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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
9 days[wallet] Show KYC notice in transaction list, and don't render fees when zeroIván Ávalos
2023-07-11[wallet] some dd37 fixes after mergingTorsten Grote
2023-07-11[wallet] Show suspend/resume only in devMode and rename "fail" to "cancel" in UIIván Ávalos
2023-07-11[wallet] DD37 fixesIván Ávalos
2023-07-11[wallet] Implemented DD37 with the new txActions fieldIván Ávalos
2023-06-12Remove Amount#fromDouble() as it was buggy and isn't really neededTorsten Grote
2023-04-13[wallet] Clean up compose migration of withdrawal and refresh transactionsTorsten Grote
2023-04-13[wallet] Remove exchangeBaseUrl from Refresh transactionsTorsten Grote
2023-04-13[wallet] Migrated withdrawal and refresh detail to ComposeIván Ávalos
2023-02-22[wallet] Improve selecting transaction after bank withdrawalTorsten Grote
2023-02-22[wallet] navigate to withdrawal transaction detail for bank withdrawalsTorsten Grote
2023-01-26[wallet] Refactored error colors using MaterialThemeIván Ávalos
2023-01-26[wallet] Experimental port to Material 3Iván Ávalos
2023-01-23[wallet] launchInAppBrowser() now uses startActivitySafe()Iván Ávalos
2023-01-18[wallet] Refactored error codes into GANA-generated enumIván Ávalos
2023-01-17[wallet] Clean up KYC handling a bitTorsten Grote
2023-01-06[wallet] Allow to restrict coins to age when withdrawingTorsten Grote
2023-01-03[wallet] Add share button to Peer-Push (and adapt to new API)Torsten Grote
2023-01-03[wallet] change send money texts for BitcoinTorsten Grote
2023-01-03[wallet] Fix crash when exchange is missing currencyTorsten Grote
2023-01-03[wallet] Move to accompanist theme adapter as the old one is deprecatedTorsten Grote
2023-01-03[common] Fix warnings in Bech32 implementationTorsten Grote
2022-10-24[wallet] change subject to message in manual withdrawal URITorsten Grote
2022-09-13[wallet] Don't crash when there's no subject in the payto:// URI for manual w...Torsten Grote
2022-09-13[wallet] Simplify Bitcoin withdrawal screenTorsten Grote
2022-09-06[wallet] implement prototype for outgoing peer transactionsTorsten Grote
2022-08-23[wallet] Fix lint errorTorsten Grote
2022-08-23[wallet] Clean up manual withdrawal code a bitTorsten Grote
2022-08-17Upgrade librariesTorsten Grote
2022-08-17[wallet] Scan QR codes in mixed modeTorsten Grote
2022-06-15accept decimal and bitcoin exchangesSebastian
2022-05-19-remove multiplatform dependency, library upgrade WIPFlorian Dold
2021-12-08Add a button to cancel manual withdrawalTorsten Grote
2021-12-07Add copy to clipboard button to withdrawal detailsTorsten Grote
2021-12-07Show bank details for manual withdrawalTorsten Grote
2021-11-29show 'accept tos' when there is no ToSSebastian
2021-08-27Update libraries and do associated maintenanceTorsten Grote
2020-10-13[wallet] expose error message when withdrawing TESTKUDOS failsTorsten Grote
2020-09-28[wallet] Enable manual withdrawal (without payto:// parsing/display)Torsten Grote
2020-09-28[wallet] implement exchange selection for withdrawalsTorsten Grote
2020-09-16Make apps work on API 21+ (except cashier that needs 23+)Torsten Grote
2020-09-03[wallet] show different withdrawal error message when app is offlineTorsten Grote
2020-09-03[wallet] migrate away from kotlin view extensionsTorsten Grote
2020-09-03Don't crash on empty manual withdrawal amountTorsten Grote
2020-09-01[wallet] support the new TalerErrorInfo error formatTorsten Grote
2020-08-18Include Taler common Kotlin library as a submoduleTorsten Grote
2020-08-12[wallet] remove remaining deserialization off the UI threadTorsten Grote
2020-08-11[wallet] start to move deserialization into the backend APITorsten Grote
2020-08-05[wallet] show more user-friendly error messages for operationsTorsten Grote
2020-07-29[wallet] update to new wallet-core with v8 exchange APITorsten Grote