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@@ -8,8 +8,7 @@ msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: PROJECT VERSION\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2021-03-12 18:42+0100\n"
-"PO-Revision-Date: 2021-05-20 20:47+0000\n"
-"PO-Revision-Date: 2021-05-16 06:58+0000\n"
+"PO-Revision-Date: 2021-05-24 00:10+0000\n"
"Last-Translator: Ting-Yi Fu <>\n"
"Language-Team: Chinese (Traditional) <"
@@ -113,9 +112,8 @@ msgid "Confirm refund request for article"
msgstr "確認申請項目退款"
#: talermerchantdemos/blog/templates/confirm_refund.html.j2:7
-#, fuzzy
msgid "Do you want to get a refund for the article <em>{name}</em>?"
-msgstr "您想為商品<em>{name}</em>退款嗎?"
+msgstr "您想為商品<em>{name}</em>申請退款嗎?"
#: talermerchantdemos/blog/templates/confirm_refund.html.j2:8
msgid ""
@@ -399,8 +397,9 @@ msgid ""
" from the merchant in the Taler wallet. That way, Taler protects you "
"from committing to erroneous payments."
msgstr ""
-"(*)為了使演示更有趣一點,5 {貨幣}這個選項的錯誤為故意實施的:在顯示的表單中,商家將嘗試讓你捐贈 6 {貨幣] 而不是 5 {貨幣} "
-"。但是請不要擔心,在Taler wallet中,會提供機會給您檢查商家最終折扣表單。透過此種方式,Taler保護您、免於支付錯誤的款項。"
+"(*)為了使演示更有趣一點,5 {currency}這個選項的錯誤為故意實施的:在顯示的表單中,商家將嘗試讓你捐贈 6 {currency] 而不是 5 "
+"{currency} 。但是請不要擔心,在Taler "
#: talermerchantdemos/donations/templates/provider-not-supported.html.j2:4
msgid "Payment Provider Not Supported"
@@ -466,14 +465,12 @@ msgid ""
msgstr "在安裝完成之後,為了提升您的使用體驗,您可能會被要求提供瀏覽器基礎的Taler wallet額外、非強制的權限。"
#: talermerchantdemos/landing/templates/index.html.j2:13
-#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"These permissions will allow the wallet to automatically open if a page "
"asks for a Taler payment."
msgstr "這些權限許可會在頁面要求使用Taler payment錢包時,允許錢包自動被開啟。"
#: talermerchantdemos/landing/templates/index.html.j2:14
-#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Regardless of the permissions you grant, the wallet will never transmit "
"information about you or your browsing history to anyone."
@@ -484,31 +481,26 @@ msgid "Step 2: Withdraw coins"
msgstr "步驟二: 提款"
#: talermerchantdemos/landing/templates/index.html.j2:22
-#, fuzzy
msgid "In this demo you are paying with {currency}, an imaginary currency."
-msgstr "這是一個您使用{currency}(一個假想貨幣)付款的demo。"
+msgstr "在此demo中,您將使用一種虛擬貨幣{currency}進行付款。"
#: talermerchantdemos/landing/templates/index.html.j2:23
-#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"To withdraw {currency} coins you must first create an account at our <a "
msgstr "您需要先在我們的 <a href=\"{bank}\">銀行</a>建立一個帳號以提取 {currency}貨幣。"
#: talermerchantdemos/landing/templates/index.html.j2:24
-#, fuzzy
msgid "Signing up only requires you to pick a username and password."
-msgstr "只需選擇您的使用者名稱以及密碼即可註冊。"
+msgstr "您只需選擇您的使用者名稱以及密碼即可註冊。"
#: talermerchantdemos/landing/templates/index.html.j2:25
-#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"When you create an account at our bank, you will be credited 100 "
"{currency} for signing up."
-msgstr "在您於我們的銀行建立一個帳號之後,您會獲得100 {currency}。"
+msgstr "當您於我們的銀行建立一個帳號時,您會獲得100 {currency}。"
#: talermerchantdemos/landing/templates/index.html.j2:26
-#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Afterwards, use the bank's Web interface to authorize the transfer of "
"{currency} to your wallet."
