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+ calls gen_site() with "news" and other arguments
+when news are to be created.
+A news item needs to be added in the file www.yml to 'newsposts' like
+- page: filename.html
+ date: YYYY-MM-DD
+ title: the title of the news
+ abstract:
+ content:
+abstract and content are filled by in a way which works
+but needs further improvements, as you can't use jinja2 templating for
+urls (yet).
+The news are ordered via the yaml file right now, which means that new
+posts should get inserted at the top.
+The news is written in the file 'filename.html.j2' in the folder 'news'.
+This .html.j2 file must extend "common/news.j2". Since we already have
+a <div> which wraps the content of the filename.html.j2, we do not need
+further surrounding elements in the news itself.
+News previews are generated from the plaintext of the first <p> element
+with common html elements (not jinja2!) stripped out. Some but not all
+jinja2 elements are stripped as well.
+Small newspreviews (as used by do not process the first
+<p> element but process the date, title, and pagename.
+The rss is generated in a similar fashion like the website, by processing
+a .xml.j2 file and generating a .xml page from it. Too much structure
+relies on the yaml file (www.yml).
+A news template could look like this:
+{% extends "common/news.j2" %}
+{% block body_content %}
+<h1>2022-09-01: GNU Taler v0.7.0 released</h1>
+ We are happy to announce the release of GNU Taler v0.5.0.
+ The main new feature is customer tipping, which allows
+ merchants to pay small rewards directly into a customer&#39;s
+ wallet. Technical improvements include numerous performance
+ improvements and bug fixes, as well as a new, simpler to use
+ API for merchants that also enables the implementation of
+ GNU Taler wallets on platforms that do not support
+ WebExtensions.
+ The Chrome and Chromium wallets are available for download
+ via the App store. The exchange, merchant backend and bank
+ components are on the GNU FTP mirrors.
+{% endblock body_content %}
+- page: 2022-09-01.html
+ date: 2022-09-01
+ title: GNU Taler v0.7.0 released
+ abstract:
+ content: