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<p>{{ _("Coins in your digital wallet will be of the same
denomination as the cash in your physical wallet.
Taler is not a crypto-currency, so you do not have
- to worry about cryto-currency related value
+ to worry about crypto-currency related value
fluctuations. Banking with Taler is subject to the
usual government protections for financial
services.") }}</p>
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<dt>{{ _("exchange") }}</dt>
{% trans %}
- Taler's payment service provider. Issues eletronic `coins` during `withdrawal` and redeems them when they are `deposited` by merchants.
+ Taler's payment service provider. Issues electronic `coins` during `withdrawal` and redeems them when they are `deposited` by merchants.
{% endtrans %}
<dt>{{ _("extension") }}</dt>
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{% trans %}
Taler can be used for different currencies (such as
Euros, US Dollars or Bitcoins) and any amount, limited
- only by applicable regulatation and what denominations
+ only by applicable regulation and what denominations
the payment service provider supports.
{% endtrans %}
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