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[wallet] move akono into a normal gradle dependency
This removes the need to manually copy a binary blob and should also make F-Droid inclusion easier.
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-GNU Taler Wallet
+# GNU Taler Wallet
This package implements a GNU Taler wallet for Android.
It is currently a UI for the wallet writen in TypeScript.
+## Building
+Currently, building the wallet for Android requires manually copying a dependency:
-Currently, building the wallet for Android requires manually copying two
-`akono.aar` -> `../akono/akono.aar`
`taler-wallet-android.js` -> `src/main/assets/taler-wallet-android.js`
After that, the Android wallet can be built with Gradle:
$ ./gradlew build
-Obtaining Dependencies
+## Obtaining Dependencies
There are two ways of obtaining the dependencies. The easiest one is
to use the pre-built versions, which are stored in the "binary-deps"
-branch of this repository.
+branch of the git:// repository.
An easy way to access them is using a git worktree:
$ git fetch origin binary-deps
$ git worktree add binary-deps binary-deps
- $ cp binary-deps/akono.aar ../akono/akono.aar
$ cp binary-deps/taler-wallet-android.js src/main/assets/taler-wallet-android.js
$ git worktree remove binary-deps
-Alternatively, you can build them yourself from the respective repositories:
+Alternatively, you can build it yourself from the repository:
- * git://
* git://