AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-04-11Re-enabling keys serialization test.Marcello Stanisci
2019-04-11Address compilation warnings.Marcello Stanisci
2019-04-11Address compilation warnings.Marcello Stanisci
2019-04-11Fix history CMD loop, + make fakebank demonize.Marcello Stanisci
This latter enable us to call the "check-service" CMD against the Fakebank, instead of doing forced X seconds sleep.
2019-04-11Better calculation of # DKsMarcello Stanisci
2019-04-11fix build troubleChristian Grothoff
2019-04-10Merge branch 'master' of
2019-04-10Refactor test_exchangedb_denomkeys for GNUNET_memcmpng0
2019-04-10Refactor test_exchangedb_auditors for GNUNET_memcmpng0
2019-04-10Refactor exchange_api_handle for GNUNET_memcmpng0
2019-04-10Refactor testing_api_cmd_payback for GNUNET_memcmpng0
2019-04-10fix docu: section name changedChristian Grothoff
2019-04-10Test /history-range after transactions happened.Marcello Stanisci
2019-04-10Fixing twisted tests.Marcello Stanisci
It has been observed that when a "twisted" test has "very little" commands in the stack, it uses to fail since the proxied service cannot be reached. This commit puts some delay before the first command gets run by the test interpreter; both in the form of a "blind" sleep, and with a more structured 'wget' loop.
2019-04-10minor fixesMarcello Stanisci
2019-04-10Time math macros.Marcello Stanisci
2019-04-10minor fixesMarcello Stanisci
2019-04-10Make the API-agnostic iterator work.Marcello Stanisci
This allows to build local histories to be matched against the ones returned by the bank; in particular, this version builds those stories regardless of /history or /history-range being run.
2019-04-09exchangedb/exchangedb_test: GNUNET_memcmpng0
2019-04-08/history-range.Marcello Stanisci
Implementing the "lib" and "testing-lib" functions to use it.
2019-04-08Refactor test_exchangedb_denomkeys.c for GNUNET_memcmpng0
2019-04-08Refactor test_exchangedb_signkeys for GNUNET_memcmpng0
2019-04-08Refactor lib/exchange_api_reserve.c for GNUNET_memcmpng0
2019-04-08Refactor lib/exchange_api_common.c for GNUNET_memcmpng0
2019-04-08Refactor plugin_exchangedb_postgres for GNUNET_memcmpng0
2019-04-08Fix leftover memcmpng0
2019-04-08Refactor for GNUNET_memcmpng0
2019-04-08Refactor for GNUNET_memcmpng0
2019-04-08Refactor for GNUNET_memcmpng0
2019-04-08Refactor for GNUNET_memcmp and _is_zerong0
2019-04-08Refactor test_auditordb.c for GNUNET_memcmpng0
2019-04-08refactor for GNUNET_memcmpng0
2019-04-08refactor for GNUNET_memcmpng0
2019-04-08refactor util/test_crypto.c for GNUNET_memcmpng0
2019-04-08Refactor auditor/taler-wire-auditor.c for GNUNET_memcmpng0
2019-04-08Refactor auditor/taler-auditor.c for GNUNET_memcmpng0
2019-04-08notesMarcello Stanisci
2019-04-08Put /history[-range] logic in a dedicate file.Marcello Stanisci
2019-04-08Set range pointer.Marcello Stanisci
2019-04-08debug messageMarcello Stanisci
2019-04-08Fix compilation warnings, + enable polymorphic /history handler.Marcello Stanisci
2019-04-08Finishing /history-range implementation, untested.Marcello Stanisci
2019-04-08Gather /history implementation(s) in one point.Marcello Stanisci
2019-04-08Finish abstract history builder.Marcello Stanisci
2019-04-07doc/taler-exchange.texi: Fix build with older Texinfo versions.ng0
2019-04-07fix #includesChristian Grothoff
2019-04-06Improving the math.Marcello Stanisci
2019-04-06Test the big lookahead_sign, plus notes.Marcello Stanisci
2019-04-06Artificial 'now'.Marcello Stanisci
Getting to the point where "/keys" discards expired DKs due to the artificial 'now' given on the URL.
2019-04-05Half-baking #5666.Marcello Stanisci