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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2022-06-20Fix lint and CI issuesTorsten Grote
Note that I only fixes the most grave things that made things fail. I didn't address all issues introduces lately nor making sure the targetSdk bump to 32 has no unintented side-effects.
2022-02-09Integrating languages files for synchronization with WeblateStefan Kügel
Signed-off-by: Stefan Kügel <>
2021-01-04Fix translation issues after pulling in translationsTorsten Grote
2021-01-04wallet: remove/change confusing stringsTorsten Grote
2020-09-08Fix minor lint warningsTorsten Grote
2020-08-12[wallet] adapt to new Refund APITorsten Grote
2020-08-05[wallet] show more user-friendly error messages for operationsTorsten Grote
2020-05-26Update translation filesWeblate
Updated by "Cleanup translation files" hook in Weblate. Translation: GNU Taler/Wallet - Android Translate-URL:
2020-05-26Translated using WeblateWeblate