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2020-09-04wallet APIs for testingFlorian Dold
2020-09-03document wallet dumpCoins APIFlorian Dold
2020-08-24no more nextUrl in the walletFlorian Dold
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2020-08-14document test functionalityFlorian Dold
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2020-07-31wallet apiFlorian Dold
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2020-07-28session ID override is not necessaryFlorian Dold
2020-07-28syntaxFlorian Dold
2020-07-28spec preparePayFlorian Dold
2020-07-23remove non-generic wallet API CLI docsFlorian Dold
2020-07-21Refinement of wallet withdrawal APITorsten Grote
2020-07-20Fix wallet API docs and adjust withdraw APITorsten Grote
2020-07-20fix broken indentationFlorian Dold
2020-07-20wallet apiFlorian Dold
2020-07-20wallet apiFlorian Dold
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2020-07-16wallet apiFlorian Dold
2020-07-11wallet-core API docsFlorian Dold
2020-07-09docsFlorian Dold
2020-07-09wallet API docs, WIPFlorian Dold
2020-06-22instructions for manual withdrawalsMS
2020-05-18clarify amounts in transactions APITorsten Grote
2020-05-18wallet API clarificationsTorsten Grote
2020-05-15Clarify when to show zero balance currencies in new balance APITorsten Grote
2020-05-15Clarify hiding internal refreshes from user-facing balanceTorsten Grote
2020-05-14Add proposal for wallet balances APITorsten Grote
2020-05-13Add TransactionError to transaction APITorsten Grote
2020-05-12Small tweaks of transactions APITorsten Grote
2020-05-06Add wallet-core integration test casesTorsten Grote
2020-05-04clarify wallet transactions API sortingTorsten Grote
2020-04-29slight tweaks to proposed transactions wallet APITorsten Grote
2020-04-28update build instructions for Android appsTorsten Grote
2020-04-28add confirmation flag to wallet API withdrawal transactionTorsten Grote
2020-04-27Add proposal for wallet transactions APITorsten Grote