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diff --git a/src/exchangedb/exchange-0002.sql b/src/exchangedb/exchange-0002.sql
index c7a31528..601935bf 100644
--- a/src/exchangedb/exchange-0002.sql
+++ b/src/exchangedb/exchange-0002.sql
@@ -114,20 +114,23 @@ COMMENT ON COLUMN auditor_denom_sigs.auditor_sig
CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS exchange_sign_keys
- (exchange_pub BYTEA PRIMARY KEY
- ,master_pub BYTEA NOT NULL CHECK (LENGTH(master_pub)=32)
+ (exchange_pub BYTEA PRIMARY KEY CHECK (LENGTH(exchange_pub)=32)
,master_sig BYTEA NOT NULL CHECK (LENGTH(master_sig)=64)
- ,legal_end INT8 NOT NULL
+ ,valid_from INT8 NOT NULL
+ ,expire_sign INT8 NOT NULL
+ ,expire_legal INT8 NOT NULL
COMMENT ON TABLE exchange_sign_keys
IS 'Table with master public key signatures on exchange online signing keys.';
COMMENT ON COLUMN exchange_sign_keys.exchange_pub
IS 'Public online signing key of the exchange.';
-COMMENT ON COLUMN exchange_sign_keys.master_pub
- IS 'Master public key of the exchange that was used for master_sig.';
COMMENT ON COLUMN exchange_sign_keys.master_sig
IS 'Signature affirming the validity of the signing key of purpose TALER_SIGNATURE_MASTER_SIGNING_KEY_VALIDITY.';
-COMMENT ON COLUMN exchange_sign_keys.legal_end
+COMMENT ON COLUMN exchange_sign_keys.valid_from
+ IS 'Time when this online signing key will first be used to sign messages.';
+COMMENT ON COLUMN exchange_sign_keys.expire_sign
+ IS 'Time when this online signing key will no longer be used to sign.';
+COMMENT ON COLUMN exchange_sign_keys.expire_legal
IS 'Time when this online signing key legally expires.';