@@ -527,43 +519,38 @@ msgstr "步驟三: 付款"
#: talermerchantdemos/landing/templates/index.html.j2:38
#, fuzzy
msgid "We have two demo merchants where you can spend your coins:"
-msgstr "您可以在我們的兩個demo merchants使用您的貨幣:"
+msgstr "您可以在我們的兩個demo merchants使用您的貨幣:"
#: talermerchantdemos/landing/templates/index.html.j2:44
-#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"At the <a href=\"{blog}\">essay store</a> you can pay in {currency} for "
"individual chapters of Richard Stallman&#39;s book &quot;Free Software, "
"Free Society&quot;."
msgstr ""
"在 <a href=\"{blog}\">文章商店</a>,您可以使用{currency}來購買Richard Stallman的&#39;書籍 "
-"&quot;Free Software, Free Society&quot;的獨立章節。"
+"&quot;Free Software, Free Society&quot;的各個章節。"
#: talermerchantdemos/landing/templates/index.html.j2:45
-#, fuzzy
msgid "The book is also available for free at <a href=\"{fsf}\">the FSF</a>."
-msgstr "您也可以在<a href=\"{fsf}\">the FSF</a>免費參閱此書。"
+msgstr "該書也可以在<a href=\"{fsf}\">FSF</a>上免費取得。"
#: talermerchantdemos/landing/templates/index.html.j2:50
-#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"At the project <a href=\"{donations}\">donation website</a> you can show "
"respect to a software project of your choice by donating {currency} to "
-msgstr "在項目<a href=\"{donations}\">捐贈網站上,</a>您可以通過向您選擇的軟體專案捐贈{currency}來表示敬意。"
+msgstr "在項目<a href=\"{donations}\">捐贈網站</a>上,您可以通過向您選擇的軟體專案捐贈{currency}來表示敬意。"
#: talermerchantdemos/landing/templates/index.html.j2:56
-#, fuzzy
msgid "Step 4: Check money flow"
-msgstr "步驟四: 檢查資金流量"
+msgstr "步驟四:檢查資金流量"
#: talermerchantdemos/landing/templates/index.html.j2:59
-#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"You can see the wire transfers from the escrow account of the exchange to"
" the merchants on the <a href=\"{bank}/public-accounts\">public accounts "
"page</a> of the bank."
-msgstr "您可以在銀行的<a href=\"{bank}/public-accounts\">公共帳戶頁面</a>上看到從交易所的託管賬戶到商人的電匯。"
+msgstr "您可以在銀行的<a href=\"{bank}/public-accounts\">公共帳戶頁面</a>上看到從交易所的託管賬戶到商家的電匯。"
#: talermerchantdemos/landing/templates/index.html.j2:60
msgid ""
@@ -576,29 +563,24 @@ msgid "Step 5: Survey"
msgstr "步驟五: 問卷調查"
#: talermerchantdemos/landing/templates/index.html.j2:68
-#, fuzzy
msgid "Websites can give tips to visitors for completing tasks."
msgstr "這些網站可以提供指點予訪客以完成任務。"
#: talermerchantdemos/landing/templates/index.html.j2:69
-#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"You can earn some {currency} coins by filling in our <a "
-msgstr "您可以透過填寫我們的 <a href=\"{url}\">問卷調查</a>以獲得一些{currency}貨幣。"
+msgstr "您可以透過填寫我們的 <a href=\"{url}\">問卷調查</a>獲得一些{currency}貨幣。"
#: talermerchantdemos/landing/templates/index.html.j2:81
-#, fuzzy
msgid "Step 6: Reach out to us"
-msgstr "步驟六: 與我們聯絡"
+msgstr "步驟六:與我們聯絡"
#: talermerchantdemos/landing/templates/index.html.j2:84
-#, fuzzy
msgid "We appreciate feedback about Taler and this demonstrator."
msgstr "謝謝您對於Taler 和此示範的回饋。"
#: talermerchantdemos/landing/templates/index.html.j2:85
-#, fuzzy
msgid "Let us know what you think by <a href=\"{link}\">contacting us</a>."
msgstr "<a href=\"{link}\">聯絡我們</a>並讓我們知道您的想法。"
@@ -616,7 +598,6 @@ msgid "This page demonstrates how to tip visitors for completing small tasks."
msgstr "這個頁面展示了如何給予小費予完成任務的訪客。"
#: talermerchantdemos/survey/templates/base.html.j2:35
-#, fuzzy
msgid ""
"Tipping is a way for offer cash rewards that go directly into a user's "