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@@ -745,9 +745,6 @@ The contract terms must have the following structure:
// before transfering it to the merchant.
amount: Amount;
- // The URL where the wallet has to send coins.
- pay_url: string;
// The URL for this purchase. Every time is is visited, the merchant
// will send back to the customer the same proposal. Clearly, this URL
// can be bookmarked and shared by users.
@@ -787,6 +784,10 @@ The contract terms must have the following structure:
// is typically added by the backend Note that this can be an ephemeral key.
merchant_pub: EddsaPublicKey;
+ // Base URL of the (public!) merchant backend API.
+ // Must be an absolute URL that ends with a slash.
+ merchant_base_url: string;
// More info about the merchant, see below
merchant: Merchant;