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@@ -34,10 +34,6 @@ This can be simple, such as ``$TMPDIR/foo``, or complex,
such as ``${TMPDIR:-${TMP:-/tmp}}/foo``.
See ``[PATHS]`` (below).
-.. The @INLINE@ feature should remain undocumented since in practice, using
- it (even correctly) elicits a warning and does not actually include the
- specified file. Maybe this will change in the future? --ttn
Values that represent a time duration are represented as a series of one or
more ``NUMBER UNIT`` pairs, e.g. ``60 s``, ``4 weeks 1 day``, ``5 years 2 minutes``.
@@ -49,6 +45,11 @@ are installed under ``$TALER_PREFIX/share/taler/config.d/``.
The configuration file given with **-c** to Taler binaries
overrides these defaults.
+A configuration file may include another, by using the ``@INLINE@`` directive,
+for example, in ``main.conf``, you could write ``@INLINE@ sub.conf`` to
+include the entirety of ``sub.conf`` at that point in ``main.conf``.
+.. TODO: Document ‘taler-config -V’ in light of ‘@INLINE@’ in taler-config(1).