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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-09-13withdraw designSebastian
2021-09-08first approach to new design for withdrawSebastian
2021-09-06add example to popupSebastian
2021-09-06rendring pending transation itemSebastian
2021-09-03automated test all storiesSebastian
2021-09-02testing Nexus balance accountingMS
2021-09-02testing c52/c53 coordination,MS
2021-09-01Exclude test (CAMT printer) without
2021-09-01Use valid currency (EUR) for EBICS
2021-09-01Avoid Sandbox (deprecated) POST /admin/payments/
2021-09-01Avoid Sandbox (deprecated) POST /admin/payments/
2021-09-01remove test without assertionsms
2021-09-01Need to "tick" before asking transactions to libeufin.MS
2021-08-29testing the statement generationMS
2021-08-24transaction details new uiSebastian
2021-08-24copy from popup to walletSebastian
2021-08-24removing blocked scope due to babel/issues/8709#issuecomment-421538014Sebastian
2021-08-24make Camt test go debitms
2021-08-24fix ui transaction listSebastian
2021-08-24DB schema cleanupFlorian Dold
2021-08-24implement freezing for paymentsFlorian Dold
2021-08-24towards handling frozen refreshesFlorian Dold
2021-08-23test Camt generationMS
2021-08-23fix un-offered denom situation, test case almost worksFlorian Dold
2021-08-23updated build fast for webSebastian
2021-08-23Testing Sandbox CLI wire transfer.MS
2021-08-20packaging fixesFlorian Dold
2021-08-20fast buildFlorian Dold
2021-08-20separate node entry pointsFlorian Dold
2021-08-20minimatchFlorian Dold
2021-08-19backupFlorian Dold
2021-08-19cleanup / formattingFlorian Dold
2021-08-19Revert "testing: reset exchange tables before start"Florian Dold
2021-08-19new integration testFlorian Dold
2021-08-19loggingFlorian Dold
2021-08-19run pending operations at least once, style fixesFlorian Dold
2021-08-19add missing fileFlorian Dold
2021-08-19store 'list issue date' of denoms, cleanupFlorian Dold
2021-08-19new wallet history and view refactoringSebastian
2021-08-18check Anastasis API's (positive) delta paramms
2021-08-18Checking the start and delta params of Anastasis
2021-08-18Test Anastasis with user privileges,ms
2021-08-17Anastasis facade: check transactions numberMS
2021-08-17enable Anastasis facade test, and call API.MS
2021-08-16Anastasis API helper function.MS
2021-08-16Extend test tooling to create Anastasis facades.MS
2021-08-16Anastasis facade tooling.MS
2021-08-16better coverage for merchant spec testFlorian Dold
2021-08-15Fix use of validateStatus().MS
2021-08-14tests: POSTing malformed facade creation. See bug 6971.MS