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-These are the general coding style rules for Taler.
-* Baseline rules are to follow GNU guidelines, modified or extended
- by the GNUnet style: https://gnunet.org/style
-Naming conventions:
-* include files (very similar to GNUnet):
- + if installed, must start with "taler_" (exception: platform.h),
- and MUST live in src/include/
- + if NOT installed, must NOT start with "taler_" and
- MUST NOT live in src/include/ and
- SHOULD NOT be included from outside of their own directory
- + end in "_lib" for "simple" libraries
- + end in "_plugin" for plugins
- + end in "_service" for libraries accessing a service, i.e. the exchange
-* binaries:
- + taler-exchange-xxx: exchange programs
- + taler-merchant-xxx: merchant programs (demos)
- + taler-wallet-xxx: wallet programs
- + plugins should be libtaler_plugin_xxx_yyy.so: plugin yyy for API xxx
- + libtalerxxx: library for API xxx
-* logging
- + tools use their full name in GNUNET_log_setup
- (i.e. 'taler-exchange-keyup') and log using plain 'GNUNET_log'.
- + pure libraries (without associated service) use 'GNUNET_log_from'
- with the component set to their library name (without lib or '.so'),
- which should also be their directory name (i.e. 'util')
- + plugin libraries (without associated service) use 'GNUNET_log_from'
- with the component set to their type and plugin name (without lib or '.so'),
- which should also be their directory name (i.e. 'exchangedb-postgres')
- + libraries with associated service) use 'GNUNET_log_from'
- with the name of the service, which should also be their
- directory name (i.e. 'exchange')
-* configuration
- + same rules as for GNUnet
-* exported symbols
- + must start with TALER_[SUBSYSTEMNAME]_ where SUBSYSTEMNAME
- MUST match the subdirectory of src/ in which the symbol is defined
- + from libtalerutil start just with TALER_, without subsystemname
- + if scope is ONE binary and symbols are not in a shared library,
- use binary-specific prefix (such as TMH = taler-exchange-httpd) for
- globals, possibly followed by the subsystem (TMH_DB_xxx).
-* structs:
- + structs that are 'packed' and do not contain pointers and are
- thus suitable for hashing or similar operations are distinguished
- by adding a "P" at the end of the name. (NEW) Note that this
- convention does not hold for the GNUnet-structs (yet).
- + structs that are used with a purpose for signatures, additionally
- get an "S" at the end of the name.
-* private (library-internal) symbols (including structs and macros)
- + must not start with TALER_ or any other prefix
-* testcases
- + must be called "test_module-under-test_case-description.c"
-* performance tests
- + must be called "perf_module-under-test_case-description.c"