AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-06-08aa treesdold/dev/memidbFlorian Dold
2017-06-06wipFlorian Dold
2017-06-06fix timer typoFlorian Dold
2017-06-05wallet db version belongs with wallet, not webexFlorian Dold
2017-06-05pretty reset pageFlorian Dold
2017-06-05properly implement db resettingFlorian Dold
2017-06-05don't also open history links in popupFlorian Dold
2017-06-05fix db dump pageFlorian Dold
2017-06-04v0.2.8Florian Dold
2017-06-04check trust by key, not by URLFlorian Dold
2017-06-04warn about incompatible versions on withdrawFlorian Dold
2017-06-04v0.2.7Florian Dold
2017-06-04Add libtool version comparison module and testsFlorian Dold
2017-06-04v0.2.6Florian Dold
2017-06-04nicer auditor display on withdrawFlorian Dold
2017-06-04some UI fixesFlorian Dold
2017-06-04memidb work in progressFlorian Dold
2017-06-03missing propertyFlorian Dold
2017-06-03remove unnecessary/broken flatmapFlorian Dold
2017-06-03don't uglify, since it makes source maps too bigFlorian Dold
2017-06-03remove obsolete headerFlorian Dold
2017-06-02v0.2.5Florian Dold
2017-06-02fix display of contract terms rendering when already paidFlorian Dold
2017-06-02do presence announcement only after complete page loadFlorian Dold
2017-06-01fix terminology, better typesFlorian Dold
2017-05-31also increment non-display versionFlorian Dold
2017-05-31version, apply updates ASAPFlorian Dold
2017-05-31node_modulesFlorian Dold
2017-05-31remove yarn integrity file, it doesn't belong into gitFlorian Dold
2017-05-31v0.2.3Florian Dold
2017-05-31fix messaging, small issues and safer typesFlorian Dold
2017-05-31node_modulesFlorian Dold
2017-05-31moving content for wallet devs into doc/Marcello Stanisci
2017-05-31improve backend / content script messagingFlorian Dold
2017-05-31node_modulesFlorian Dold
2017-05-31memidb skeletonFlorian Dold
2017-05-30have type for both request and responseFlorian Dold
2017-05-30skeleton for better RPC typesFlorian Dold
2017-05-30update node_modulesFlorian Dold
2017-05-30paths, multi env and webpack configFlorian Dold
2017-05-29correct stylesheet pathFlorian Dold
2017-05-29lint for unused variables, fix query bug detected by thisFlorian Dold
2017-05-29fix remaining lint warningsFlorian Dold
2017-05-29less ad-hoc messaging, fix some lint warningsFlorian Dold
2017-05-29fix linter errorsFlorian Dold
2017-05-29include sourcemaps even in productionFlorian Dold
2017-05-29include emscripten binary at new locationFlorian Dold
2017-05-29set production flag for libraries when building production buildFlorian Dold
2017-05-29fix strings.ts generationFlorian Dold
2017-05-29adjust webpack config to exclude node modulesFlorian Dold