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2019-08-30no more wallet detectionFlorian Dold
2019-08-30qr code templateFlorian Dold
2019-03-29Provide better link to install the wallet.v0.5.2stableMarcello Stanisci
2019-03-29Optimizing #5591.Marcello Stanisci
2019-03-29Optimizing #5591.Marcello Stanisci
2019-03-29Optimizing #5591.Marcello Stanisci
2019-03-29Address #5591.Marcello Stanisci
2019-03-20Test and fix #5643; also updating the config module.Marcello Stanisci
2018-06-29Restore back-office linkMarcello Stanisci
2018-02-01another typoFlorian Dold
2018-02-01typosFlorian Dold
2018-02-01add survey statsFlorian Dold
2018-01-18remove unused JSFlorian Dold
2018-01-18add missing error templateFlorian Dold
2018-01-18remove wait page, fix syntax/importFlorian Dold
2018-01-18use new tipping API, fix various little thingsFlorian Dold
2017-12-28missing linkMarcello Stanisci
2017-11-30more text fixesFlorian Dold
2017-11-30prettier surveyFlorian Dold
2017-11-30fix htmlFlorian Dold
2017-11-30separate submit URLFlorian Dold
2017-11-28returning backend data as stringified headerMarcello Stanisci
2017-11-23Taler default choice ;-)Marcello Stanisci
2017-11-21add /pick endpointMarcello Stanisci
2017-11-21newline after congrats messageMarcello Stanisci
2017-11-20showing the homepageMarcello Stanisci