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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
14 daysimport db from the wallet web extensionSebastian
2021-12-23deposit from wallet webex: wipSebastian
2021-11-27wallet: support both protocol versionsFlorian Dold
2021-11-24new exchange-added notifiaction and including tos information in the
2021-11-17wallet: implement exchange protocol v9Florian Dold
2021-10-14implement fakebank withdrawalFlorian Dold
2021-10-13fixing tos requestSebastian
2021-09-20make no sense to send the noncePriv if the proposal is already paidSebastian
2021-09-17issue #5860Sebastian
2021-09-13added integration with the wallet-core to get info about the last tos approvedSebastian
2021-09-08first approach to new design for withdrawSebastian
2021-08-24DB schema cleanupFlorian Dold
2021-08-06merchant test: pass h_contractFlorian Dold
2021-06-15separate wallet state from wallet clientFlorian Dold
2021-06-14implement force-retrying transactionsFlorian Dold
2021-05-20allow deletion via APIFlorian Dold
2021-05-20implement deletion of withdrawal transactionsFlorian Dold
2021-05-20add UIDs for deletion tombstones to auditor/exchange trust managementFlorian Dold
2021-05-12always use .js extension to make node module loader happyFlorian Dold
2021-03-17towards wallet-core / util splitFlorian Dold