AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-01-16fix commentsChristian Grothoff
2020-01-16fix auth initChristian Grothoff
2020-01-16pointless to check denom_sig, do not returnChristian Grothoff
2020-01-16reuse TALER_url_joinChristian Grothoff
2020-01-16debigChristian Grothoff
2020-01-16remove duplicated, wrong ec logic in bank-libChristian Grothoff
2020-01-16fix config error messageFlorian Dold
2020-01-16fix use after freeChristian Grothoff
2020-01-16Removing dead code.Marcello Stanisci
2020-01-16fixChristian Grothoff
2020-01-16finish porting aggregator testsMarcello Stanisci
2020-01-16rename config file to make it clear it is associated with a test (in build)Christian Grothoff
2020-01-16rename config file to make it clear it is associated with a testChristian Grothoff
2020-01-16address commentChristian Grothoff
2020-01-16address FIXMEsChristian Grothoff
2020-01-16separate tests, address FIXMEsChristian Grothoff
2020-01-16Porting aggregator tests until 'expect-deposit-6' CMD.Marcello Stanisci
2020-01-16Progress with aggregator tests.Marcello Stanisci
2020-01-16Got first aggregation to passMarcello Stanisci
2020-01-16Finishing CMD to insert denomination and deposit into database.Marcello Stanisci
2020-01-16HTTP_NOT_ACCEPTABLE is not an expected status code, as it is for content ↵Florian Dold
type negotiation
2020-01-16comments, indentationChristian Grothoff
2020-01-16formatting, commentsChristian Grothoff
2020-01-16more unique naming of commands, clean up revocation dirChristian Grothoff
2020-01-16log as INFOChristian Grothoff
2020-01-16fix fakebank logicChristian Grothoff
2020-01-16Aggregator tests execute first CMD.Marcello Stanisci
2020-01-16fix history APIChristian Grothoff
2020-01-16remove variable that doesn't belongFlorian Dold
2020-01-16make lib(c|gn)url mandatory, cleaner makefilesFlorian Dold
2020-01-16get fakebank test to passChristian Grothoff
2020-01-16remove wallet-specific codeFlorian Dold
2020-01-16dead code eliminationMarcello Stanisci
2020-01-16Excluding old logic from compilation.Marcello Stanisci
2020-01-16more comments and CMD stateMarcello Stanisci
2020-01-16insert-deposit CMD, skeleton.Marcello Stanisci
2020-01-16fix really stupid bugsChristian Grothoff
2020-01-16DCEFlorian Dold
2020-01-16copyfixChristian Grothoff
2020-01-16simplify amount logicChristian Grothoff
2020-01-16Adapting wirewatch tests to new style.Marcello Stanisci
2020-01-15pathChristian Grothoff
2020-01-15fix commentsChristian Grothoff
2020-01-15simplify credit history computationChristian Grothoff
2020-01-15simplify debit history computationChristian Grothoff
2020-01-15clean up history building/checking logic a bitChristian Grothoff
2020-01-15check for 204 firstChristian Grothoff
2020-01-15simplify bank history commandsChristian Grothoff
2020-01-15fix check commands in test_auditor_apiChristian Grothoff
2020-01-15Wirewatch test.Marcello Stanisci
Start the test using the new style. All commands still to be ported.