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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-03-10fix: summary empty string also means that summary is requiredSebastian
2023-02-21wallet-core: fix peer-pull-credit long-polling and peer-pull-debit pending op...Florian Dold
2023-02-20wallet-core: fix retryTransaction, improve tx/op identifier parsing/constructionFlorian Dold
2023-02-20wallet-core: stubs for suspend/resume txFlorian Dold
2023-02-20-fix pending operationFlorian Dold
2023-02-20-renameFlorian Dold
2023-02-20wallet-core: rename ops with support for old namesFlorian Dold
2023-02-20-missed renameFlorian Dold
2023-02-20wallet-core: rename p2p requests to something more sensibleFlorian Dold
2023-02-20wallet-core: pending operation for peer push credit, save withdrawalGroupIdFlorian Dold
2023-02-19wallet-core: various p2p payment fixesFlorian Dold
2023-02-16make wallet-cli runnable under qtartFlorian Dold
2023-02-14wallet-core: report coins in dump-coins even when withdrawal transaction was ...Florian Dold
2023-02-11wallet-core,harness: implement pay templatingFlorian Dold
2023-01-20introducing getBalanceDetail for getting all depositable/transferable amount ...Sebastian
2023-01-19feat: adjust log level from developer pageSebastian
2023-01-18wallet-core: add receiver name in fakebank testv0.9.1-dev.2Florian Dold
2023-01-12wallet-core: retries for peer pull paymentsFlorian Dold
2023-01-12wallet-core: implement retries for peer push paymentsFlorian Dold
2023-01-11wallet-core: refresh when aborting paymentsFlorian Dold
2023-01-11-more to renameFlorian Dold
2023-01-11wallet-core: introduce abortPay requestFlorian Dold
2023-01-11wallet-core: implement database fixupsFlorian Dold
2023-01-05wallet-core: implement insufficient balance detailsFlorian Dold
2023-01-04wallet-core: test crypto dispatcher, fix timeout handlingFlorian Dold
2023-01-04-qjs fixesFlorian Dold
2022-11-25fix: ageRestriction option was missingSebastian
2022-11-24fix 7465Sebastian
2022-11-16fix #7411, also making the backup payment visibleSebastian
2022-11-08feature: 7440 add expiration to p2pSebastian
2022-11-02wallet-core: DB FIXMEs (amount format)Florian Dold
2022-11-02wallet-core: address DB FIXMEsFlorian Dold
2022-11-02wallet-core: fix exchange management test case, surface exchange update error...Florian Dold
2022-11-01wallet-core: remove kyc and wad feeFlorian Dold
2022-10-25using new wallet api (typed interface)Sebastian
2022-10-23taler-wallet-embedded: tweak init response, rollup bundling, add testFlorian Dold
2022-10-19wallet-core: return versions in init responseFlorian Dold
2022-10-18wallet-core: remove bogus logFlorian Dold
2022-10-17wallet-core: API types refactoringFlorian Dold
2022-10-16wallet-core: CLI improvements, ToS fetching fixesFlorian Dold
2022-10-15wallet-core, wallet-cli: add status to exchange list, add detail query to CLIFlorian Dold
2022-10-15wallet-core: simplify exchanges list responseFlorian Dold
2022-10-15wallet-core: simplify coin recordFlorian Dold
2022-10-14wallet-core: pull out ToS into separate object storeFlorian Dold
2022-10-14wallet-core: get rid of duplicated withdrawal info APIFlorian Dold
2022-10-13wallet-core: only allow enabling dev mode via separate requestFlorian Dold
2022-10-12wallet-core: implement enabling/disabling dev modeFlorian Dold
2022-10-12wallet-core: skeleton for dev-experimentsFlorian Dold
2022-10-12create a fee description timeline for global fee and wire feesSebastian
2022-10-08wallet-core: Clean up merchant payments DB schemaFlorian Dold