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2022-11-04[wallet] Release v0.9.0wallet-v0.9.0Torsten Grote
2022-11-03[wallet] Release v0.9.0-dev.33wallet-v0.9.0-dev.33Torsten Grote
2022-11-03[wallet] Upgrade to v0.9.0-dev.33Torsten Grote
2022-11-01[wallet] Upgrade libraries (untested because demo is down again)Torsten Grote
2022-10-26[wallet] Remove old anastasis prototypeTorsten Grote
2022-10-10[wallet] bump wallet core version and version codeFlorian Dold
2022-09-26[wallet] bump version codeFlorian Dold
2022-09-26[wallet] bump wallet-core to v0.9.0-dev.25Florian Dold
2022-09-23[wallet] Update to v0.9.0-dev.24Torsten Grote
2022-09-23[wallet] bump wallet-core to v0.9.0-dev.23Florian Dold
2022-09-23[wallet] Upgrade wallet-core to v0.9.0-dev.22Florian Dold
2022-09-20[wallet] Bump version code again, because someone has used the last one alrea...Torsten Grote
2022-09-20[wallet] Release v0.9.0-dev.16wallet-v0.9.0-dev.16Torsten Grote
2022-09-06[wallet] Upgrade to core v0.9.0-dev.16Torsten Grote
2022-08-23[wallet] Fix lint errorTorsten Grote
2022-08-17Upgrade librariesTorsten Grote
2022-08-17[wallet] upgrade core to v0.9.0-dev.12Torsten Grote
2022-06-30Fix wallet build by upgrading Kotlin/composeTorsten Grote
2022-06-01use new annotation for polymorphic serializationFlorian Dold
2022-05-19-remove multiplatform dependency, library upgrade WIPFlorian Dold
2022-05-16-update dependenciesFlorian Dold
2022-05-16-upgrade gradleFlorian Dold
2022-05-11latest version of wallet coreSebastian
2021-12-21Don't optimize akono classes awayTorsten Grote
2021-12-16wallet: bump wallet-core versionFlorian Dold
2021-12-07Add copy to clipboard button to withdrawal detailsTorsten Grote
2021-12-07Show bank details for manual withdrawalTorsten Grote
2021-11-28wallet: bump wallet core versionFlorian Dold
2021-10-12Upgrade to fixed akono releaseTorsten Grote
2021-09-23wallet core v0.8.2Sebastian
2021-08-27Update libraries and do associated maintenanceTorsten Grote
2021-07-12use v0.8.1 of wallet-coreJonathan Buchanan
2021-02-05wallet: upgrade wallet-core versionFlorian Dold
2021-02-04Upgrade non-Taler librariesTorsten Grote
2020-10-13Bump library versionsTorsten Grote
2020-09-28[wallet] implement exchange selection for withdrawalsTorsten Grote
2020-09-16Make apps work on API 21+ (except cashier that needs 23+)Torsten Grote
2020-09-11[wallet] verify wallet-core with SHA256wallet-v0.8.0-rc.3Torsten Grote
2020-09-09[wallet] release v0.8.0-rc.2wallet-v0.8.0-rc.2pos-0.1cashier-0.1Torsten Grote
2020-09-09bump wallet core versionFlorian Dold
2020-09-09bump wallet core versionFlorian Dold
2020-09-08Fix minor lint warningsTorsten Grote
2020-09-08[wallet] prepare play store uploadTorsten Grote
2020-09-07[wallet] always show product details (remove details button)Torsten Grote
2020-09-06[wallet] bump wallet-core versionFlorian Dold
2020-09-05[wallet] bump wallet-core versionFlorian Dold
2020-09-04upgrad wallet core versionFlorian Dold
2020-09-03[wallet] migrate away from kotlin view extensionsTorsten Grote
2020-09-03Don't crash on empty manual withdrawal amountTorsten Grote
2020-09-01[wallet] support the new TalerErrorInfo error formatTorsten Grote