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+Florian Dold
+Christian Grothoff
+Marcello Stanisci
+Julian Kirsch
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+This repository contains the main GNU Taler Web site.
+The Web site consists of basically static HTML. However, the static HTML is
+run through the Jinja2 template processor for internationalization.
+INSTALL contains instructions for how to generate the HTML page(s).
+ Basically, you edit the English "*.html.j2" files in template/, and then run
+ the Python script to generate static HTML. To facilitate translation, all
+ English text in the HTML is marked for GNU Gettext using Jinja2 mark-up.
+ This directory contains files shared between the various HTML pages, such
+ as our navigation bar.
+ The translations of the strings into the various languages are in the
+ locale/ directory.
+ This directory contains JavaScript from other projects which we redistribute,
+ such as bootstrap and jquery.
+ This directory contains static resources that are language-independent
+ and never change.
+news/ and financial-news/
+ This directory contains news items to be posted on the news page.
+ This directory contains various Python scripts that are included during
+ the pre-processing with Jinja2.
+ ??