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diff --git a/src/exchangedb/plugin_exchangedb_postgres.c b/src/exchangedb/plugin_exchangedb_postgres.c
index 955ced58a..449c23735 100644
--- a/src/exchangedb/plugin_exchangedb_postgres.c
+++ b/src/exchangedb/plugin_exchangedb_postgres.c
@@ -3320,7 +3320,7 @@ get_refunds_cb (void *cls,
* @param session database handle to use
* @param coin_pub coin to get refunds for
* @param merchant_pub merchant to get refunds for
- * @param h_contract_pub contract (hash) to get refunds for
+ * @param h_contract contract (hash) to get refunds for
* @param cb function to call for each refund found
* @param cb_cls closure for @a cb
* @return query result status
@@ -3489,8 +3489,7 @@ postgres_insert_melt (void *cls,
* @param cls the @e cls of this struct with the plugin-specific state
* @param session database connection
* @param rc identify commitment and thus refresh operation
- * @param num_rrcs_newcoins number of coins to generate, size of the
- * @a rrcs array
+ * @param num_rrcs number of coins to generate, size of the @a rrcs array
* @param rrcs information about the new coins
* @param num_tprivs number of entries in @a tprivs, should be #TALER_CNC_KAPPA - 1
* @param tprivs transfer private keys to store
@@ -6947,7 +6946,7 @@ postgres_get_reserve_by_h_blind (void *cls,
* @param cls closure
* @param session a session
* @param h_blind_ev hash of the blinded coin
- * @param[out] reserve_pub set to information about the reserve (on success only)
+ * @param[out] old_coin_pub set to information about the old coin (on success only)
* @return transaction status code
static enum GNUNET_DB_QueryStatus