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4 hourstransaction details templateHEADmasterSebastian
2 daysRevert "no need to compile after install"Florian Dold
3 daysremove rollup from webex and fix package.json root scriptsSebastian
3 daysno need to compile after installSebastian
3 daysUpgrading pnpm led to compilation errorsSebastian
12 daysfeat: awaiting refundSebastian
2022-05-06handling service worker waiting phaseSebastian
2022-05-04add age restriction option to withdraw ctaSebastian
2022-05-03deposit from paytoSebastian
2022-05-02tip and refund stories and testSebastian
2022-04-29fix: 6964Sebastian
2022-04-29fix #5845 added run-gc on webexSebastian
2022-04-29alert iconSebastian
2022-04-29bump manifest version (really this time)Florian Dold
2022-04-29bump manifest versionv0.9.0-dev.10Florian Dold
2022-04-28do not save current header before being added into the browser listenerSebastian
2022-04-28simplify alarm and check webRequest without using 'in'Sebastian
2022-04-28keep alive manifest v3Sebastian
2022-04-27use settimeout and setinterval in serviceWorkerSebastian
2022-04-27toggle permissionSebastian
2022-04-27update taler logoSebastian
2022-04-26fix: shorcut for wallet #6592Sebastian
2022-04-26remove old async hookSebastian
2022-04-26useAsync new APISebastian
2022-04-23fix WebEx Content-Type, after Sebastian suggestionms
2022-04-22deposit test caseSebastian
2022-04-21console to loggerSebastian
2022-04-21payments test caseSebastian
2022-04-20adopt new payto bitcoin structSebastian
2022-04-20refactor payto and testSebastian
2022-04-18show btc wire details in withdraw details transactionSebastian
2022-04-18missing testsSebastian
2022-04-13fix: timer API should be exported from src/indexSebastian
2022-04-13green on focus, scroll fixSebastian
2022-04-13Translated using Weblate (Turkish)Alp
2022-04-12copyright headersFlorian Dold
2022-04-12accept tos test caseSebastian
2022-04-11using the test to fine tune the withdraw processSebastian
2022-04-11remove asking about webRequestBlockingSebastian
2022-04-11add missing 'alarm' permissionSebastian
2022-04-11using alarm service intead of timeout api when the wallet is running in a ser...Sebastian
2022-04-11new test api to test hooks rendering iteration, testing state of withdraw pageSebastian
2022-04-11missing index fileSebastian
2022-04-11terms of service stories into its own scenarios (removed from withdraw)Sebastian
2022-04-11show amount nicely, into a componentSebastian
2022-04-11fix ref for copy and pasteSebastian
2022-04-07multiline for inputSebastian
2022-04-06cta stories and input filled muiSebastian
2022-04-05mui alert and not enough blanance ported to materialSebastian
2022-03-30useAsync use an optional deps for callback, most of the time it just need to ...Sebastian