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diff --git a/src/auditordb/plugin_auditordb_postgres.c b/src/auditordb/plugin_auditordb_postgres.c
index 7e20600a..f231af27 100644
--- a/src/auditordb/plugin_auditordb_postgres.c
+++ b/src/auditordb/plugin_auditordb_postgres.c
@@ -1906,6 +1906,9 @@ postgres_get_auditor_progress_coin (void *cls,
* @param session connection to use
* @param master_pub master key of the exchange
* @param account_name name of the wire account we are auditing
+ * @param pp how far are we in the auditor's tables
+ * @param in_wire_off how far are we in the incoming wire transfers
+ * @param out_wire_off how far are we in the outgoing wire transfers
* @return transaction status code
static enum GNUNET_DB_QueryStatus