path: root/packages/taler-wallet-webextension
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
14 hourspretty and suspend/resume optionHEADmasterSebastian
14 hoursremove deprecated notifications, implement isOfflineSebastian
14 hoursfrom spa to pwaSebastian
38 hourstx state uiSebastian
40 hoursassets should have base directory to copy treeSebastian
40 hoursmake dev build work againSebastian
40 hoursmove folder to catch up the reload on saveSebastian
40 hoursusing env propSebastian
40 hoursuse latest linaria libSebastian
4 daysshow buttonsSebastian
7 daysuse buildKeyStorage to prevent different type for same keySebastian
8 daystaler-util,wallet-core: make AbsoluteTime opaqueFlorian Dold
8 daystaler-util,wallet-core: implement TalerPreciseTimestampFlorian Dold
8 days-missing fieldFlorian Dold
10 dayswallet-core: remove legacy non-DD37 tx status fieldsFlorian Dold
10 dayswallet-core: remove deprecated txid parsingFlorian Dold
12 daysuse redirect instead of openFromPopup on qr detectionSebastian
12 daysshow some info when a refund get the originated purchase deletedSebastian
12 daysfix: not showing manual withdraw detailsSebastian
12 daysfixing txId reference based on nominal typeSebastian
12 daysfix break on buildSebastian
2023-05-10compile again after DD37 implSebastian
2023-05-09bump versionsv0.9.3-dev.13Florian Dold
2023-05-08bump versionsFlorian Dold
2023-05-07wallet-core: refund DD37 refactoringFlorian Dold
2023-05-05fixing web-utils new importsSebastian
2023-05-05wallet-core: remove allowed auditors from contract termsFlorian Dold
2023-05-02fix #7828Sebastian
2023-04-24fix #7749 show content of pos confirmation literallySebastian
2023-04-24fix #7749Sebastian
2023-04-24Translated using Weblate (Spanish)José Huamán
2023-04-22-fix type errorFlorian Dold
2023-04-21props types should be exported for testsSebastian
2023-04-21remove old testing function, use web-utilsSebastian
2023-04-21moving libs to web utils, apply new mock api to backofficeSebastian
2023-04-19fix #7704Sebastian
2023-04-18check if the script should be injectedSebastian
2023-04-14some changesSebastian
2023-04-13some fixesSebastian
2023-04-13show an error message when handler is not foundSebastian
2023-04-13firefox supportSebastian
2023-04-13use /taler-uri as redirection point to all taler urisSebastian
2023-04-13taler wallet interaction support, first versionSebastian
2023-04-09treat all unkown content type as plain textSebastian
2023-04-07validate ibanSebastian
2023-04-06-re-add missing fields, fix typesFlorian Dold
2023-04-05fix #7791Sebastian
2023-04-04fix broken testsSebastian
2023-04-04bump version to 0.0.3-dev.11v0.9.3-dev.11Florian Dold
2023-04-03recovery -> restoreSebastian