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Select your payment method

This is an example for a "checkout" page of a Web shop. On the previous page, you have created the shopping cart and decided which product to buy (i.e. which project to donate KUDOS to). Now in this page, you are asked to select a payment option. As Taler is not yet universally used, we expect merchants will offer various payment options.

The page also demonstrates how to only enable (or show) the Taler option if Taler is actually supported by the browser. For example, if you disable the Taler extension now, the Taler payment option will be disabled in the page. Naturally, you could also trivially hide the Taler option entirely by changing the visibility instead.

Note that you MUST select Taler here for the demo to continue, as the other payment options are just placeholders and not really working in the demonstration. Also, it is of course possible to ask the user to make this choice already on the previous page (with the shopping cart), we just separated the two steps to keep each step as simple as possible.

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