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diff --git a/src/auditordb/0001.sql b/src/auditordb/0001.sql
index 7f47f035..3e666519 100644
--- a/src/auditordb/0001.sql
+++ b/src/auditordb/0001.sql
@@ -115,7 +115,7 @@ CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS auditor_reserves
,auditor_reserves_rowid BIGSERIAL UNIQUE
,origin_account TEXT
-CREATE INDEX auditor_reserves_by_reserve_pub
+CREATE INDEX IF NOT EXISTS auditor_reserves_by_reserve_pub
ON auditor_reserves
-- Table with the sum of the balances of all customer reserves
@@ -203,7 +203,7 @@ CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS auditor_historic_reserve_summary
,reserve_profits_val INT8 NOT NULL
,reserve_profits_frac INT4 NOT NULL
-CREATE INDEX auditor_historic_reserve_summary_by_master_pub_start_date
+CREATE INDEX IF NOT EXISTS auditor_historic_reserve_summary_by_master_pub_start_date
ON auditor_historic_reserve_summary
diff --git a/src/exchange/taler-exchange-aggregator.c b/src/exchange/taler-exchange-aggregator.c
index a43277b2..5f57c829 100644
--- a/src/exchange/taler-exchange-aggregator.c
+++ b/src/exchange/taler-exchange-aggregator.c
@@ -582,6 +582,7 @@ shutdown_task (void *cls)
ctc = NULL;
TALER_EXCHANGEDB_plugin_unload (db_plugin);
+ db_plugin = NULL;
struct WireAccount *wa;
@@ -670,6 +671,7 @@ parse_wirewatch_config ()
fprintf (stderr,
"Failed to initialize DB tables\n");
TALER_EXCHANGEDB_plugin_unload (db_plugin);
+ db_plugin = NULL;
TALER_EXCHANGEDB_find_accounts (cfg,
@@ -680,6 +682,7 @@ parse_wirewatch_config ()
fprintf (stderr,
"No wire accounts configured for debit!\n");
TALER_EXCHANGEDB_plugin_unload (db_plugin);
+ db_plugin = NULL;
return GNUNET_OK;
@@ -1179,10 +1182,7 @@ expired_reserve_cb (void *cls,
/* Reserve balance was almost zero OR soft error */
"Reserve was virtually empty, moving on\n");
- (void) commit_or_warn (ctc->session);
- GNUNET_free (ctc->method);
- GNUNET_free (ctc);
- ctc = NULL;
+ (void) commit_or_warn (session);
task = GNUNET_SCHEDULER_add_now (&run_transfers,
return qs;
diff --git a/src/exchangedb/0001.sql b/src/exchangedb/0001.sql
index 8e7ea0bf..02dc68cf 100644
--- a/src/exchangedb/0001.sql
+++ b/src/exchangedb/0001.sql
@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS denominations
,fee_refund_val INT8 NOT NULL
,fee_refund_frac INT4 NOT NULL
-CREATE INDEX denominations_expire_legal_index
+CREATE INDEX IF NOT EXISTS denominations_expire_legal_index
ON denominations
@@ -65,18 +65,18 @@ CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS reserves
,gc_date INT8 NOT NULL
-- index on reserves table (TODO: useless due to primary key!?)
-CREATE INDEX reserves_reserve_pub_index
+CREATE INDEX IF NOT EXISTS reserves_reserve_pub_index
ON reserves
-- index for get_expired_reserves
-CREATE INDEX reserves_expiration_index
+CREATE INDEX IF NOT EXISTS reserves_expiration_index
ON reserves
-- index for reserve GC operations
-CREATE INDEX reserves_gc_index
+CREATE INDEX IF NOT EXISTS reserves_gc_index
ON reserves
-- reserves_in table collects the transactions which transfer funds
@@ -94,12 +94,12 @@ CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS reserves_in
,PRIMARY KEY (reserve_pub, wire_reference)
-- Create indices on reserves_in
-CREATE INDEX reserves_in_execution_index
+CREATE INDEX IF NOT EXISTS reserves_in_execution_index
ON reserves_in
-CREATE INDEX reserves_in_exchange_account_serial
+CREATE INDEX IF NOT EXISTS reserves_in_exchange_account_serial
ON reserves_in
reserve_in_serial_id DESC
@@ -116,7 +116,7 @@ CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS reserves_close
,amount_frac INT4 NOT NULL
,closing_fee_val INT8 NOT NULL
,closing_fee_frac INT4 NOT NULL);
-CREATE INDEX reserves_close_by_reserve
+CREATE INDEX IF NOT EXISTS reserves_close_by_reserve
ON reserves_close
-- Table with the withdraw operations that have been performed on a reserve.
