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6 days[wallet] release 0.9.3+p7HEADwallet-0.9.3+p7masterTorsten Grote
6 days[wallet] upgrade to qtart 0.9.3-dev.16Torsten Grote
2023-07-28[wallet] upgrade to qtart 0.9.3-dev.14Torsten Grote
2023-07-17[wallet] release 0.9.3+p6wallet-0.9.3+p6Torsten Grote
2023-07-11[wallet] release 0.9.3+p5wallet-0.9.3+p5Torsten Grote
2023-07-11[wallet] bump qtart to 0.9.3-dev.13Torsten Grote
2023-07-11[wallet] release 0.9.3+p4wallet-0.9.3+p4Torsten Grote
2023-07-11[wallet] some dd37 fixes after mergingTorsten Grote
2023-07-11[wallet] Bump wallet-core to 0.9.3-dev.11Iván Ávalos
2023-07-11[wallet] Implemented DD37 with the new txActions fieldIván Ávalos
2023-05-30[wallet] Release 0.9.3+p3wallet-0.9.3+p3Torsten Grote
2023-05-09[wallet] upgrade qtart to 0.9.3-dev.8Torsten Grote
2023-05-09Fix dependency issuesTorsten Grote
2023-04-25[wallet] Upgrade all the things and target Android 13Torsten Grote
2023-04-13[wallet] version 0.9.3+p2wallet-0.9.3+p2Torsten Grote
2023-04-10[wallet] Upgrade to qtart 0.9.3-dev.7 (which is wallet-core 0.9.3-dev.11)Torsten Grote
2023-04-03[wallet] Release v0.9.3+p1Torsten Grote
2023-04-03[wallet] Release v0.9.3wallet-v0.9.3Torsten Grote
2023-04-03[wallet] Release v0.9.2+p3wallet-v0.9.2+p3Torsten Grote
2023-03-06[wallet] upgrade libraries and minify builds againTorsten Grote
2023-03-06[wallet] Refresh withdrawal detail screen after confirmationIván Ávalos
2023-03-06[wallet] move to qtart 0.9.3-dev.5 (now on maven central)Torsten Grote
2023-02-23[wallet] release 0.9.2+p2 (Google Play only)Torsten Grote
2023-02-22[wallet] release 0.9.2+p1wallet-v0.9.2+p1Torsten Grote
2023-02-22[wallet] release 0.9.2wallet-v0.9.2Torsten Grote
2023-02-22[wallet] update qtart to 0.9.3-dev.3Torsten Grote
2023-02-22[wallet] Final preparations for merging QuickJSIván Ávalos
2023-02-22[wallet] TalerWalletCore now pulled from MavenIván Ávalos
2023-02-22[wallet] Fixed JNI issue with Proguard.Iván Ávalos
2023-02-22[wallet] Initial work for QuickJS migration.Iván Ávalos
2023-01-31[wallet] Update libraries after releaseTorsten Grote
2023-01-26[wallet] Experimental port to Material 3Iván Ávalos
2023-01-26[wallet] Release version v0.9.1wallet-v0.9.1Torsten Grote
2023-01-23[wallet] Upgrade core to v0.9.1Torsten Grote
2023-01-18[wallet] Implemented custom tabsIván Ávalos
2023-01-03Fix some lint warningsTorsten Grote
2023-01-03[wallet] Move to accompanist theme adapter as the old one is deprecatedTorsten Grote
2023-01-03Upgrade libraries and wallet core to v0.9.1-dev.1Torsten Grote
2022-11-04[wallet] Release v0.9.0wallet-v0.9.0Torsten Grote
2022-11-03[wallet] Release v0.9.0-dev.33wallet-v0.9.0-dev.33Torsten Grote
2022-11-03[wallet] Upgrade to v0.9.0-dev.33Torsten Grote
2022-11-01[wallet] Upgrade libraries (untested because demo is down again)Torsten Grote
2022-10-26[wallet] Remove old anastasis prototypeTorsten Grote
2022-10-10[wallet] bump wallet core version and version codeFlorian Dold
2022-09-26[wallet] bump version codeFlorian Dold
2022-09-26[wallet] bump wallet-core to v0.9.0-dev.25Florian Dold
2022-09-23[wallet] Update to v0.9.0-dev.24Torsten Grote
2022-09-23[wallet] bump wallet-core to v0.9.0-dev.23Florian Dold
2022-09-23[wallet] Upgrade wallet-core to v0.9.0-dev.22Florian Dold
2022-09-20[wallet] Bump version code again, because someone has used the last one alrea...Torsten Grote