path: root/packages/taler-wallet-webextension/src
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 daysuse transaction state transition instead of other notificationsSebastian
3 daysbump typescript versionFlorian Dold
4 daysmove kycurl to commons, make webex awareSebastian
4 dayskyc urlSebastian
7 dayspretty and suspend/resume optionSebastian
7 daysremove deprecated notifications, implement isOfflineSebastian
7 daysfrom spa to pwaSebastian
8 daystx state uiSebastian
8 daysmake dev build work againSebastian
8 daysmove folder to catch up the reload on saveSebastian
8 daysuse latest linaria libSebastian
11 daysshow buttonsSebastian
2023-05-26use buildKeyStorage to prevent different type for same keySebastian
2023-05-26taler-util,wallet-core: make AbsoluteTime opaqueFlorian Dold
2023-05-26taler-util,wallet-core: implement TalerPreciseTimestampFlorian Dold
2023-05-26-missing fieldFlorian Dold
2023-05-24wallet-core: remove legacy non-DD37 tx status fieldsFlorian Dold
2023-05-24wallet-core: remove deprecated txid parsingFlorian Dold
2023-05-22use redirect instead of openFromPopup on qr detectionSebastian
2023-05-22show some info when a refund get the originated purchase deletedSebastian
2023-05-22fix: not showing manual withdraw detailsSebastian
2023-05-22fixing txId reference based on nominal typeSebastian
2023-05-22fix break on buildSebastian
2023-05-10compile again after DD37 implSebastian
2023-05-07wallet-core: refund DD37 refactoringFlorian Dold
2023-05-05fixing web-utils new importsSebastian
2023-05-05wallet-core: remove allowed auditors from contract termsFlorian Dold
2023-05-02fix #7828Sebastian
2023-04-24fix #7749 show content of pos confirmation literallySebastian
2023-04-24fix #7749Sebastian
2023-04-24Translated using Weblate (Spanish)José Huamán
2023-04-22-fix type errorFlorian Dold
2023-04-21props types should be exported for testsSebastian
2023-04-21remove old testing function, use web-utilsSebastian
2023-04-21moving libs to web utils, apply new mock api to backofficeSebastian
2023-04-19fix #7704Sebastian
2023-04-18check if the script should be injectedSebastian
2023-04-14some changesSebastian
2023-04-13some fixesSebastian
2023-04-13show an error message when handler is not foundSebastian
2023-04-13firefox supportSebastian
2023-04-13use /taler-uri as redirection point to all taler urisSebastian
2023-04-13taler wallet interaction support, first versionSebastian
2023-04-09treat all unkown content type as plain textSebastian
2023-04-07validate ibanSebastian
2023-04-06-re-add missing fields, fix typesFlorian Dold
2023-04-05fix #7791Sebastian
2023-04-04fix broken testsSebastian
2023-04-03recovery -> restoreSebastian
2023-04-03fix currency link in history, hide auto-open wallet, fix spaceSebastian