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@@ -93,25 +93,6 @@ online, as the discretion of parents.
-% mention eKrona/Riksbank
-% bessere ueberleitung
-% effizienz!
-% freie software / commons
-% scalability of blockchains
-% expand on some ideas such as naiveity of blockchains
-% 3 areas for currencies
-% einleitung: we introduced two systems that solve/address core problems for
-% banking (consensus, transactions, ...) "geld ist kein selbstzweck"
-% reason for having money is: ...
-% central banks are the only tool that we know that works
-% geld ist politisch, macht, verantwortung, gesellschaften aufbauen oder ruinieren
-% apolitical solution impossible
This book presented GNU Taler, an efficient protocol for
value-based electronic payment systems with focus on security and
privacy. While we believe our approach to be socially and economically beneficial, a
@@ -157,7 +138,7 @@ activity from tax evasion to financing of terrorism.
These problems are easily addressed by combining the register (or
ledger) with a central bank providing a regulatory framework and
monetary policy, including anti-money-laundering and
-know-your-customer enforcement.
+know-your-customer enforcement.
\section{Electronic Payments}
@@ -244,4 +225,3 @@ continuous political debate and cannot be ``solved'' by simplistic algorithms.
What we offer to society is an open and free (as in free speech) system with
mechanisms to audit merchants' income, instead of proprietary systems
controlled by a few oligopoly companies.