@@ -137,13 +137,13 @@ CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS reserves_out
,amount_with_fee_frac INT4 NOT NULL
-- Index blindcoins(reserve_pub) for get_reserves_out statement
-CREATE INDEX reserves_out_reserve_pub_index
+CREATE INDEX IF NOT EXISTS reserves_out_reserve_pub_index
ON reserves_out
-CREATE INDEX reserves_out_execution_date
+CREATE INDEX IF NOT EXISTS reserves_out_execution_date
ON reserves_out
-CREATE INDEX reserves_out_for_get_withdraw_info
+CREATE INDEX IF NOT EXISTS reserves_out_for_get_withdraw_info
ON reserves_out
@@ -155,7 +155,7 @@ CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS known_coins
,denom_pub_hash BYTEA NOT NULL REFERENCES denominations (denom_pub_hash) ON DELETE CASCADE
,denom_sig BYTEA NOT NULL
-CREATE INDEX known_coins_by_denomination
+CREATE INDEX IF NOT EXISTS known_coins_by_denomination
ON known_coins
-- Table with the commitments made when melting a coin. */
@@ -168,7 +168,7 @@ CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS refresh_commitments
,amount_with_fee_frac INT4 NOT NULL
,noreveal_index INT4 NOT NULL
-CREATE INDEX refresh_commitments_old_coin_pub_index
+CREATE INDEX IF NOT EXISTS refresh_commitments_old_coin_pub_index
ON refresh_commitments
-- Table with the revelations about the new coins that are to be created
@@ -188,7 +188,7 @@ CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS refresh_revealed_coins
,PRIMARY KEY (rc, newcoin_index)
,UNIQUE (h_coin_ev)
-CREATE INDEX refresh_revealed_coins_coin_pub_index
+CREATE INDEX IF NOT EXISTS refresh_revealed_coins_coin_pub_index
ON refresh_revealed_coins
-- Table with the transfer keys of a refresh operation; includes
@@ -203,7 +203,7 @@ CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS refresh_transfer_keys
-- for get_link (not sure if this helps, as there should be very few
-- transfer_pubs per rc, but at least in theory this helps the ORDER BY
-- clause.
-CREATE INDEX refresh_transfer_keys_coin_tpub
+CREATE INDEX IF NOT EXISTS refresh_transfer_keys_coin_tpub
ON refresh_transfer_keys
@@ -228,14 +228,14 @@ CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS deposits
,UNIQUE (coin_pub, merchant_pub, h_contract_terms)
-- Index for get_deposit_for_wtid and get_deposit_statement */
-CREATE INDEX deposits_coin_pub_merchant_contract_index
+CREATE INDEX IF NOT EXISTS deposits_coin_pub_merchant_contract_index
ON deposits
-- Index for deposits_get_ready
-CREATE INDEX deposits_get_ready_index
+CREATE INDEX IF NOT EXISTS deposits_get_ready_index
ON deposits
@@ -243,7 +243,7 @@ CREATE INDEX deposits_get_ready_index
-- Index for deposits_iterate_matching
-CREATE INDEX deposits_iterate_matching
+CREATE INDEX IF NOT EXISTS deposits_iterate_matching
ON deposits
@@ -265,7 +265,7 @@ CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS refunds
,amount_with_fee_frac INT4 NOT NULL
,PRIMARY KEY (coin_pub, merchant_pub, h_contract_terms, rtransaction_id)
-CREATE INDEX refunds_coin_pub_index
+CREATE INDEX IF NOT EXISTS refunds_coin_pub_index
ON refunds
-- This table contains the data for
@@ -287,7 +287,7 @@ CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS aggregation_tracking
-- Index for lookup_transactions statement on wtid
-CREATE INDEX aggregation_tracking_wtid_index
+CREATE INDEX IF NOT EXISTS aggregation_tracking_wtid_index
ON aggregation_tracking
-- Table for the wire fees.
@@ -302,7 +302,7 @@ CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS wire_fee
,master_sig BYTEA NOT NULL CHECK (LENGTH(master_sig)=64)
,PRIMARY KEY (wire_method, start_date)
-CREATE INDEX wire_fee_gc_index
+CREATE INDEX IF NOT EXISTS wire_fee_gc_index
ON wire_fee
-- Table for /recoup information
@@ -317,13 +317,13 @@ CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS recoup
,timestamp INT8 NOT NULL
,h_blind_ev BYTEA NOT NULL REFERENCES reserves_out (h_blind_ev) ON DELETE CASCADE
-CREATE INDEX recoup_by_coin_index
+CREATE INDEX IF NOT EXISTS recoup_by_coin_index
ON recoup
-CREATE INDEX recoup_by_h_blind_ev
+CREATE INDEX IF NOT EXISTS recoup_by_h_blind_ev
ON recoup
-CREATE INDEX recoup_for_by_reserve
+CREATE INDEX IF NOT EXISTS recoup_for_by_reserve
ON recoup
@@ -340,13 +340,13 @@ CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS recoup_refresh
,timestamp INT8 NOT NULL
,h_blind_ev BYTEA NOT NULL REFERENCES refresh_revealed_coins (h_coin_ev) ON DELETE CASCADE
-CREATE INDEX recoup_refresh_by_coin_index
+CREATE INDEX IF NOT EXISTS recoup_refresh_by_coin_index
ON recoup_refresh
-CREATE INDEX recoup_refresh_by_h_blind_ev
+CREATE INDEX IF NOT EXISTS recoup_refresh_by_h_blind_ev
ON recoup_refresh
-CREATE INDEX recoup_refresh_for_by_reserve
+CREATE INDEX IF NOT EXISTS recoup_refresh_for_by_reserve
ON recoup_refresh
@@ -360,7 +360,7 @@ CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS prewire
-- Index for wire_prepare_data_get and gc_prewire statement
-CREATE INDEX prepare_iteration_index
+CREATE INDEX IF NOT EXISTS prepare_iteration_index
ON prewire
diff --git a/src/json/json.c b/src/json/json.c
index 6de29931..f0c0aff5 100644
--- a/src/json/json.c
+++ b/src/json/json.c
@@ -81,7 +81,8 @@ TALER_JSON_get_error_code (const json_t *json)
so we are dealing with a missing error code here. */
if (NULL == jc)
- GNUNET_break_op (0);
+ "Expected Taler error code `code' in JSON, but field does not exist!\n");
if (json_is_integer (jc))