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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-07-21withdraw as moduleSebastian
2022-06-06updating old copyright headerSebastian
2022-05-04add age restriction option to withdraw ctaSebastian
2022-04-27toggle permissionSebastian
2022-04-22deposit test caseSebastian
2022-04-11new test api to test hooks rendering iteration, testing state of withdraw pageSebastian
2022-04-06cta stories and input filled muiSebastian
2022-03-28add extension to every importSebastian
2022-01-04replace jest with mochaSebastian
2021-11-24adding tos information in settings and return to manual withdraw when adding ...Sebastian
2021-11-22add exchange featureSebastian
2021-11-16reserveCreated new designSebastian
2021-10-13fixing tos requestSebastian
2021-10-13fix FTBFSFlorian Dold
2021-10-12added example of withdrawal use casesSebastian
2021-10-11fixing withdrawal processSebastian
2021-09-13added integration with the wallet-core to get info about the last tos approvedSebastian
2021-09-13withdraw designSebastian
2021-09-08first approach to new design for withdrawSebastian
2021-08-19new wallet history and view refactoringSebastian