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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-08-02put coin configuration in separate config fileFlorian Dold
2021-08-01debian: support compat level 12Florian Dold
2021-07-31fix installation of config filesFlorian Dold
2021-07-31spaceFlorian Dold
2021-07-31debian: bump version, minor tweaksFlorian Dold
2021-07-30debian: copy etc files for libtalerexchangeFlorian Dold
2021-07-30debian: socket locationFlorian Dold
2021-07-30better sample nginx configFlorian Dold
2021-07-30debian: better config split by packageFlorian Dold
2021-07-30debian: config commentsFlorian Dold
2021-07-30debian: overrides configFlorian Dold
2021-07-29debian: don't create home directories for every userFlorian Dold
2021-07-29configFlorian Dold
2021-07-29socketFlorian Dold
2021-07-29make run dir for httpdFlorian Dold
2021-07-29typoFlorian Dold
2021-07-29configFlorian Dold
2021-07-29directoriesFlorian Dold
2021-07-29directoriesFlorian Dold
2021-07-29typoFlorian Dold
2021-07-29use statoverride conditionallyFlorian Dold
2021-07-29use statoverride for auditor, tooFlorian Dold
2021-07-29use statoverrideFlorian Dold
2021-07-29fix install locationFlorian Dold
2021-07-29postinstFlorian Dold
2021-07-29debian: install filesFlorian Dold
2021-07-29debian: install filesFlorian Dold
2021-07-29simplify configurationFlorian Dold
2021-07-28debian: no more user config hacksFlorian Dold
2021-07-27debian: fix transfer serviceFlorian Dold
2021-07-27debian: separate config for secmodsFlorian Dold
2021-07-27debian: make it a targetFlorian Dold
2021-07-27debian: add taler-exchange-closer userFlorian Dold
2021-07-27debian: EVEN stronger unit dependencyFlorian Dold
2021-07-27debian: stronger unit dependencyFlorian Dold
2021-07-27debian: unit dependenciesFlorian Dold
2021-07-27debian: add closer serviceFlorian Dold
2021-07-27debian: fix bad configFlorian Dold
2021-07-27debian: service configFlorian Dold
2021-07-27debian: service file and readmeFlorian Dold
2021-07-27debian: taler-exchange umbrella serviceFlorian Dold
2021-07-27debian: remove old service depFlorian Dold
2021-07-27debian: use tmpfiles instead of rundir unitFlorian Dold
2021-07-27debian: postrmFlorian Dold
2021-07-27debian: final dh_installsystemd invocationFlorian Dold
2021-07-26debian: rundir permissionsFlorian Dold
2021-07-26debian: install rundir serviceFlorian Dold
2021-07-26debian: rundir serviceFlorian Dold
2021-07-26don't use environment filesFlorian Dold