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diff --git a/src/benchmark/benchmark.conf b/src/benchmark/benchmark.conf
index 53431695..a52b0371 100644
--- a/src/benchmark/benchmark.conf
+++ b/src/benchmark/benchmark.conf
@@ -37,18 +37,24 @@ config = "postgres:///talercheck"
host = localhost
-dir = /home/dold/repos/taler/exchange/src/benchmark
+# Adjust $HOME to match remote target!
+dir = $HOME/repos/taler/exchange/src/benchmark
+USER_PAYTO_URI = payto://x-taler-bank/localhost:8082/42
-# What is the bank account (with the "Taler Bank" demo system)?
+# What is the payto://-URL of the exchange (to generate wire response)
URL = "payto://x-taler-bank/localhost:8082/2"
+# What is the bank account (with the "Taler Bank" demo system)? Must end with "/".
+WIRE_GATEWAY_URL = http://localhost:8082/2/
# This is the response we give out for the /wire request. It provides
# wallets with the bank information for transfers to the exchange.
-wire_response = ${TALER_CONFIG_HOME}/account-2.json
-# Which wire plugin should we use to access the account?
+# Which wire method should we use to calculate fees?
METHOD = x-taler-bank
# Authentication information for basic authentication
-taler_bank_auth_method = "basic"
username = user
password = pass