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Welcome to the Taler Donation "Shop" Demo

This toy donations website shows the user experience for donations with Taler. You are paying with an imaginary currency ({{ merchant_currency }}).

Installing the Taler wallet

First, you need to install the Taler wallet browser extension. Install the wallet Wallets for other browsers will be provided in the near future.

Please select a project, the amount (*) of {{ merchant_currency }} you wish to donate, and enter the name that will appear on your receipt:

(*) To make it a bit more fun, the 5 {{ merchant_currency }} option is deliberately implemented with a fault: the merchant will try to make you donate 6 {{ merchant_currency }} instead of the 5 {{ merchant_currency }} you got to see. But do not worry, you will be given the opportunity to review the final offer from the merchant in a window secured by the Taler extension. That way, you can spot the error before committing to an incorrect contract.

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