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+\title{E-Cash Comparison}
+ \item \textbf{Cryptographic Assumptions.} This needs to be included
+ and needs to contain more than just ROM because some schemes advertise that
+ they don't need ROM but rely on some other rather strong assumptions.
+ \item \textbf{Refunds.}
+ \item \textbf{Offline Spending.} Causes brittleness, not a goal.
+ \item \textbf{Exculpability When Restoring From Backup}. Usually conflicts with offline double spending detection.
+ \item \textbf{Traceability.} Means that (a threshold of) authorities can deanonymize a customer
+ if required (e.g. to catch a criminal).
+ \item \textbf{Transferability.}. Ability to transfer a coin from one user to another.
+ \item \textbf{Taxability / Income Transparency.} E-Cash can't be reliably transferred
+ without the transaction being recorded at the exchange.
+ \item \textbf{Time/Storage for Deposit.} Often not considered, especially
+ in ``constant time'' schemes.
+ \item \textbf{Time/Storage for Withdrawal.}
+ \item \textbf{Divisibility/Change.}.
+ \item \textbf{Robust Spending.} The customer either can prove that they payed for
+ a contract, or they can get their (unlinkable) money back.
+ \item \textbf{Provably Secure.}
+ \item \textbf{Endorsed (??).} Separation of the coin and permission to spend
+ it, see \cite{camenisch2007endorsed}. Allows fair exchange (?).
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+ author={J. Camenisch and A. Lysyanskaya and M. Meyerovich},
+ booktitle={2007 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (SP '07)},
+ title={Endorsed E-Cash},
+ year={2007},
+ pages={101-115},
+ keywords={electronic money;protocols;e-cash;electronic cash scheme;fair exchange protocol;lightweight endorsement;onion routing;Authentication;Cryptographic protocols;Cryptography;Digital signatures;Explosions;Information security;Merchandise;Privacy;Routing},
+ doi={10.1109/SP.2007.15},
+ ISSN={1081-6011},
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