AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-10-28fix for issue #7056, not all the actions/state has been checkedissue-7056Sebastian
2021-10-27working version with improved uiSebastian
2021-10-26added core validators, worked on look and feelSebastian
2021-10-23Adapt euFin tests to Demobank
2021-10-22some storybook exmaplesSebastian
2021-10-21anastasis: make recovery work, at least for security questionsFlorian Dold
2021-10-21reducer WIP, user error boundaries in UIFlorian Dold
2021-10-20wallet-cli: run benchmark in a loopFlorian Dold
2021-10-20wallet-cli: benchmarkingFlorian Dold
2021-10-19anastasis-core: fix recovery document generationFlorian Dold
2021-10-19anastasis-core: compatible secret uploadFlorian Dold
2021-10-19anastasis-core: question hashing and policy expirationFlorian Dold
2021-10-19fixed missing stylesSebastian
2021-10-19anastasis-core: crypto tests and fixesFlorian Dold
2021-10-19anastasis-core: crypto fixesFlorian Dold
2021-10-19fix some building errorsSebastian
2021-10-19add template from merchant backofficeSebastian
2021-10-18move some more crypto to taler-util packageFlorian Dold
2021-10-18move declarations into anastasis-coreFlorian Dold
2021-10-18reducer implementation WIPFlorian Dold
2021-10-15bump manifestFlorian Dold
2021-10-15anastasis-webui: prevent webpack warningFlorian Dold
2021-10-15Fix key-rotation test
2021-10-15Not tolerating != 200 responses during (libEufin)
2021-10-15Pass Sandbox credentials to the CLI's
2021-10-14show summary on the history pageSebastian
2021-10-14applying some comments from belenSebastian
2021-10-14show reducer network errorsFlorian Dold
2021-10-14we do not use SWsFlorian Dold
2021-10-14anastasis-webui: implement more challenge typesFlorian Dold
2021-10-14implement fakebank withdrawalFlorian Dold
2021-10-13anastasis-webui: auto-focusFlorian Dold
2021-10-13common anstasis frameFlorian Dold
2021-10-13fixing tos requestSebastian
2021-10-13fix cta navbar and added an withdrawal button when the wallet didnt find a to...Sebastian
2021-10-13fix tests and added addExchangeSebastian
2021-10-13fix FTBFSFlorian Dold
2021-10-13anastasis-webui: more auth typesFlorian Dold
2021-10-13depsFlorian Dold
2021-10-13anastasis-webui: finish backup flowFlorian Dold
2021-10-12added example of withdrawal use casesSebastian
2021-10-11fixing withdrawal processSebastian
2021-10-11fix browser packagingSebastian
2021-10-11anastasis-webui: first commitFlorian Dold
2021-10-07anastasis: implement user id derivationFlorian Dold
2021-10-07add anastasis skeleton, put crypto in taler-utilFlorian Dold
2021-10-02Testing euFin 'bad gateway'
2021-10-01FIX: skip checking noncePriv eq if the URI doesn't specify a noncePriv valueSebastian
2021-10-01add error messageSebastian
2021-10-01testing 404 from Sandboxms