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@@ -80,11 +80,12 @@ Some functionality of the backend (the “public interface“) is also
exposed to the customer’s browser directly. In the HTTP API, all public
endpoints are prefixed with ``/public/``.
+.. index:: sandbox, authorization
Public Sandbox Backend and Authentication
-:keywords: sandbox
-:keywords: authorization
How the frontend authenticates to the Taler backend depends on the
configuration. See Taler Merchant Operating Manual.
@@ -107,10 +108,11 @@ The sandbox backend uses ``KUDOS`` as an
imaginary currency. Coins denominated in ``KUDOS`` can be withdrawn from
+.. index:: instance
Merchant Instances
-:keywords: instance
The same Taler merchant backend server can be used by multiple separate
merchants that are separate business entities. Each of these separate
business entities is called a *merchant instance*, and is identified by
@@ -136,10 +138,11 @@ not affiliated with or officially approved by the respective projects.
Accepting a Simple Payment
+.. index:: order
Creating an Order for a Payment
-:keywords: order
Payments in Taler revolve around an *order*, which is a machine-readable
description of the business transaction for which the payment is to be
made. Before accepting a Taler payment as a merchant you must create
@@ -225,11 +228,11 @@ usually needs to trigger the business logic for the merchant to fulfill
the merchant’s obligations under the contract.
.. _Giving-Refunds:
+.. index:: refunds
Giving Refunds
-:keywords: refunds
A refund in GNU Taler is a way to “undo” a payment. It needs to be
authorized by the merchant. Refunds can be for any fraction of the
original amount paid, but they cannot exceed the original payment.
@@ -275,10 +278,11 @@ This code snipped illustrates giving a refund:
<Response [200]>
+.. index:: repurchase
Repurchase detection and fulfillment URLs
-:keywords: repurchase
A possible problem for merchants selling access to digital articles
is that a customer may have paid for an article on one device, but
may then want to read it on a different device, possibly one that
@@ -317,11 +321,11 @@ unique.
.. _Giving-Customers-Tips:
+.. index:: tips
Giving Customers Tips
-:keywords: tips
GNU Taler allows Web sites to grant small amounts directly to the
visitor. The idea is that some sites may want incentivize actions such
as filling out a survey or trying a new feature. It is important to note