our RSS feed"
-msgstr "訂閱我們的RSS feed"
+msgstr "訂閱我們的 RSS feed"
#: template/news/index.html.j2:36
msgid "read more"